A Slow Miracle

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I have one of the worst skin known to this world.....

I have one of the worst skin known to this world...I'am 40 years old...I suffered from acne in my teens and until recently ..This left me with pitted scars ....I also had scarlet fever(kind of like chicken pox)in my teens ,as well, that left with big depressed scars..To make matters worst I spent a lot of time in the sun that made my skin dull and age faster...My skin was so bad that in my teens, twenties and thirties people said I looked older than my actual age...I started with fraxel treatment on August 2006 and been doing them until now, August 2007 (1 year of treatments spaced 2 months apart).... On my first treatment I noticed that my skin looked younger, it was an instant turnback in time...But the scars were still there and not improved.. It was not until the 3rd treatment that I noticed a softening of the scars...After the 4th treatment my scars started to soften even more. I am now in my 7th treatment and still seeing improvements..The problem with me is that my skin condition is very bad and will require more treatments ( I am thinking at least three or more)...Now, one thing to keep in mind is the time intervals between each treatment. My doctor at the {edited} in Tempe Arizona, advises to wait to 6 to 8 weeks before each treatment....This is the key point in the success in Fraxel..Waiting 6 to 8 weeks allows the skin to heal better....One thing about Fraxel is that I do not see the improvements until 7 weeks into the healing process.. The skin goes thru exfoliation and shedding of the skin ( dead skin cells ). This sort of makes Fraxel not worth it at first, I go thru this every treatment...I used to get disillusioned, specially in the first three treatments, but I later noticed that before the next treatment my skin totally rejuvinated dramaticaly and scars improved. ONE MUST GIVE IT TIME TO HEAL....Now my scars are still improving...But the most important thing is that Fraxel has made me look so much younger...I am 40 years old and people think I in my mid twenties to early thirties...Fraxel has literly reversed aging in me....My doctor said that I can do Fraxel until I am happy and I am planning more treatments. Fraxel does have some drawbacks, it is relatively painful(which I am getting used to) and it takes about 5 days for my skin to heal...But overall , Fraxel is a SLOW MIRACLE for me.... Editor note: you must be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.
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