21 years old, 350cc HP, 4ft 11"!!

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So, I wanted to post this as I went along but long...

So, I wanted to post this as I went along but long story short I was in so much pain after my BA I didn't have the energy to write it up.

A little background:
I'm 21 years old and I recently lost 2 stone and obviously my boobs had massively deflated. I decided once I graduated and got a full time job this was the first thing I wanted to invest in as my body confidence hit an all time low.

Anyway, I decided to book with Dr Turkin (new look holidays) and I spoke with Gabriela online in August who answered all my questions promptly and very informatively. Fortunately there was no deposit needed, just had to send her my flight confirmation to secure my surgery date (October)

My surgery date came around sooo quickly! I was more excited than anything else. I'm not going to lie, I went alone and I was pretty bummed about that but I've coped well considering my trip here is already coming to an end.

The morning of my surgery we did all my pre-op tests (6:40am), dr Turkin asked me what I wanted and he drew all over my chest. He also had the implants there for me to check which size I wanted. After my consultation, I spoke with another doctor who confirmed it was alright for me to go under General anaesthetic.

By 8:30am I was carried into theatre and they injected me, and I was KO'd within 20seconds lol. Next thing I knew I woke up in my hospital room and called for a nurse straight away for pain killers lol!!

The new look holiday team are so lovely and kind! They had an A4 piece of paper with a list of translations such as 'I'm hungry ....
Can I have more pain killers...
I need the toilet...' So that you could just point to the phrase when you called a nurse.

I was offered to stay three nights at the hospital but I refused as I preferred to be at the apartment with wifi to contact my boyfriend lol

I'm not 3 days post op, and I'm still in pain. Sleeping is the worst!! I'm never comfortable, I just can't wait to recover!! I have a check up with a dr tomorrow, so Ivan will be picking me up around 8:40.

4 days post op!


So I'm back home now. I keep getting sharp pains in one breast, the one which is more swollen. I've contacted by surgeon and he is yet to get back to me but said these symptoms are common.

My surgical bra is soooo tight, so I switched to a sports bra despite my dr saying I should be wearing it 24/7. I literally had red marks on my back where it was digging in!

In my sports bra I realised how much I LOVEEE my new girls! Just cannot wait for them to drop!!

Apartment and hospital

Just attaching some photos of the apartment and hospital I stayed at. This was all part of new look holidays package and the apartment was actually really nice and clean! Staff were lovely in giving me extra pillows as my back was literally finished from sleeping in upright positions!

One week boobiversary!

Just wanted to give a quick update,
Can't believe it's been one week! I still remember how awful the first few days of recovery were and now I'm feeling so much better!

My surgical bra fits much better now (thankfully) so I guess the swelling has subsided (A LITTLE)

One breast is still so much more swollen.. But I know I'm still early post op so I'm trying so hard to be patient!!

I just love my new boobs in sports bras!! Cannot wait for the Dropping and fluffing

So due to losing 2stone in weight, my breasts lost...

So due to losing 2stone in weight, my breasts lost a lot of elasticity and they deflated more than ever. I lost all confidence in myself and knew for a while the first thing I wanted to invest in after I graduated university was a breast lift. After my first consultation, I was recommended 300-350cc. I booked with New Look Holidays in Slovakia because there were so many nice reviews and it was cheaper;)

Vomitting 14 days post op!

Hi all

So my recovery so far has been so great! My insicions look so amazing I'm in disbelief, you can barely see them.

I'm completely off pain killers which is great, my boobs only hurt in the morning, but nothing unmanageable.

I'm a little worried as I've thrown up twice and I read online that vommiting can lead to bleeding which can cause hematomas and capsular contracture... This would be my worst nightmare so I'm definitely going to do whatever it takes to stop and I've also contacted my surgeon to get his opinion to how much at risk I am now.

Other than that, loving my new pair!

One month boobiversary!

Hey ladies

So it's officially been 4 weeks since I got my op and I can't believe it!

I started doing some light cardio since Saturday because I hated the idea of putting on weight. My surgeon suggested spin bike and walking (better than nothing!)

He also has allowed me to start using scar oils and treatments so I'm off to buy bio oil tomorrow.

As for the shape, they're still riding high:( but slowly dropping... Slow progress is still progress!
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