1 Year Old Wrist Tattoo and 28 Days Old Ankle Tattoo - Singapore, SG

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Hello, this is my first review! I've schedule my...

Hello, this is my first review! I've schedule my first laser on the 21st feb for my 2 tattoos. Both are black, but the ankle infinity tattoo has a little white for the 2d effect.
I'm so so so depressed over my tattoo. I really hate it now. I didn't listen to my bf to not getting it. I went ahead with it, and because of this, his love for me has dropped. I understand him because what he hated was the fact that I didn't listen to him. And I really regret it now! Till I can't eat and sleep. I told him how sorry and regretful I am, and that I'm going to remove it. But he say forget it, what's done is done and keep it. I don't know if he says this because he gave up hope in me or because he don't want me to go through the pain. I really don't know ): I hate the sight of my tattoo so so so much right now!!!!
I'm really hoping that I can see some effect on the first treatment, I know I will have to be patient and not rush it. But seeing the tattoo everyday just makes me fall into regretful mode all over again ):

Tattoo photos before treatment

Hi all again. I've postpone my treatment date to 4th march because I've got a marathon on 2nd march. Cause singapore doesn't have picosure, so I've found a doctor who is going to use medlite c6! Will update on the results after my first treatment!

First session of medlite c6!

Hello! I've done my first session of medlite c6! And I've attached pictures of my tattoo. FYI: my ankle tattoo is a new tattoo done on 25th jan and my wrist tattoo is about 1 year old!

The laser is no joke! Reallyyyyy hurts! I know I shouldn't expect too much after my first session. Will take photos of my tattoo after 1 week.

There's no blister or anything so far today because the doctor didn't put the power on too high as it's my first time.

I'm glad to see that the tail of T of the respect is fading! Haha probably because it isn't done too deep in the first place. :p
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