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I have been thinking about having a thread lift...

I have been thinking about having a thread lift for some time now, my consultant recommended it over a year ago to help lift and contour my face now approaching 40 (turning 39 in two weeks time) I can see my face drop some. Plus I have been into extreme fitness training and losing facial padding (fat) I notice it more. I have had sculptra treatment previously around 6 years ago which was great results but filled out my cheeks too much made me look too rounded and didn't give any lift effect as I now need. After reading the reviews on here about thread lifts I was put off this treatment totally as the success rate shows below 30% and a lot say they didn't see results or have had issues with the threads. I noticed though after further research that most of the problems were from people who had them done 5-7 years ago. Since then the thread lift treatment are so much more advanced. I decided I'd either have the soft silhouette threads or the FTC which state to have very little down time and long lasting subtle effects without problems with the threads appearing through skin or breaking like the old ones did. My consultant recommended the FTC to be the best and ones to go for. He has treated me for 10 years so I totally trust his word.
Anyway with my Birthdsy coming up and having some free time I decided just to go ahead with it. Today I had my treatment so you only see before and straight after treatment in the clinic. I was scared to what the after look would be and not many had posted straight after treatment so I thought I'd show you incase others are concerned about how much bruising and swelling would result from this thread lift.
Also the procedure itself pain wise was bare able to me it reminded me of having a tatoo done it was like a burning pricking type of feeling (best way I can describe it) ... If you had a tattoo you'd understand but with additional slight bit of tugging . Please see today's photos I will update as I go do you can see the results ... Hopefully good ones!

Day after my thread lift

It's day after my thread lift and I feel quite sore and slightly swollen...very slight bruising so that's a good thing. My face feels very tender to touch. It has been much more painful then I imagined. I struggled sleeping upright last night but will do this for next 5 days. Also I'm only on liquid foods since yesterday not been able to open my mouth much at all. Trying to keep talking to a minimum (not easy for me lol) it's definitely not a "lunch time" quick fix as some advertise. But depends how many threads you have. I had 40 altogether including 10 large ones which cause more swelling.

Day 3 after Thread Lift

I wasn't happy about posting these as they are so unflattering and with the swelling, bruising and my pigmentation since catching some sun last week makes them worse. But if I cover it up you won't see the bruising so I hope you see past these pigment marks. And I know people are eager to see the heeling progress which is the whole point of my updates.
- Today I'm eating sold foods slowly still some tugging and uncomfort. Face still very tender to touch.

Day 4 - After Thread Lift

Today I feel much, much better. Able to move my face talking and smiling without painful tugging. My face not as tender as has been and the swelling and bruising has gone down a lot. I'm very pleased with the lift it is still there, I was worried it was just swelling but nice to see my nasolabial folds gone as that was my main target to get rid off. I didn't expect to see such good results so quickly so hopefully it can only get better as the collage starts to kick in about 5 weeks time. I shall post another photo end of week 1.

9 Days After Thread Lift

It's just over a week now and my face is looking much brighter and finally feeling more comfortable and nearly back to normal. I can definitely see a slight lift. My nasolabial lines are much improved. I'm looking forward to the effects in a few months time if already is looking improved. Slight yellow bruising left on cheeks but easily covered with make up and I can only just smile slightly... There is still a tug feeling when I laugh or if I try smile. Other then that I'm very happy I went ahead with this treatment so far. I shall post another update in 5-6 weeks time.
Riyaz Baba

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