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I got a tummytuck and a breast lift done...

I got a tummytuck and a breast lift done (lollypop), last July. The breasts no problem. Probably because the pain of the tuck over shadered it. They told me they were going to do some lipo for free. So of coarse I said absolutely do it. The lipo was done on my sides. Well I woke up with my lower regine shaved. A few days later it was really puffy and I didnt' know why. Then I couldn't wear underwear. Anything that touch that area burned like there was no tomarrow. When going in for a wk check up, I told the Dr. about this. Turns out they did lipo down there. When you gain weight you get a fat pocket down there that never goes away. Would of liked them to tell me what they did. The pain of the tuck was very intense. Thank god for percicet! It took about a month to stand straight. I had to sleep in a recliner for over a month! Cause you can't lay straight. Two spots in the front had to be cut deep because the tissue kept dying. The pockets were about an inch deep and 1 to 2 inches wide. It didn't hurt at all them cuting down. But it was very creepy and scary. The Dr. seemed to be very unpersonal about how devistating it was to watch this visit after visit cutting deeper and deeper. They finaly closed. I got two nasty scares out of it. But the clinic I went to really wants great results and believes in customer satisfaction. So just two weeks ago I did a scar revision and fixed my belly button. Because of the non sensitivity of the Dr. I requested a different one. What a difference! The healing was a piece of cake and the insicions look so much better. I can tell the scar will be minimal. The staff is so amazed at my belly button. This Dr. had the bed side manners and knew what he was doing thank god. He didn't use ANY stiches on the outside. Very nice. I recommend {edited} (gold ? I believe fleace). Oh and the revision was only $197.00! I'm still up in the air weather or not I made the right decision on the tuck. We'll have to see when it scars. But great choice on the new Dr!! 7000 for tuck 5000 for breasts Editor note: you must be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.
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