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I just had a SilkPeel today. After much...

I just had a SilkPeel today. After much consideration, I decided on this procedure as opposed to a Vitalize chemical peel. I had a really good experience, the esthetician was terrific. I will post before and after photographs and final evaluation once a bit of the swelling and redness subsides.

I have had really troubled acne prone skin for the last 5 years and recently stopped breastfeeding. I really wanted to get my skin back in good condition so looked into my different options. I went to two different med spas in the area as well as my dermatologist for suggestions. Chemical peels, the SilkPeel, and a topical/antibiotic regimine were the three responses. I decided to go ahead with the erithromyacin, Diffarin, and Sulfa wash, but wanted to kick off with a peel. After researching, my insurance would have paid for a chemical peel provided by my dermatologist, but after reading horror stories of people being burned and scarred from them I decided to go with the SilkPeel instead. It seemed like the less risky procedure, so I was happy paying the extra money.

The procedure wasn't painful. Much like a microderm. Then salicylic acid was slathered on my skin. Afterwards she did some extractions and even some lancing, which freaked me out, but seeing how beautiful her skin was, I figured I would be fine. Finally she used a high frequency diode to help with the inflamation.

I will follow up soon!


Here are some photos of before and after.


So I had my silk peel almost 2 weeks ago. Right after I noticed my skin felt awesome as far as the texture but as I anticipated, the treatment induced much of the acne to the surface. I am still purging, and I have noticed that the top layer of my skin is thinner, so when my pimples have been coming up and drying out, they are leaving scabs which they did not do before. This is a little worrisome, because I'm so afraid of scarring. The pimples also seem more red, which I know is a sign of inflammation, which I don't think is a good thing either. I also noticed yesterday that there were a few places where a pimple was healing that the pore looked much larger, not sure if that was from the extraction or just the pimple itself? At this point I'm still not sure if the procedure was "worth it".

I wonder if there is any good way of helping these scabs/pimples heal to reduce the possibility of leaving scars? Also, does anyone have an opinion on having extractions- whether or not it is a good/safe procedure?

Not worth it - left a scar.

It's been a long time, but all in all, I regret having this peel. I now have a little indentation where that big pimple was. I'm planning on doing some fraxel once I can get my skin a little clearer.

Very helpful, and she had beautiful skin!

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