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I am currently awaiting my procedure date. I will...

I am currently awaiting my procedure date. I will be having a much needed mastopexy with breast augmentation. Currently 5'5" 180lbs and losing, wear a 38 C/D depends on the brand. Gravity and breast feeding took its toll! :) Anticipating 800cc saline implants will the left side being overfilled due to asymmetrical breast tissue. I plan to have a tummy tuck in the future.

I love my new boobs!

I had my breast augmentation at 730am on 2/27. I am in love already and I haven't been able to remove the ACE wrap yet. My doctor initially thought I would have quite a bit of scaring from the lift but turned out I only needed a donut lift. I had moderate profile saline implants placed also. Left side is 700 overfilled to 800cc. Right side is 800 overfilled to 960cc. My asymmetry is finally fixed. My aureolas were reduced by a great amount and I couldn't be happier! I haven't had much for pain but I have quite a bit of tightness and stretching but nothing unbearable. My PS recommended to take my pain meds every 4 hours as I am putting a lot of strain on my chest muscles. So excited to heal and see what bra size I will be!


Night 2

I am officially at night two since my BA and lift. I had to take some Valium for the muscle spasms. I have been getting them across my mid back, my neck, and some in my chest. As for pain, I only notice when I lift my arms up to high or reach wrong for something. I still continue to have the stretching and tightness but it's tolerable. Going from a sitting/laying position to standing up, I get a quick reminded over the weight they are. I can feel gravity put just a little bit more pressure on them. Tomorrow morning I will be removing my ACE wrap and taking my first shower. I'm nervous about the first shower but yet excited to finally be clean again! The iodine has left my skin dry and itchy. That will be relief to have that washed off. I bought some front closure sports bras prior to my surgery and I'm nervous about them fitting. I think they may be too small. I will update tomorrow with how the night goes. I have been off and on running a low grade fever 99-100 degrees which I called to double check on and thankfully that can be normal. Anything over 101 they want me to call. I will update tomorrow! I couldn't possibly be any happier with the results I see already and super ecstatic about only having minimal scars instead of the big ones I was anticipating. Good luck to everyone on their upcoming surgery and best wishes to those recovering!

Night 4

Today marks night 4 of my donut lift with augmentation. I can say I pysched myself out with the what if's and what to expect. I did a lot of research and asking about what to expect. I know I have a high pain tolerance but maybe I just lucked out. I have not had any real severe pain yet. I have been up and moving around the house without a problem. I am able to shower on my own, get dressed, and I'm even wearing two sports bras that I have to pull over my head and I am able to put them on by myself. (I bought front closure bras for after surgery and they were wayyy to small). I cleaned my house this evening and I noticed the only thing that actually kinda bothered me and made my chest tighten up was sweeping the floor. I have been advised against the use of ice so I am just allowing the swelling to go down as it pleases. I had horrible bruising and I will add pictures of that also. Nothing to freak over as I went a large size and had a lot of stretching pressure on my muscle. The best advise I would give to anyone going through this procedure is everyone is different, just feel out your body and don't put your anxiety through the roof over what you have heard/seen/read. I was very nervous before my procedure about what to expect afterwards. I haven't had my new girls for a week yet and I would do it all over again!

More pictures

The healing continues

From happiness to scared on post op day 7

Well...not to scare anyone or detour from decisions, but I would like to update everyone on my progress. On post op day 7 I drove the 200+ miles to have my one week check up. PS said everything looked great and I needed to begin massage. He also said his staff would remove the external sutures that were not dissolvable around my nipples. Now keep in mind, I did a number to my girls. I had a donut lift with 700cc overfilled to 800cc under the muscle on the left and 800cc overfilled to 960cc so there is definitely tightness and stretching going on. The nurse removed the stitches, covered my nipples with bacitracin and then covered them with gauze. She said they look great and away I went. About 8 hours later when I had finally returned from shopping and the drive home, I decided I would relax in a hot bath. When I took off the gauze and seen my nipples, I instantly screamed for my boyfriend to come look. The skin began to seperate from the nipple. See the pictures and you will understand. I immediately called the PS on call and we spoke about my options. He advised that I place butterfly closures on the open spots and more than likely return in the morning to have the sutures redone. Thankfully I am a nurse and had nursing friends who had steri strips at home. Some know them as the annoying tape that never seems to fall off :). My boyfriend put them on where he could. The following morning I went to the clinic and got Benzoin and multiple packs of steri strips. My boss, thankfully use to work in surgery so I went to her house first thing so I could have them put on. I emailed pictures to my PS and they stated I did everything they would have done as my skin is too tight to resuture. So far the steri strips are holding up nicely. I'm just hoping everything is healing like it should. The only problem I have right now is I am getting tape blisters from the steri strips being so tight to keep the incision edges approximated. The night this all happened I literally sat in my recliner trying to decide if I was going to puke, cry or scream. But so far I am a lot calmer and just continuing to hope that my incision line heals nicely. I was absolutely in love with the new girls until this set me back. But hopefully it's only forward from here!

Feeling great

As of tomorrow I am officially two weeks post op! My girls are really settling nicely! If you read the prior post of my nipples incisions, well those are slowly but surely healing. The pictures I'll post with this update some may think different but rest assure they are :) I have been emailing my PS pictures of my nipples and keeping him in the loop and he offers his suggestions. I have noticed now that the girls are starting to come down and settle a little bit that the bras I bought since the ones I initially bought for after surgery didn't fit, the ones I have now are stretched out from the weight. I will be doing some bra later this week as I return to work this weekend. I took two weeks off of work with the anticipation that I may need the time, and also because I had the vacation to use. I'm going stir crazy at home! I've been getting my cleaning done and I plan to clean up the yard today! Wish me luck as I am now "top heavy" lol. The only complaint I could say I have at this time is my right ribs next to my breast still feels as if I was kicked by a horse if I touch them or lay in a certain position otherwise I continue to massage and care for my not so pretty nipples as of right now! Any questions, ask away :)
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