58 Yrs. Young...gastric Bypass 11 Yrs Ago...tt 10 Yrs. Ago...now Ba with Bl & Tt Update - Buffalo, NY

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255+ lbs when I had my gb surgery in 2004. Year...

255+ lbs when I had my gb surgery in 2004. Year later I was down to 140 & was looking fantastic. Had my 1st TT a yr after that. Dr Anain did a fab job. Never thought I'd look so great. Weight fluctuated a bit but 2 yrs ago I decided to work at having the weight loss permanent. Now need a BL, BA & new TT. Sched 3/28.


Originally scheduled for 3/28...Dr. Anain moved it to 3/26. I'm so happy it is done and I can heal and move on and enjoy life. To be honest it has not been that bad at all. No pain at all from the tummy tuck. Maybe it is because it is my second one in ten years and I am numb? No pain to speak of from my BL & BA except for my chest muscles. When I woke up in recovery I was shocked to feel no pain. My surgery was at 1230 and I was home by 6. The worst part is getting in and out of bed. Since I have a brand new motion bed all I have to do is push buttons to raise and lower head and feet. I thought because I was older that I would be in agony but I am the opposite. I already started to switch from hydrocodone to tylenol. No constipation either. I honestly think the worst part of this ordeal is emptying and measuring all four of my drains. I will follow up with before and after pictures next week. I see the Dr. on April 1. I can tell you this I have a hell of a cleavage from what I can see and the Dr. did a fleur de lis tummy tuck so I am expecting the best. I peaked at my nipples and they are up there on the "first floor" up from the "basement"! LOL More to come.

Right after pics

before & after pics

Thanks to everyone for waiting for these pictures. Just from being on this site I know it's important for women to see before and after pictures and to hear all the feedback. I am 1 week post op and feel amazing. My breast lift augmentation drains are out but my tummy tuck drains are still in. Not a big deal. I went to the doctor yesterday and she removed all the padding from my breasts and tummy which makes me feel so much more comfortable. She said don't wear a bra. I said gladly. All I have is a t-shirt with a binder securing my tummy tuck. Good news was I could take a shower. After only one week I feel normal. The whole experience is so surreal. I can't believe it's over and I can't believe how great I look. I can't help but feel emotional. I was chubby as a child and obese most of my adult life. My gastric bypass was in 2004. It changed my life. Now 10 years later I look at my body and I can't believe it's mine. I told the doctor I never had breasts like this in puberty let alone believe I could have them at all. I'm so excited for myself to have this new body.

A picture is worth 1000 words

All after photos

More after photos

1 wk post op

16 days post op

I'm so happy because I'm finally starting to sleep better. I have an adjustable bed which saved my life. It helped me get out of bed when I was sore and I kept my legs elevated daily. It's hard to tell for sure but I believe my swelling has gone down considerably and the discomfort under my arms has lessened. Most of the stitches have dissolved. All drains removed. I feel fortunate because I have seen a lot of entries of women that had complications of which I have had none. I have a little puckering at the top of my fluer de lis incision. Dr. said she will repair in office. Here are some updated photos.

17 days post

So just to give you an update. A lot of my scabbing has fallen off and my scarring is already fading beautifully. The only places left with bigger scabs still present are the t in the BL/BA anchor lift incision and the t in the fleur de lis TT incision. Also scabs where the BL/BA & TT drains were removed. AND THE BEST NEWS YET...I SLEPT ON BOTH MY SIDES last night.


6 weeks post op and doing great. Just got home from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where I rocked a bathing suit. Boy did I feel proud and confident. Scabbing gone...dropping has begun...a bit of fluffing...breasts are squishy...not so stiff...muscles still sore if I lift too much...scars are fading...using silicone scar pads. Sensitivity returning to nipples slowly. Very satisfied.

Working Out

Well I started working out at the gym last week. I go every other day. I do strength training on almost all 14 weight machines. (Can't do pectoral yet.) Then I ride the stationary bike for 30 to 60 minutes. It's slow going but I'll get back to where I was. I'll post more pictures soon. Thanks for all your support and kind words.

10 weeks post op today

The collage picture is right before my surgery and one or two days after. I just can't believe the difference. I can't believe how much help a plastic surgeon can give to someone. most of the time its such a dramatic change for the better. I'm so happy and satisfied. I haven't dropped much or fluffed. my breasts are just as large and high as they were at the beginning they just seem a little softer and bouncy. didn't take a brand new picture because they don't seem that different. maybe in a couple weeks I will. I feel great. Back at the gym for about 3 weeks. pretty much back to normal, my new normal.

collage pic

Comments to follow in next updated review

Issues with tummy tuck revision as well

Tummy Tuck Issue Picture

Time line progress

First pic is days after surgery...next picture is between then and now...last is now!

Dr. Anain did my first tummy tuck 10 yrs. ago so there was no doubt I'd go back to her since she is amazing. So I had a consult with her and decided on a BL/BA for my droopy breasts caused by weight loss. It seemed like a smart idea to have my tt updated. I had Dr. Anain do lipo on my back 6 mos. ago so I need loose skin tucked again.

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