19 Years Old, Acne Scars, Halo Laser - Sioux City, IA

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I had this laser treatment done and they say...

I had this laser treatment done and they say lasers are painless, my a**!! I thought at first I was being a baby about the pain but it is a relief to see I was not the only one who thought the same thing, as I read a few other posts about this laser.
I had my treatment done for some acne scars. They recommended this laser for me when I went in for a consultation, they believed this would be the best fit for me. After the procedure I noticed a few more scars popped up after like 2 weeks. And no I did NOT pick any of the gross scaly skin off or pop a zit for at least 3 weeks (I only popped one because it popped on its own when I was washing my face, I know, its gross).
Anyways, I went in about 3 weeks after the laser for a check up and brought up the little scars and they claimed it was possibly just "inflammation". Yeah right, inflammation usually doesn't look like a crater. What made me most upset about all this though was at the check up, they said, and I quote, "Well the halo laser is not meant for correcting acne scars." Hmmm, that's funny cause that's the one thing I wanted fixed when I came here and this laser is what you suggested! I was furious, not only did I waste almost 1,000 dollars (and I'm a broke college student) but I was left with more scars, which is what I wanted to fix!! These scars really affect my confidence and make me feel horrible and down on myself, even though I should not let them because scars do not make someone ugly. But, even 2 and a half months after this laser I still can't be out in the sun without SPF or a hat for more than 1 minute and the breakouts will NOT stop :/ I'm going to a dermatologist again to help stop it so fingers crossed the amoxycilin and epiduo work! Anyways, long story short, if you are a picker like me, prone to breakouts but can't handle many acne meds, love the sun, or cannot handle pain too well... I'd advise not to get this laser done. If I had to say anything positive, I will say my pore size was reduced and (if it weren't for the breakouts) my scars and skin actually look decent; the scars are not as deep. But I'm not sure it was worth as much money as I paid. If you do do this laser, make sure the person doing it knows their head from their a** and you are ready to accept the side effects and possible risks.

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Update (5 months following the halo treatment and 3 months after being put on epiduo).

Some days I feel like the scars are becoming less noticeable and looking good! Than I see my face in a certain light and lose all hope, lol
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Very friendly staff but not sure how I feel about what they told me after the treatment and the results...

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