Jumping the hoops for Gastric Sleeve surgery. I could really use some support/advice. - Slidell, LA

I am a 47 year old married mother of 2 boys. One...

I am a 47 year old married mother of 2 boys. One is grown and the other is 13. I formerly had the lap band and did well. I lost 80-100 pounds. I had major trouble (multiple infections and slippage of the band) I finally had to have the entire system removed after the 3rd infection. I was so done with all of it and I think I really gave up for a time. My current weight was 315 pounds when I went to see my weight loss dr about 3 weeks ago. I am currently 308 pounds. I have my psych eval tonight, already cleared by my cardiologist, I have to have blood work and see my primary dr next week for clearance and then I see the weight loss dr the following Monday and then I should have a surgery date. I am having a lot of physical problems that should disappear when I lose enough weight including sleep apnea, chest pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc. I could really use some support. I don't really want to tell too many people this time around. It always felt like people watched to see what I was eating and it made me uncomfortable. Maybe I was just internalizing but I am keeping my circle small except for all of you. Any advice for comments?

Waiting on a surgery date

I have officially jumped through all the hoops required by my insurance company. I completed a psych eval, cardiac clearance, primary physician clearance etc. The file has been submitted to my insurance co for final approval and then I will get a surgery date. Praying for God to move the mountain that the ins co can be and so I can move forward quickly! :)

I have a surgery date!

My surgery is scheduled for September 26th! I could have had it next week but I feel like I need the extra few weeks to prepare myself. Yesterday I started cutting out any snacks in between meals.
I felt like I was starving when I got home. I am guessing it is head hunger mostly and I need to get a handle on it. I've already cut out soda and sugary drinks. I had a half cut tea this morning but it will be my last one with any real sugar. I picked up a box of Truvia so I am prepared that way. I don't want to go with things like equal and Splenda because I know they are really bad for you. I am going on a shopping trip soon for all the things I will need after surgery. My Dr only requires a liquid diet the day before surgery. Is there anything additional I need to be aware of or any tips. I am a determined lady going into this. I have to....for me. I want to feel good, live and not just be a spectator. Wish me luck! :)

Surgery day is Monday!

Well the big day is almost here. I seem to be getting a bit nervous but I'm sure that is normal.
Sunday will be clear liquids only so I think I will have a steak and baked potato for my "last meal."
Haha. I still feel good about my decision. I am determined to take back my life. Have a good day y'all!

Bump in the road

I am 2 days past surgery for my gastric sleeve. Was doing perfect and went home yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately I was readmitted last evening for fever and pain. Apparently I was trying to brew an infection but the are working on stamping it out with IV antibiotics and lots of fluids. Hopefully I will get to go home tomorrow. I sure would appreciate some prayers. Still having a fair amount of pain and waiting on final results of the CT scan. I believe this is just a bump in the road to regaining my health!! Thanks y'all for all the positive comments you have been leaving for me. Means the world to me and definitely lifts my spirits! Have a great day!
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