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I am 23 years old and I chose breast augmentation...

I am 23 years old and I chose breast augmentation because I have always been fairly small chested. After I had a child at age 20, I believed breastfeeding was the best option. Unfortunately, afterwards, my breast size declined from an A to a AA (an A cup bra would wrinkle on me). Even more frustrating is the extra weight I put on after having her. My butt, thighs and tummy never really lost the weight even though I work at a fitness center and stay fairly active. I was getting tired of people assuming I was my daughter's babysitter. I am a single mom, and I'd like to look like an attractive, feminine woman- not necessarily to attract men, but to earn the respect I deserve. I have had men, even in relationships ask me "why I even bother wearing a bikini top" and overheard them telling their friends I "have no boobs". After dealing with this all through high school, I decided to save a little of every paycheck for the "boobs fund." I finally graduated college, and decided the timing was ideal before I entered the work world.

The surgery was scheduled for a day after my birthday (July 4) so I was a little disappointed to be the DD on my birthday, but not drinking was a small price to pay for the goal I've been waiting almost 8 years for.

The few days before surgery, I was overloaded with all the research I had done on risks, complications, etc. I was very stressed and would fall asleep at one A.M. and wake up at 4 A.M. and not be able to get back to sleep worrying.

I remember my doctor saying my height (5'9) and weight (143) could proportionately pull off a full C cup size. I still had no real visual of this size, so I read the forums online that suggested filling a sock with rice to the converted amount of CC's the doctor suggested. I took a picture and brought it into surgery yesterday, and the doctor agreed that looked a little larger than what we had planned on. This was a relief because I was thinking the same thing. Because my saline implant was placed under the muscle, I went with a more natural look. Because of the placement of my incision, bilateral (under the breast), they did not need to cut through milk ducts as breastfeeding will be a goal of mine again in the future. The nurses were excellent in keeping me calm, although my nerves had me shaking. I picked up my pain pills beforehand, which was lucky because I needed them afterward.

When I woke up, I was all dressed and in a recovery chair. My surgery began about 9:30 and I woke up about a half hour late: about 1 pm. I was incredibly groggy, couldn't focus my eyes or see straight. The nurses helped me into a wheelchair and my mother drove me home. The nurses instructed my mother that my only job was to sleep. It seemed like my only job was to throw up. I threw up in the car on the way home, after making it into bed, and every time I took a pain med the first day. The nurses insured me it was the anesthesia wearing off and I should become accustomed to the pain meds. As of today, I have been able to keep reasonable amounts of food down. The dosage of Vicodin prescribed varies from 1-2 per 4 hours. I found that when I took only one I was counting the hours til I could take another one.

I decided to go out and water my plants today, and thought I would be okay to move a ceramic plant pot into the shade. I was paying for that move. I had to double my dosage the next time. It's amazing how much the pain went down with two pills. But I noticed my face and under my ace wrap have become a little itchy, and I am fairly more nauseous. This is only day two, and I go back to get my ace wrap off tomorrow. I have 375 cc's in each breast, which is a full C. Can't wait to see what they look like!

I am 3 days out from surgery. Washed off all my...

I am 3 days out from surgery. Washed off all my markings, and except for a few bruises, I am TOTALLY happy with my results.
I do have to caution anyone who, like me, is sensitive to drugs, to get an additional anti nausea medication! My second night home my anesthesia was wearing off and the pain was severe. So around 7:30 pm I took two vicodin and knew I needed to remain still or I would vomit. Unfortunately, my stand-in for taking care of my daughter was tied up at the moment, and I had to do all the usual bedtime routines. I went to sleep feeling very groggy about 11 pm. I was still in bandages and sitting up was an extreme challenge by myself. At midnight, and consecutively every half hour until 5 am, I woke up and vomited 6 or 7 heaves each time. I tried to keep down water or crackers, but like clockwork, 30 minutes later, I'd wake up and do it again. I cannot describe the pain I was in when the medication had been eliminated from my body entirely, on top of the continuous wretching that was putting strain on my breasts and my stitches.
I called the on-call nurse and was relieved to be forwarded to my actual surgeon at 4 am. He told me to retain fluids and we would get me an antinausea medication in the morning. Needless to say, this set my recovery back about 2 days. My biggest complaint now that I can keep fluids down is the aching in my back, right behind my breasts. Due to having my ace wrap removed, I think I was unconsciously hunching over to try and protect my sore chest. The doctor said each breast is only about a pound and a half, so it shoudln't be anything like the ladies who need back surgery for reduction. Nevertheless, it will take some getting used to. I am surprised we could fit such a large implant into my small chest wall, but Dr. Miller delivered what he promised! They may be a little swollen at the time of these photos. The ones with the sharpie markings are 2 days post op, the ones without are 3. Hope this information helps you. Feel free to ask any questions. I know how much this site helped me.

Also, as a side note, I am 3 1/2 days out of...

Also, as a side note, I am 3 1/2 days out of surgery and still have had no bowel movement. I have been eating full sized meals to accompany my medications, so I would recommend to anyone on narcotics to make use of Miralax and or juices with vitamin C to avoid constipation.

Update: Day 7. Tomorrow will be a week from...

Update: Day 7.
Tomorrow will be a week from surgery. I really wanted to get fitted so I can know what size I am. Victoria's Secret says right now, I am about a 34C, or 32D. This seems like a great size and shape to stay at, and I was ready to buy my first big-girl bra.

But just then I had a my phone call from PS nurse, and she advised me not to buy (or WEAR) a bra for at least a month, because (sadly) my breasts "will look 100% different a month from now than they do now." Right now, yes- they look porn-star fake. And that wasn't what I wanted pre-op, but I've gotten used to it, and I like how I currently fill out my shirts. So I held off on the expensive bras. I suppose my breasts are semi-swollen, and sitting up higher than they will later on. She explained that my body wants to push the implant up and out... and a bra would only help that. The massages I do are supposed to push them down and loosen them up.
So maybe I'll hold out for a push-up bra when I need it! :)

As far as how I'm feeling, chest wall feels burdened, my skin feels tight, and I can only comfortably do the massages if I'm on a pain pill. I can function without the pain pills, but I have a cramping in my back that seems to go away when the vicodin kicks in.

Also interesting, my incision was underneath my breast, so my nipples weren't touched but my nipples and the skin around them are numb. I don't mind this so much, since before my implants, I always hated having my nipples touched or messed with in bed. I do hope it goes away though, because it is accompanied with the strained, stressed feeling. I hope I'm not trying to push myself too hard, but I did go out shopping with a friend today. I've read about women 3,4 weeks out from surgery who have uneven breasts because of using the chest muscles while healing. Anyone have any advice on limitations?

It's hard because I FEEL like I can do it, but apparently this is the crucial time not to push myself.

I thought I was over the pain part of it, but my...

I thought I was over the pain part of it, but my right breast feels like it's cramped underneath the implant and to the left, on the inner part of my implant. The other one is fine, but the pain doesn't seem to go away from day to day. Thinking of calling the doctor over Christmas break.
Sioux Falls Plastic Surgeon

In my initial consultation, my doctor seemed to be reading off a script about the difference between saline and silicone. As I would have questions, he almost had a tone of "don't interrupt me." When he finally finished, I had forgotten many of my questions and felt like my head was spinning. He left the office, and a nurse came in to schedule me. I hadn't even gotten a definitive answer about how many cc' he thought would look good on me to proportion out my body.... so he came back in and asked what I'd want. I said between a large B and a small C. He reasoned that most women would like to have gone bigger if they only make a minor jump in size, and suggested going bigger. I went home, thought about it and decided he was right. I looked at many before and afters, and this site's forums and decided the benefits far outweigh the risks. I called at least once a week with a page full of questions each time about capsular contracture, warranties, pain levels and medication combinations. My doctor did seem to be pretty in and out when I did have a chance to see him. I was told to be there at 8:50 so I'd have plenty of time to answer my questions before we started my surgery at 9. He arrived in the doctor's office shortly after 9 and seemed a little rushed to make the marks on my chest. When I woke up, I was too groggy to have a conversation, but was fairly disappointed that he wasn't there to see me out, or meet my mom and give her a report on the surgery. I was also told I'd get a card that said the serial number of my implant and information regarding the surgery. I don't recall being given any papers like this. The last 24 hours have been a blur and maybe I will have more information after I see the doctor again tomorrow and he teaches me the breast massage technique to minimize hardening or risks of capsular conracture.

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