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Had a I TT and lipo of the flanks. Even though...

Had a I TT and lipo of the flanks.
Even though it's only been day 5 I feel a lot better than I thought I would, (concideing what just happened to me). I have one issue. The pain meds attached to my belly is leaking. My waist compression is damp and annoying. I'm not in pain in my stitch up area.(it might not all be leaking out. I take 1/2 the prescribed pain pill just because my back hurts. My Husband is helping me out as I recover. I go in for a check up tomorrow Monday. I smell the waist garment. It smells of blood and meds. Ugh I don't know if I should take it off to wash it. I don't want to show up at doc's smelling. They took out 5 lbs of fat and skin what I hear. I'll get the actual numbers tomorrow. Yes it's emotional. But I'm glad I had it done . I spent 30 years of my life trying to cover and hide
under large loose clothing. Hoping for a good speedy recovery. God bless

5 &1/2 weeks post

Feeling better everyday. Started water exercises with caution. Walking more. Keeping a watch on my weight. Going to my job as a Cosmetologist. Belly tight and firm. Not much swelling. Keeping CG on or spanks for support. Started using vitamin E oil with antibiotic ointment on scar. Counting my blessings everyday. But still worry about any other complications. Take care


Patiently waiting as the world turns.
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