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SO my dad blessed me with this big nose and small...

SO my dad blessed me with this big nose and small chin.
I've struggled mostly with my nose as far as I can remember. So on 29th of June I went thru rhinoplasty. I was also considering chin implant but i didn't chose it later on.

Suprisingly, days before and on the day of operation I was not nervous at all. Maybe because I was mentally prepared for a long time. I arrived at clinic around 11 o'clock. As soon as I came,the nurse took me in cabinet to discuss any additional information, I payed, signed the papers, changed into gown and took the pill to prevent throwing up. Shortly after that the PS came in to make sure we are on the same page. I took the pill to relax I suppose. Then I said goodbye to my dad and I was escorted to operating room. I layed on the table and the pill started to kick so I was feeling a little drunk ;) Anesthesiologist started putting something on my arm and then I quickly passed out.
Next thing I know - I hear nurses over me saying : "breath thru mouth not thru nose!" haha
surprisingly my throat didn't hurt and I wasn't nauseous (which was my biggest concern).
my nose didnt hurt either but I felt little pressure because i have had tampons in it. for the next hour and a half I believe, I was sooo sleepy so i was passing out every few minutes. then i asked a nurse if i can go pee. he helped me get up. i was feeling little tipsy :) i slept some more and around 5.30 they discharged me.
my ride home was about half an hour but i dont remember anything cuz i slept, i dont remember even how i got to the bed at home.

for the next 2-3 days i wasnt in any pain, so i took only one Tylenol on the second day in the morning. but the packing in nose was realllly uncomfortable and the drainage was always dripping so i had to change drip pad every 2 hours or so.

i had my surgery on Monday, so on Wednesday i finally got my tampons removed. what a relieve! and removal of tampons is def like they are pulling your brains out thru your nose haha. but it lasts only a second, no biggie:)

as far as my bruising and swelling goes, i regret that i didnt started to take Arnica drops at least a day before surgery. now i'm taking twice a day 10 drops before meal. I also didnt ice my face, but on day 3 i started applying gel which helps with bruising/swelling.

now its saturday and i'm feeling good:) can't wait for monday to get cast off and stitches between my nostrils out.

btw, sorry for my english!


For the first couple off days I was glad that I didn't get the chin implant, but now I'm thinking different. My profile would be more balanced.. oh well.

Cast off!

Loving my new nose! Everything is absolutely still very swollen but I love my new profile!
My doc told me that I have to tape it at night for 2 weeks.

2 weeks post op!

Well, today is 2 weeks post op and i love my new nose :) Swelling has gone down a little, but I still have some bruises. I will die from boredom at home lol.
I'm cleaning my nose with qtips and saline spray. Nose is very sensitive so I have to be very careful not to bump it. I hope that I could wear glasses as soon as possible.
Right now is the most annoying thing my skin which worsen so much since surgery! :( I never had big problems with my skin. I think the biggest reason is because I didn't wash it with my face scrub gel everyday like i used to.

5 month update!

wow time flies! I'm LOVING my new nose :)
After around 3 months I was able to normally, with "full force" blow my nose. Around that time numbness went away. When I accidentally bump my nose it's still a little weird feeling but it doesn't hurt. The only thing I noticed is that inside my nose - very close to nostrils, there are two little round bumps, each on other side. I'm assuming that it's scar tissue or from stitches. They don't really bother me and are not visible. But overall I am very happy!
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