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I'm 21 years old 5'2 and 148 pounds. I used to...

I'm 21 years old 5'2 and 148 pounds. I used to maintain a weight of 125 pounds before I started birth control and gained 30 pounds in a year! Even when I was thinner I had a belly (I am apple shaped and carry weight in my mid-section). Now that I have gained weight I am desperate to get rid of my stomach fat.

On December 2nd I am getting liposuction on my upper and lower abs and having it transferred to my butt. The doctor said my fat transfer would be limited because the skin on my butt is so tight. She is hoping to get at most 200 cc in each butt cheek.

(I'm also getting lip injections of Juvederm Ultra on the same day)

9 more days until my surgery and I can't wait!

2 weeks post op BBL

Stomach is way flatter


I read soo many reviews saying that lipo is painless and there is only slight discomfort. Am I the only person who feels like this is super understated? I had my stomach liposuction done under local anesthesia and it was honestly pretty painful. Before they laid me down on the table they gave me 4 mg of Ativan, which I think is a sedative. This did not kick in AT ALL. I was wide awake through the whole procedure. The most painful part was when they had to numb your stomach with lidocaine. It takes a while to get numb so the whole time the doctor was filling up my stomach with the liquid I was in pain. I would rate the pain a 7 at least. They ended up giving me another 2 mg of Ativan and also of shot in each one of my thighs to helps with the pain. Not sure if it's because my metabolism is slow or i have a high tolerance? but the meds took a while to kick in. The transfer wasn't bad at all. Just a little sting when she would insert the syringe. Almost wish I was put under for the procedure.

175 cc fat transfer is not enough for BBL

In total I paid 6,250 for my stomach lipo and fat transfer. She said she removed 1,500 cc from my abdomen and transferred 175 cc into each of my butt cheeks. She said she couldn't put more fat because I have tight skin. At first my butt looked good! but after 3 weeks it shrunk a lot. My butt is littler fuller than it was before. Over all I feel pretty disappointed with my results. I've seen people pay less and get wayyyy better results from Vanity Cosmetics in Miami. I wish I would have found out about Dr. Fisher before I went through with this surgery.

Side views from 2 weeks post op

lip injections

Forgot to post pics of my lips :)

Dr. Calva BBL 2017

I am already considering a round 2 even though it's only been a month since my liposuction and fat transfer with Dr. Hicks here in Iowa. I'm thinking of going to Dr. Calva in Miami, Fl because his price is really good and results are dramatic! which is exactly what I am looking for. I WANT A BOOTY THAT TURNS HEADS!

About 5 weeks post op

5 weeks post op

Sioux City Ophthalmologist

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