38 Years Old with 5 Kids Breast Fed. 5'6" 135 Fitness Instructor - Sioux Falls, SD

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Exercising, working hard, using our bodies the way...

Exercising, working hard, using our bodies the way they were designed to be used results in overall greater happiness, more energy, and of course a more beautiful appearance. So WHY when you use our breasts for what they were designed for do they do the exact opposite?!After I was done breastfeeding my 5th baby it was obvious things were going to be looking VERY different. I have been thinking about breast augmentation since my 4th baby was done nursing. My first consultation with Dr. Miller was great. He put me at ease and I didn't feel embarrased. He asked me what I was looking for and he told me about pros and cons of saline and silicone. They took before pictures and we were done. I had gotten lots of food for thought. Later that same day husband and I agreed "let's do it!" I called and scheduled! My next appointment was to try on sizers. That was fun! After many helpful reviews on this Web site I went into the appointment aiming to begin with 450cc sizers. We started with 350 then 375 then 450. I decided on 450. I want a full look without looking overdone. The nurses have been very helpful and open with me so far.

type of surgery

Surgery will be submuscular and submammary incision. 450cc silicone mentor implants. I'm unsure of profile at this point.


Getting close now! I just told my mom in law and arranged for her to have my little ones for a few days. it is a relief to have told her. She is very understanding. ...i have a super mom in law. Im so thankful for everyones advice and pictures. It has put me at ease and helped me to prepare! RS is so helpful too with checklists and videos. I have been on this sight nightly for the past 2 + months. I think its hilarious when i climb into my cozy bed at night and logon only to see all the other moms just logged on too and updated profiles haha! ! Night night kids! Time to log on to Real Self! Anyway. All set. Got work covered..fitness classes covered..surgery paid for...meals planned...kids taken care of...sports bras bought...bio oil purchased. All i need are nippies and im done. Its going to be the lazyboy recliner for me. No wedge pillow here. Love you all ladies! See you in 16 days!!

see you all tomorrow!

good news! I told my mom and she was unbelievably supportive! She was surprised at first for sure, but she quickly started realizing that it was okay and having 5 kids does change things. What a relief! I'm going into tomorrow with total support :-)

post op pics tomorrow

Good day to you all! My surgery went great. The sedation meds took a little while to wear off and I was loopy for most of the day. My pain is only about a 4 out of 10 but I have been taking my pain meds as suggested. Tomorrow I'm hoping to only use ibuprofen. It's been nice doing nothing at home, but I'm so used to being crazy busy that I do feel a bit lost at times lol. My chest feels very tight like I did 100 reps of my max out bench press ;) From the peeks I can sneak they are very high in my chest and I just pray for patience while they drop. I just hope I can remain realistic along the way! One thing I didn't expect is the pain meds give me dry mouth so arm yourselves with gum and candies to help. See you all tomorrow!

post op day 2

I'm feeling good today! I'm switching to tylenol today. My pain is about a 3 out of 10 and it's mostly the tightness on the right side. As you can see the right one is sitting much higher. I'm so happy with the results and I am excited to see changes over the next couple of months. :)

post op visit

I had my first post op visit today. I have to say first how wonderful everyone is at plastic surgery associates. They always treat me like a priority and never like a bother. I was concerned about my uneven breasts so I called and the nurse gave me the option to come in 2 days early to have a look. Dr. Miller said having one higher is normal at first and taught me massage and gave me a bandeau to wear each day to bring it down. I left there encouraged! I love the size ! My pain today is a 2 out of 10;more if I don't take things slowly. Still very tight. My left breast is numb but my right one isnt. This was my last day of "vacation". I go back to work tomorrow. I work in an outpatient clinic part time so I think it should go ok. I can do all of my normal activities now...I even washed my hair! So unless I encounter a need to lift then no worries! I'm trying to be patient so I will update again in one week :)

life goes on

Hello all :) Things are going well. I'm back to work and able to move well. My energy level is good but could be better.....I miss my workouts! I'm definitely going for a walk today I can't take it anymore! ! I've been wearing my band and massaging. I still get some soreness and I take some tylenol at the end of the day. I still wake up a bit sore and stiff but it improves with movement. one thing I've noticed is my appetite is a lot less which is a good thing I guess! I have been so encouraged by other similar profiles to be patient for the drop and fluff. I just didn't expect one side to be different than the other. Sounds like it happens often though! See you all in one week.

2 week update

Ok so 2 wierd things have happened. My breasts started producing g some milk....Ya wierd but it happens some times they say especially if breast feeding was recent. I stopped breast feeding 6 months ago. The other thing happened during g massage. I felt a popping/releasing sensation right at my right incision. The pop didn't hurt but it started to get tender right after that. Called my PS office and his nurse explained that many sensations occur. Watch for redness swelling signs of a bleed and increased pain. Which I have none of those. It is still more tender right at the incision when I massage or stretch a little to far, but his nurse said to go ahead and keep massaging...which I am! This right one has got to come down....I'm beginning to freak. Tell me not to freak,people. See you in one week.

2 week pics

3 weeks

Things are going well:) no more pain in fact I have to remind myself constantly to stick to the 10 pound lifting restriction. My littlest one is used to me giving her love at her level on one knee versus being toted hip-side. I sure miss toting her around though :( I really love how they look. Still more progress due on the right side but massage and wearing the band round the clock is paying off. Staying out of the mirror helps too, oh fellow obsessed ones. I'm allowed to get back to cardio. I have run outside and on the treadmill. It feels fine if I wear a super snug sports bra.
I bought 3 bras so far. One at Victoria secret 32DD and 2 at Soma 34DD. I'm going to exchange the Victoria secret for a 34DD. I only wear them if I'm going somewhere that matters otherwise I'm in the buff! (Well,under my Tshirt anyway. See you in one week!

photo didn't load from 3 week review

6 weeks!!

I had my 6 weeks post op visit and have been cleared to lift and do all activities. Just need to use my best judgement and pull back if painful/uncomfortable. It is so wonderful to hold my baby girl again . Doc said I'm making good progress and to go ahead and keep using the band and massaging 3 times a day 15 seconds each massage. The band digs I to my under arms so my nurse gave me an ace to wear under it. WOW THAT HELPED!! I wish I would have thought of that sooner! Any way hindsight. ....I still wake up with soreness but no pain other than that. I couldn't be happier and I'm loving the way I look in my clothes (and the way my husband looks at me ????) I have another post op visit in 6 more weeks so I will post more photos then. Take care all!

3 months visit tomorrow

Sometimes I over analyze boobs and then I remember what I looked like before and I feel better. There are imperfections in my results so far but they are soooo much more beautiful than my before boobs!! I'm having a great time with bras, swimsuits, athletic wear.....and my husband lol. Best wishes to you all. My advice today is to continue to massage and do not expect perfection. Have fun!

5 months update

More 5 months update

No more pain! Total nipple sensitivity. They are very soft and completely feel like mine. I love them. Best thing I ever did for myself!

6 months post

See you at the one year mark! Best wishes to everyone making this decision!

One year later

I'm feeling great!
Full nerve regeneration on both breasts. They are very soft and very much mine????
I have never regretted my size choice nor have I suffered from boob greed. ????
This is the best thing I have done for my self besides a healthy lifestyle.
Best wishes!

One year before and after


My first appointment with Dr. Miller was very pleasant. I have seen examples of his work and he does impeccable work in all areas of plastic surgey. He has a nice bedside manner and is friendly. I did not feel embarrased at all .

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