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Skin care & Botox : amazing results!! - New York City, NY


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30 Oct 2016

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Skin care & Botox : amazing results!! - New York City, NY

I had suffered from dark spots my entire life because I love the beach.After pregnancies they became more pronounced.I will attempt to cover it up with a lot of makeup . Dr. Mesa prescribed Obagi and made some simple and practical suggestions to keep my skin clean and clear. I followed up with him every 4 weeks to make sure my treatment gave me the best outcome as recommended . In recent years, I have been noticing wrinkles in my face. I guess being in my late 30's and a mother and worring about my family has taking a toll on my youthful face. Therefore, I asked Dr. Mesa if it was okay for me to start getting Botox . Dr. Mesa explained to me at length the implications of this treatment . He explained the benefits, risks, duration of the effect . He took pictures before the treatment to compare with the results after the treatment. The injections were a breeze, no bruising at all. Short after, I think by the 4th day, I started to notice the marvelous results!! I love the fact that I see a younger version of myself in the mirror. I had no wrinkles and my face looks smooth and natural . I highly recommend Dr. Mesa for skin care and Botox, he is a very caring professional that took the time to address all my questions and concerns and delivered marvelous results!!!!