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Hi everyone, Last year I had a breast reduction...

Hi everyone,

Last year I had a breast reduction and lipo to inner thighs and arms. Right away I knew I wanted to have a flater stomach, but after realizing that I did not want to go through a tummy tuck (limited time off, coupled with my job being pretty stressful). My friends had good results with Smart lipo so I looked for docs in my aread who specialize. I also wanted to go with a woman (just because I feel they know how to shape our bodies). Booked Dr. DePoli and had lipo done to flanks, upper and lower abs. I'm in pretty good shape, but pregnancy and pre-menopause was doing a number on my middle. I'll post a few pre-op pics.

One week update

Hi again! Ok, so today is my 1 week update. I still have some pain, but more like soreness. I'll see my PS later today for a check up. Not really seeing huge changes yet, but I can tell some of the swelling is going down because my compression garment doesn't feel as tight as before. I'm slowly feeling more like myself. Not working out yet, but keeping moderately active. Here is a breakdown of my experience so far:

Day 1: Sleepy and drowsy after the experience. I never really went to sleep like others said. My doc gave me 3 Valium, but I never really got sleepy. I felt some of the spots, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. When I got home, I slept 6 hours. I never really had alot of drainage either.

Days 2-6: SWELL HELL! I felt like a balloon going to pop....lol. Especially after moving around or eating. I took only one pain pill during these days. I didn't need it. The swelling makes things very uncomfortable. My abs felt warm to the touch, and very bruised.

9 days post -op

Love the way my body is taking shape. I had my first massage today and it felt like heaven! Got rid of alot of the swelling and hardness. The masseuse said she really liked my results so far; she commented that she sees alot of post op surgery patients. Some results not so good. Yikes!
I also bought a new compression garment today. I plan on wearing mine at least 6 weeks. Is anyone else wearing the epi foam inside their garment too? It adds bulk but really flattens you out. I will be taking pics tomorrow. Happy New Year everyone! Be safe!

10 days post op

Happy New Year!

Nice to have a quiet day at home. I took a couple of pics this morning in my garment. I feel very good in it. I hope to purchase a stage 2 garment this week. I have developed a little allergic reaction around one of my incision sites (my doc thinks it might be the antibiotic ointment). Its not itchy anymore but it is red. I put some Benadryl ointment on it and it already feels better. Happy healing!

Almost 4 weeks post Smart Lipo!!

Just a little update. I am feeling really good. I would say 99%. I'm still wearing my Stage 2 garment, and have resumed my workouts. I did bootcamp today for the first time in over a month and I felt fine. It may be my imagination, but I feel "lighter" and had more energy during my class. My calories burned was my personal best!

I'm still doing my massages (2xweek), which has improved the appearance of my tummy and helps manage that pesky swelling. Every time I take my cg off, I feel like a balloon!! LOL...but I also know that is part of the healing process. Looking forward to continued improvement. I'm including some pics. I still wish my doc would have done a little bit more on my flank area. I may ask her about that after I hit my 6 month mark. All in all, I am happy with the way I look in my clothes. I wore jeans for the first time last week and they were big on me even with the cg on! I cannot wait to go shopping this spring. Its funny too because people at work keep asking me if I changes my hair, skincare routine, etc....its like they haven't really pinpointed what's different about me!

Will continue to update!! Happy Sunday!

p.s. Both of these pics were taken midday after lunch, so I'm a little "fuller" looking than usual!

Almost 3 months already!

Hi everyone,

I have been very lazy about follow-up pics...lol. Life is busy! Anyway, things are good overall. I have fully healed and have feeling back in the tummy area. A couple of hard spots still remain, but almost gone. I was pretty good about getting regular massages which helped alot.

I can't believe its already been almost 3 months. Here are the pros of my surgery:

1. Everything fits better.
2. I have lost more weight since my procedure. Since I spent the money I want to keep the results, so I started pretty hard core eating clean and going to bootcamp classes. I plan to keep this up as I would like to lose another 10 more pounds.
3. More confidence....its nice to be able to fit into pants that I had given up on!!
4. Overall recovery was a breeze!


1. Don't like the look of my upper abs.
2. I think I look too boxy: I'd like a more curvier look (NOT a vixen look, just natural)

All in all, even though I am happy, I still think I will plan on one final round for a tummy tuck, and some additional lipo to my flanks and back. I would also like a small bbl (don't need it bigger, just "lifted"). I think I can only get the curvier look I desire from a doc who is skilled. My doc is absolutely wonderful, but is definitely more conservative.
Sooooo....let the games begin! I'm researching docs and getting quotes. My top choice is going to Colombia, but I just had 2 girlfriends go to a top plastic surgeon in Mexico and they look unbelievable! I also like one or two docs in the Dominican Republic. My husband is leery about going out of the country, but he also knows how thorough my research is!! I even made a spreadsheet!! LOL....I've had him involved in some of the virtual consultations too.
If it all works out, I'll be booking for June or July. Stay tuned. In the meantime, I'm posing a couple of recent pics. When I look at my before pics, I really see a difference! Bye for now, and stay tuned!

Ok, here we go again! Third and FINAL time!

Hi everyone,

I spent the last 3 months researching and interviewing the doc I wanted to do my last and final procedure. I look at the DR, Colombia, and the US. I was totally ready to book with a doc in Colombia when I went to a plastic surgery forum right here in Chicago. I loved the doc and booked a consult with him a few days later. I loved his pics and his enthusiasm about helping me achieve the look I wanted. I booked the very same week!

All the docs I met with told me that I really didn't need a tummy tuck unless I wanted one. They were sure I could get the look I wanted from some simple revisions to my upper abdomen and back. That was good news for me. That is all I was really looking for. I feel I have a pretty good foundation for a woman my age.....I just need a flatter tummy to accentuate my curves. This will truly be my last and final procedure for my body. Whatever the outcome is this time, I will live with it. I'm getting too old to put my body through multiple traumas. I will continue to eat right and work out for as long as i can to keep my results.

My doc's name is Dr. Charles Galanis (Northfield, IL). He is super knowledgeable and a hottie!! LOL. My surgery is on 6/17....very close! Here is what I am having done:

Lipo to upper abdomen (lots of residual fat that my other surgeon did not address).
Lipo to lower abdomen (I'm pretty flat, but he will define that area little bit more)
Lipo to lower back (I don't need a bbl, but sculpting this area will let me dsiplay my "assests" a little bit more!

That's it! I'll be put under with twilight anesthesia, and I like that he will go in the belly button and right under my breasts so that I don't have any visible lipo "holes". I will continue to update everyone!

2 days post op

Hi everyone,

Just q quick update. Had lipo to upper abs, lower back, and flanks on Friday. Woke up in PAIN! Dr. said he only took 1 liter of fat out, but with a very small cannula so he could do more shaping and contouring. Friday and yesterday I was in a bit of a Vicodin fog. I stayed ahead of the pain by taking my meds on time. That helped tremendously. My doc gave me a script for a steroid that helps keep my swelling down. That is helping a lot. I don't feel so sausage stuffed. I will post some pics on day 7. Tomorrow I get to take my first shower and see some results. YAY!

Coming along VERY nicely

Hi everyone. Happy Friday! Just a brief update and a couple of pics. I'm at day 7 now and feel really good. Still some stiffness but no real pain. The walking everyday is helping. I'm happy he gave me the green light to walk....I love to work out. Going to miss the intensity, but some movement is better than none.

I'm eating clean, and taking supplements suggested by my doc to aid in healing. That includes 1000mg of Vitamin C, multivitamin, and a good Probiotic. That keeps your stomach in good shape; especially if you are taking the narcotics and antibiotics. I'm also wearing my garments religiously. Only taking them off to shower. I have 3 in rotation right now. 2 that I like to wear during the day and one that is more comfortable at night.
I am very pleased with the way my body is taking shape. A good ps knows how to contour the body and get those curves! That's what I was looking for back in December, but I have decided that I just have to let that go. Its about moving forward......I'm including a few pics with my garment on. I'm still very bruised up all around my flanks and back. I've got a long way to go, but one step at a time.

One month update

Happy Sunday everyone,

I thought I should update my profile at the 1 month mark. (It was actually this past Friday). I am extremely pleased with how I am coming along. Still sore at times, and swollen especially in my flank area, but overall feeling better and stronger every. I have been back to working out so I am more swollen but drinking lots of water and eating as clean as I can helps alot. Also still getting massages 2x's a week. One other great thing is lots of my clothes don't fit anymore! YAY! I took some stuff to the resale shop yesterday. That always makes you feel good.

One word about my pics, there may not seem like a huge difference since my December pics, but the work my doc did to my upper ab area has made all the difference in getting rid of that dreaded muffin top!!! I'm still wearing my garment (Stage 2) 24 hours a day....I have 2 weeks left. Chicago has been up and down with the temps....the hot days are the worst. I will continue to update all of you...probably at my 3 month mark.

Excuse the bathroom in my pics....

I'm embarrassed that my bathroom looks so cluttered...I'm a bit of a product/cosmetic junkie!! LOL!

Great lipo results....but......

Hi everyone!

Thought I would do a quick update. I've been really bad about regularly updating. I had a second lipo done last June to my upper abdomen. Great results. My stomach is flatter...everything fits better, and I went down an entire size all over. My concern now is that my skin elasticity is not what it used to be because of my age, so now I am seriously considering a tummy tuck as a final surgery. I need to save up a little more money...maybe I can start doing consults early next year. Unfortunately, Dr. Galanis has moved to Beverly Hills...so I'll be on the hunt for another local doctor. I would consider going to another state but I think I'm too old to take a chance outside of the US. Once I decide, of course I will update here on RS. This community has been so helpful to me!
Skokie Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely the BEST!! So caring and knowledgeable. I originally went in with a list of questions. She answered every single one. It was a long consult and I didn't feel rushed one bit.

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