1st Miradry Treatment - Skokie, IL

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I have had hyperhydrosis since jr high & I am 41...

I have had hyperhydrosis since jr high & I am 41 now. My parents insisted I'd grow out of it, but I never did...I tried all kinds of deodorants, but nothing would stop the underarm sweating, not even prescription deodorant - it could be freezing out & I would still have drips coming down from the pits & rolling down my sides, so I'd end up with wet pits and a rash around the outside of them if I used the rx. I didn't get rashes from regular deodorant, but nothing would work to stop the sweat; I was just lucky that I didn't have body odor (deodorant did work for that). I'd wear 2 shirts, but would still sweat through them. I'd sweat through a blazer if I had to dress up. It was awful....The only thing that ever worked were the FDA approved botox treatments (life changer) and my dermatologist was able to get my insurance to cover the botox for several years. However, this past year, no one wanted to do the botox treatments for me through my insurance (basically b/c they weren't getting paid enough). In July 2013 I was able to get my last treatment paid through my flex spend, but FSA gave me a hassle (although they did finally pay).

With the doctors not wanting to cover my botox through insurance, I knew it was going to be pricey to pay out of pocket (~$1,200-$1,500 a treatment, every six months). I wanted to find a permanent option. I came across the Miradry treatment in 2012 via my internet research, but got serious with investigating after my last botox treatment; I knew I was going to have to make a decision in January '14 (when my last botox treatment would wear off). I called New Horizons in Skokie, IL & talked to them about procedure details & they spent a good amount of time answering my questions. A few months later, I scheduled an appointment with them for 1/3/14. The cost was $2,000 for the 1st treatment & $1,000 for the 2nd treatment. They have you prepay $300 when you book the appt & you need to have the $2k paid before you get the treatment. When I made my appt, the medical spa manager went over the pre-procedure & post-procedure details with me & emailed me the instructions & said I could call with any questions.

I got an early a.m. Friday appt. & had the day off of work & the weekend to heal. On the day of the miradry treatment you have to shave your armpits before coming in (or else they will shave them). You aren't supposed to wear deodorant. The aesthetician is going to scrub clean your underarm areas & then apply an ink grid to the area. A came in nurse gave me numbing cream & then anesthesia (65 shots in each pit). I was used to getting 20 shots in each pit from the botox, but 65 was a doozy. Most of the shots are tolerable, but there were several zingers. Once my underarms were numb, then they lasered them. They spent about 45 minutes on each underarm area. Sometimes I could feel the laser burning though (although you aren't supposed to); they did offer to give me more numbing shots if needed. I will say it did hurt at times in some spots, but most of them didn't hurt. It was like a suction of the skin & then maybe 10 seconds of lasering each time. The lasering procedure seemed slow & methodical; it wasn't rushed. I asked additional questions as they were performing the treatment on me just so I had a better sense of what was going on. There was another aesthetician in the room who I had given my consent to allow her to observe (so she could learn the treatment) & she was asking questions too. Everyone I encountered that day was nice & helpful.

Post-procedure, I felt like I had been attacked by a swarm of bees. My underarms were very swollen & a little red & only a little brusing. She put on arnica cream to reduce brusing & I could take the arnica pellets at home if I wanted to (I haven't -brusing was minimal). I was given ice packs to ice down the armpits & the aesthetician encouraged me to ice them as much as possible, avoid physical activity, take some ibuprofen, & not put deodorant on for a few days. I had to go out later that night for a casual event for a few hours. My underarms were burning, swollen, & uncomfortable the whole time. I would suggest staying home & resting for a few days afterwards. I went home & iced up (repeatedly) & took ibuprofin - with this routine, the swelling went way down the 2nd night.

3rd day, I am feeling like I am sweating a little, but it feels like that "phantom sweat" that some people have written about. I have been washing under my arms to keep down bacteria, but I couldn't take the no deodorant rule & did put a very small amt on along with some baby powder to try to keep body odor away. My underarms are still sore, but tolerable - I expect the soreness to go away in a few days. The redness surrounding my armpits has gone away, so I put a regular application of deodorant on today.

I'll post another update again soon.

3 weeks after

So far so good.... I haven't had any of the sweating return, but I have experienced a few "phantom" sweats (which feel weird), but there was no sweat. I have been wearing deodorant too (just over the counter Secret - the smooth solid version).

My armpits the first 2 weeks were in a lot of pain (even with the icing); they were badly swollen and it felt like there was a burning sensation in the area surrounding the pits. I was in a constant state of discomfort, but not bad enough to seek medical treatment or stop me from working. I also found that putting some lotion on (once the skin irritation was not visible) seemed to help a little.

The 3rd week, the armpits finally look normal and not swollen, but I can feel that I still have a few small lumps (not visible). The burning sensation around my armpits is less, but they are still sensitive when touched.

2nd treatment completed

Pretty much the same experience as the first, but so far so good. They turned up the power on 2nd session to I think a 4. I used arnica gel this time afterwards & it seemed to help. I iced as usual.
At this point it has been several weeks since my 2nd procedure & the swelling in the armpits is gone & I am still sweat free :) I am very happy with the outcome of this procedure and agree with the others who say it is life changing for those with severe hyperhydrosis.
New Horizons

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