Lip Augmentation - Permalip - Slovakia

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I have been here 1 month ago and I red review of...

I have been here 1 month ago and I red review of "xhavefaithx", I can say it helped me to make decision to go for it. I am 39 and this is my 1. experience with an aesthetic surgery. 4 years ago I tried augmentation with fat, but I chose not a good doctor, she couldnt take any fat from my hips so she had so little to put into my lips /I still think that the best way for your lips is your fat/. OK, the decision had been made and I got my new lips on 5th june. The first week everything was OK, but on the eighth day the suture didnt heal properly on the lower lip /had been damaged during the procedure I had 3 stitches/, so I had to go for the correction and I had 4 stitches and I was on the antibiotics and I washed my lips with herbs. On the second day after the reparation I had the rupture again and my silicon was out again!!! So, it didnt like my lip at all, or my lip dindt like it. I tried to pusch it inside, but it didnt work and after the phone consultation with my doctor /it was sunday/ a pulled it out. Very traumatic moment. For a few days after that I wanted to get rid of the silicon from my upper lip, but my doctor asked me to be patient, that it looks good. I had another problem that ennoyed me a lot, I could not open my mouth properly it felt like I had a thread arround my mouth and it was constict. I had a problem to bite the food. Now it is much more better, but I have to do the lip massage a few times during the day, keep my lips creamy and I do face gymnastics /yoga face/. After 3 weeks I can tell that all swelling has gone, I feel comfortable and I hope one day a could say that it was wotht it. :-)

After 8 months

I am really sorry, but I have to tell you, that the decision to have the implants was the worst I have ever made in my life. On the 2nd of October 2013 I got rid of my implant in my upper lip, because it moved a lot to the right side and it was really painfull and uncomfort. Here on "Realself" I have read some comments about white dots on the lips, I had the same, it was fat. So I can NOT recommend this procedure and I would say "DONT GO FOR IT". Our lips are "very busy " during the day and with implants it is so hard to be normal, OK it is nice, but I need to speak, eat, kiss my kids and hubby and it was really bad.

Have a nice day, Inga

That I had in my lips

The pics for Fitmom1 and the others if are interested ...
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