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I am scheduled for my BR tomorrow. Will be laid up...

I am scheduled for my BR tomorrow. Will be laid up for thanksgiving but it will be well worth it.
I was a DD by the time I was in 7th grade and have had very large breasts since. Can't wait to "run". I have always said "I can only run as fast as my boobs will allow, and that isn't very fast!" I am so ready for this! Will show pics tomorrow after procedure. :)


Got home from surgery yesterday and the pain was excruciating. It felt as though my incisions were on fire. Today seems to be a little better pain wise. Going to take bandages off and shower today. Get to have the first look at my new boobies. Photos coming soon! ????

2nd Day, much better!

Today is the day after my surgery. I got to take the bandages off and take a shower. So I got to "see" my new boobies. ???? I am SO happy already. I was a 36G and it looks as though I am a D cup now. But....I won't know for sure until they settle into position. They are very swollen and up really high on my chest.


I have developed these blisters on both breasts, beside and under the steri strips. Doctor office says that it's from the steri strips being too tight. They are very painful! Has anyone else out there had this happen? I am in tears!

11 days post op

I am 11 days post op today. I am feeling quite good and am healing well. Bruising is almost completely gone and the blisters are nearly gone as well. ???? Feeling pleaded.
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