Splurging on Invisalign, like finally!

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My friends tell me that I don't need invisalign -...

my friends tell me that I don't need invisalign - but screw that! I've been wanting straight teeth since I was 15 (11 years ago), and have enviously watched many friends get braces over the years to straighten their smiles.

the prices for Invisalign are super prohibitive for me... in the last 3 years I've wanted it, then talked myself out of it, and wanted it, then talked myself out of it. I'm getting married in May 2015 and recently decided that I really should take the plunge and go for my dream of having straight teeth by my wedding. so I shaved off money from my wedding budget and my new-house budget, and pledged to cut down on shopping for the next 12 months and reserve my bonuses for Invisalign. in short, I'll be paying through my nose for the treatment. this had caused me some psychological discomfort at first but by now I've gotten over it. having straight teeth is a deep aspiration that I have harboured for long, and I doubt I will look back... I really hope it will be worth it!


the thing about researching about local providers is that the two biggest invisalign players have cleverly sponsored bloggers, whom I find tend to downplay the level of sacrifice and pain involved in getting invisalign. so I hope my review can add some valuable insights to the local discussion.

anyways, I eventually met the two providers - both are Platinum Elite. I figured that if I'm going to pay so much (about SGD 8,500 which works out to USD 6,800) I might as well go to a reputable clinic. the quotes they gave me differed by a SGD 1,000, so naturally I went for the cheaper one ;) plus his clinic is 5 mins from my office, so that really helps. and supposedly the one I chose is an ortho whereas the other is a dentist - just something I read from local forum discussions.

both of them said my treatment would last 1.5 years. this means my teeth won't be completely straight by my wedding, but it should be "noticeably different". ok, i'll take whatever I can get! my ortho tends to underpromise though, so I hope I'll be done faster.

during the consultations, both also confirmed that my gums are pretty ok (phew! I was worried I had gum disease). my gums have receded slightly in my bottom row, and I've also had some bone loss there. my bite is generally ok, although my top and bottom molars don't overlap nicely. my ortho knows that I'm more concerned about straight teeth, so he said he will correct them as much as he can during the time it takes to straighten my front teeth. if I want to fully correct this, I may have to add another half a year to my treatment duration. I'll think about this later.


I got my moulds done last week. the nurses said it would take 6 weeks for my aligners to be ready, but that they would call me if they're in sooner.

I'm 1 week down, 5 more to go! I wish it was October already, which says a lot cos September has quite a few milestones for me (work anni, birthday, engagement anni...). I was reminder in another review about how nothing worth having is ever easy so that motivated me to exercise a bit more patience.

also, I don't think my ortho has plans to show me my clincheck videos before he orders the trays. I thought of requesting, but then I figured that I could also watch it when my aligners are ready. given his experience, I trust that he'll help make the best call for me.

till then!

tray 1 - it begins!

and...tray 1 is in! sans attachments :) I had a lunchtime apmt with my ortho yesterday. I tried the trays on for 1 min, and then to my surprise, he advised that it's better that I start at night. I had been all game to start wearing it there and then! later when I went back to work, I realised my upper left molars were kinda throbbing, causing a minor headache. what a prelude to the pain, I thought. so I
popped a paracetamol before gg to bed, and everything was fine.

things I did to prepare for D-Day:

- went on an oral care spree during a drugstore promo
- practised brushing teeth and also flossing after lunch at work
- visited my dentist for scaling and polishing, as advised by my ortho
- signed up for a miles credit card in hopes of raking in points while charging it for my treatment
- took the last chances of snacking at work
- had my birthday dinner with my boyfriend the weekend before
- ate steak.

by the way

I'm still not comfy with flossing at my work toilet (much less public toilets? I haven't tried!) does anyone have any tips / words of encouragement on ignoring what people may think of me and just flossing anyway?

one week progress update

Here's my one week progress report:

1. I'm averaging 21h with aligners. It's shorter than I prefer but I'll try see how I can increase aligner-time. On weekdays, my lunch breaks are slightly over an hour. When lunching with colleagues, I don't feel good rushing them just because I chose to get Invisalign. Plus I do like to walk about after eating to balance out all the sitting I do from 9-5, so in a way I'm not in a hurry to return to my office either.

2. The discomfort has subsided. I realised that I'm getting more used to the plastic in my mouth, or that "sticky peanut butter feel" on my teeth. I've also stopped salivating as much. My ortho explained that when we first put on aligners, our mouths think it's food, hence all the saliva. Now that the aligners fit comfortably, I'm tempted to wonder why I've got to put them on for (what feels like) so long, but I guess I just have to trust the process. Also, trying to remind myself that this is the honeymoon phase of aligners since I've not had my 14 attachments yet.

3. I'm still apprehensive about flossing in public. Yesterday I had lunch at a hotel buffet with my family. While washing up in the ladies, my sister was like, "are you gonna floss?!?!" But then she grabbed some floss for herself so then both of us flossed together in the cramped toilet. I was glad to have her company. Hopefully very soon I'll be unapologetic about flossing ifo strangers. It's just a matter of getting used to.

4. Whenever I have to eat alone before a night class after work, I'm feeling like I'd rather starve than have to figure out a smooth routine wrt ordering food, removing aligners and brushing teeth after. I'm hoping to get used to eating heavy lunches and then skipping dinner. On a related note, not being able to snack makes me so hungry.

5. Around day 3-4, the edges of my aligners felt extra rough on my gums. Tried the whole ortho wax thingamajig and the irritation disappeared. I've yet to add a nail filer, a kiddy toothbrush or mouthwash to my inventory. Watsons, a local drugstore, and the oral hygiene section of supermarkets is fast becoming my favourite hang out.

that's all for now... my next apmt is in mid-Oct.

tray 2 of 28

I changed to tray 2 last night without much incident. It's a day earlier, but I did it because my next appointment where I'll be fixing attachments is on 10 Oct. So instead of doing 14+10 days for trays 1 and 2 respectively, I thought I would do 13+11 instead. My ortho will be away for 2 weeks in Oct so I wanted to catch him, especially before I get my attachments fixed and my first IPR done.

Yesterday my left lateral incisor hurt a bit, though. I reckon it might be from me trying to "expertly" remove my trays with 1 hand, in a public restroom in a hawker centre where I was trying to avoid putting my blue casing on the sink. Well, lesson learnt, I'll try to use two hands next time.

tray 3 of 28 + attachments

I got 14 attachments fixed two days ago, on Friday. I also moved up to tray 3. They are definitely tighter than I remember trays 1-2 to be, and my teeth are starting to feel tender. My lower tray is easier to remove because I can get a better grip on it and pull upwards. But my upper tray…wow. I might just tear up one day trying to rip them off. The parts around my canines (which have HUGE attachments) just won't budge. So far I've been pulling the back-left, back-right, and then my tray would hang awkwardly and painfully, and I struggle for 3-5 seconds trying to pull it off. Ugh. I'm glad I started having attachments on a Friday evening so that at least I sorta have the weekend to get used to this. Not looking forward to tugging at my trays unglamorously at my office toilet when the work week starts.

I find that the two attachments on my bottom left are especially obvious. I thought it was because the ortho didn't quite match the colour. But sans tray, they DO match my teeth colour. So I'm thinking maybe there was water/vapour in the bumps when I put the tray on hence the shiny look, or maybe it's just the way the light hits that part of my smile.

My ortho, the principal in his clinic, got his staff ortho to fix the attachments for me. She didn't quite walk me through the process so it was a little nerve wrecking lying down in the chair, just trusting her. All I sensed was that she was switching between a lot of equipment, and getting the nurse to help fetch a few things. It felt like first she polished the surface of my teeth, applied what is probably the glue, then a little water, air, and then a nastier tasting liquid, and then she put on a tray, and then some UV light, and then she tugged off the tray. Afterwards, she said she was "removing the excesses", off the attachments I presume since there was a lot of buffing. We did this 4x: upper right, upper left, lower left, lower right sides of my smile. Some of my teeth edges still feel a little raw/rough.

I also received my first IPR. I didn't know what to expect so it was scary, but actually it was not painful at all. She used what felt like a nano electric cutter, then switched to a manual file, probably closer to my gums. I thought I would just have it on 1 teeth per my ClinCheck, but she was also giving me two more IPR for trays 5 and 6. However she decided not to proceed with the last IPR yet as my teeth were too slanted.

Oh yeah so now I have what I think is a giant gap between my two front teeth! It's actually just 0.5mm, but it pops out to me in the mirror. I'm sorta amused, and thought about how once my friend, after seeing one of the popular super models sport a gap between her teeth, wanted one for herself too because she thought it was cute. It's not obvious with the trays though. I'm guessing other people wouldn't notice it as much as I do since I look at my teeth about 60x a day. Also on the attachments, my boyfriend said, "They're not obvious. It just looks like your teeth are deformed..."

stained attachments - no more curry!

I stained my attachments :( Yes, the ones on my teeth. I realised it was after I had curry for lunch about 3 days ago. I didn't get a chance to rinse my mouth, much less floss/brush immediately, and had popped back my aligners before I managed to wash up only about 20 mins later.

I'm guessing the turmeric in the curry made my attachments turn yellow. It was like a brighter, almost glow-in the-dark kind of yellow. So unappealing. I was really disappointed because the attachments had been in for barely a week!

I contacted my ortho's clinic. A nurse was kind to offer to fix an appointment to have my attachments polished. But by today, the yellow stains had faded slightly. So I told her I would make an appointment next week if the stains persist. She also advised that to brush my teeth immediately after I eat curry next time. Though after this incident I would probably try avoid curry if I can. Sigh! #asianproblems

Anyway, I've attached a comparison photo - see the canine on the right. It's more obvious in real life, especially to me. Hope the extra yellowness goes away soon.

tray 5 of 28

I switched to tray 5 last night. They were tighter than I'm used to but by this morning the tightness wore away. I braced myself for showtime i.e. the first time removing new trays, but luckily this time my canines were spared. For the past 2 trays, them poor guys usually hurt the most. Probably from the extra surface area they come into contact with the trays, as a result of over-rotation :/ In exciting news, my front gap (from IPR) closed by 0.1mm! So far this is the most visible change I've seen.

I'm thankful that my treatment has been relatively painless so far. This past week I got random bouts of headaches, but they don't last very long. Reminds me of the times I got headaches back when my wisdom tooth was troubling me. Kinda amazing how our teeth are somehow wired to our brains.

I was taught by my ortho to soak new trays overnight to help get rid of the "plastic taste". So far I haven't noticed any such taste but I oblige anyway. Plus I dunno if it's just psychological, but I find that the edges of soaked trays turn yellow slower than trays which I don't get to soak ie trays 1 and 3, which I wore on same night as my appointments.

To clean my trays, I usually soak them in dishwasher soap and water while I'm eating at home. Afterwards I dip my small toothbrush into the soap water and brush the trays, before brushing them again under running water. So far so good - no soapy taste in my mouth :)

On diet, I still eat what I normally would (including curry - heh!). I haven't had to switch to soft food. My canines sometimes feel a little tender on crunchy food, but I just crunch on :p Unfortch this means I haven't lost weight but oh well, you can't have it all!

My top 2 peeves on Invisalign are having to fight bouts of sleepiness in the office without snacking or drinking anything other than cold water, and the tongue sore I get on my right side even after filing new trays. On the former, I find that it's not worth removing my trays and cleaning my teeth for a snack. Plus I feel like there's a 'socially acceptable' time to brush my teeth in the office toilet, and 4pm is not included. On the latter, the tongue sore also happened to me for tray 4 but it went away. Maybe this time I'll be more impatient and will try applying ortho wax on the problem spot.

My next apmt is in mid-Nov...it could be rubber band time. Noooooo!

tray 6 of 28: not yet!

I met my ortho two days back. Good news: No rubber bands, yet. This is contrary to my Clincheck which shows rubber bands being introduced at tray 6. Ortho says he will monitor my bite to see if I really need it. Hope not, doc!

Bad news: I'm not on a 10-day cycle, yet. Actually, I forgot to ask him about it. It was only when the nurse was issuing my next 6(!) trays and arranging the next apmt that she said I can't move to a 10-day cycle, yet. I'm not sure if this is because my ortho hadn't given the green light, or because she's seen enough cases to know that the permission to upgrade to a 10-day cycle usually only comes after the nth tray. Oh well.

Looking on the bright side, it seems like by tray 12, my lower teeth will be pretty straight. My gums have receded quite noticeably around them and I fear that they will fall out prematurely, so maybe it's for the benefit of my roots that I stick to a 12-day cycle while them lower teeth are being moved.

My only concern is that I won't have straight teeth by my wedding in May. I don't need to have completed my trays by then, I just hope to be in tray 20+ where my upper teeth are pretty straight, y'know? On Acceledent, apparently it's not yet licensed by the health authorities here. I suppose I could still bring it in from say, Australia, but it would be at my own risk. Plus my budget allows for either Acceledent OR teeth whitening, and I'd rather go for the latter, cos I'm not liking the colour of my teeth right now.

Tray 6 is tight, but still bearable. Yesterday morning when I put them on after breakfast, I let out an involuntarily yelp when I gently nudged it up at the right pre-molar and felt a tinge of pain. My molars feel sore which is no fun at all. Ahh, the joys of moving teeth. Then again I signed up for this so can't blame anyone else!

I received about 6-7 rounds of IPR during the visit. It wasn't as smooth as my first time, maybe because there were more teeth to shave, and some of the spaces must have been tight because my ortho spent lots of time shaving, shaving. Also my jaw hurt from having to open it very long... unusual? I've now got a pretty big gap (0.5mm) between my upper left molars, which has been an invitation for huge (and I mean huge) food chunks to hang out at. I try to pry them out with my tongue, but no luck. It's an uncomfy feeling that only flossing can relieve me. I might get cavities if I'm not diligent :/

tray 7 of 28: 25% y'all!

I was supposed to get rubber bands but thankfully my ortho spared me from having to wear them. However, tray 7 (onwards, I think) comes with the hooks where the rubber bands are supposed to be.

And the one on my upper tray is hella irritating! It left me a 1cm scratch on my inner upper lip - no thank you! It hurt to smile because my inner lip would have to rub against the sharp hook. I would have to stick my tongue in front of my upper teeth to separate my lip from the tray... not attractive and too slow for returning smiles. On my second night I couldn't stand it so I cut off the hook. Before and after pic attached. I might have overdone it though... my right canine is now half uncovered on the front, hee. I might pop by my ortho to ask the nurses what's the proper way to get rid of the hooks for the next trays. It's definitely not sustainable for me to put up with the scratching >.<

I've also attached before/after pics for pre-treatment and tray 7. Nothing too drastic but I do feel like the snaggle tooth is slowly coming out to see the sun! :)

tray 10 of 28: scatterbrain!

Hurrah I'm at tray 10 - moved into double digits! My Invisalign lifestyle routine is more or less settled. Sometimes when eating outside, I just rinse my mouth and pop the trays back in without worrying too much about brushing my teeth in public restrooms. I've become okay with waiting till I get home where I can floss, brush, use mouthwash and scrub my trays comfortably.

Also, I've been more scatterbrained, sometimes forgetting to bring my blue case out -- like today! I would then wrap the trays up in a napkin but keep them close to me to avoid accidentally throwing them away.

Some other times, I forget to bring my blue case home. Cos after lunch in the office, I usually leave the blue case open, like an oyster, to dry. Again, the Napkin Plan is activated if I'm headed somewhere after work.

My compliance has also been dipping, espesh over Dec. Guess I too felt like being in holiday season and didn't see the rush to pop the trays back on :/ Trying to work on clocking more wear time though, espesh since I'm going to ask (beg) my ortho to move me up to a 10-day cycle at my next apmt in Feb.

Oh ya, I figured out how to file down the hook where my rubber bands were supposed to be. They don't cut my lips no more.

Also, for the first time, I noticed that my bottom front teeth are a little wobbly :X Anyone else experienced this? Makes me feel so uneasy! But also motivated me to be a good girl and pop them trays back asap after eating.

Hope time flies till I next meet my ortho!

tray 12 and 13 of 28: happy from my appointment!

Hello! I had such a good appointment with my ortho a few days ago. He's also wearing Invisalign (he's in his fifties... I think) but he's been such a badass about it! If I were to share what he practised for himself, surely the entire community here will freak out ;) But of course he doesn't take such ... risks ... with patients so yes, I'm still safe. We also had a good chat about Invisalign faux pas, -- like me eating a brownie with trays on, waving goodbye to my coursemates, and then entering the car only to have my boyfriend point out the brown bits that were ALL OVER my teeth -- and also relationships, how when you've been with a person for a long time, they may not notice how Invisalign has helped close your gap :o

In other news, tray 12 was the easiest I've had so far! Usually when I'm about to change trays, I stand in front of the mirror with dread + fear that I'm going to be struck with pain. But no. I put on tray 12 and then... nothing happened. It felt like I had put on tray 11 -- it fit so well!

Oh yes, I'm *finally* on a 10-day cycle. I counted (in Excel, no less) that I'll be at tray 22 by my wedding on 9 May, which is great. I was aiming for tray 21 at the very least cos from my Clincheck, it looks like my teeth would be close to straight. I've attached screenshots of my Clincheck so you can see what I mean :) It seems like mine comes from a different format from the ones I've seen so far here.

tray 16 of 28: slightly past 50%!

Just as I was planning to update about how boring invisalign is once you hit the teens - which is a good thing, espesh for newbies/prospects who are worried about the lifestyle changes - I got hit by the worst headache ever! Well it wasn't SO bad, but it was kinda like an annoying dull ache that made me want to pop a panadol and crawl into bed :(

I had a quick 4D3N trip two weeks back. It was not good for my Invisalign because I often had to pop back my trays after eating without brushing/flossing. I stayed at a relative's house, which didn't have a mirror in the toilet. So the first night I attempted to floss without a mirror. Don't know about you, but I struggled and didn't feel as satisfied. Second night onwards, I gave up and flossed in front of the dining room mirror, careful not to dirty it. So glam, huh. And for the first time I started to worry about having cavities from that weekend. Which reminds me, I need to go for my regular dental check up soon.

Attached is a pic from my last day of tray 15. The progress is visible imho :) Also starting to get black triangles, though for now they don't bother me yet. My next apmt is end of this month, and I might just sign up for chair-side whitening... depending on my bonus paycheck this month :D Till then!

tray 18 of 28: more IPR and whitening (soon)

Heyya! I'm on tray 18 of 28, though frankly I lost track and had to count backwards to confirm this. I met my ortho last week, where I received impromptu IPR (i.e. more than what was indicated in my ClinCheck. I was a little miffed as the filing was going on, but my ortho explained that he tends to play by ear on how much to file wrt addressing black triangles, as it also depends on the patients' gum health. This was after I raised concerns about the black triangle near my snaggletooth, which is partly due to teeth shape and also the fact that I have some gum loss there. So he's filed the tooth edge down straight. The IPR-ed gap is still there though, so maybe I'll post an update pic when it's closed. Meanwhile, my teeth are slowly becoming even and I'm so excited!

I also signed up for chairside whitening for end of the month. I'll be in tray 20-21 by then, with my attachments still on. My ortho had earlier explained that our attachments are actually colourless, contrary to my earlier belief that they picked a colour to match my teeth! So no issue with whitening with them on. He preferred me to do whitening once I'm on to refinements because teeth are extra sensitive when being moved, but I told him my wedding is coming up (in 37 days!) so he relented. The catch is that I have to buy and apply tooth mousse for one week before the whitening session to de-sensitise my teeth. I know I signed up for whitening voluntarily, but I do feel nervous about it! Heard it can be painful if you have sensitive teeth :(

tray 22 of 28: MARRIED!

about 3 weeks back, I met my dentist for regular cleaning. bad news -- she thought my gums had receded further :( kinda worrying since I'm only 27 and I don't want my teeth to fall out so soon..! my dentist also got frustrated with the attachments which she felt were in the way, espesh when the staining tended to happen around them. eeps.

feeling low, I cancelled my whitening appointment which was supposed to happen the next week. I thought I would heed my ortho's advice to do whitening after the straightening is complete so I don't stress my teeth too much, espesh when my gums are not doing too great. hopefully someday I'll eventually go for whitening... it's on my dental bucket list!

I also had an apmt with my ortho last week. I asked him about the receding gums and he showed my my ClinCheck which did show my gum line lowering as my lower teeth level horizontally. he did look a little apologetic and just reminded me not to brush my gums too hard. sigh.

and then last Saturday, I got married..! I had my trays out for 13h because my wedding programme is pretty long. I wavered having them off then on ... and then my pink lipstick smudged all over the trays and we (photographer, make up artist and me) and were like nuh-uh. also because my wedding involves sitting on a dais in front of our guests, I wasn't sure how I could discreetly remove my trays when it was time to eat. one of my bridesmaids would have had to hold on to my trays and case, saliva and all!

in the middle of the wedding day, my teeth started hurting, probably cos it wasn't used to having the trays off for very long :( that got me feeling anxious, so i popped my trays back on during my break just to feel better.

otherwise, I was pretty happy with my progress and felt more confident smiling with teeth. my smile isn't perfect yet, but it's definitely way straighter than pre-Invisalign! so yep pretty satisfied that invisalign has helped give me a better smile for my wedding, just as I had wanted. now I'm just hoping the attachments aren't too obvious in pictures.

the trays felt super tight when I put them back on that night. I also thought they didn't fit as well as before. thankfully by Sunday or Monday, all was back to normal. phew.

and now, we're on our honeymoon! brushing my teeth wasn't really a problem on our long flight. I got an aisle seat so I could go to the toilet to and fro more easily. but it's starting to dampen my spirits a little when we eat out and proceed with sightseeing. yesterday I wanted to brush my teeth at the museum but the toilet was so crowded with ladies queuing for the cubicles and teachers helping their kids pee that I was just like ugh, *pops trays on without brushing*. so far I've adjusted to the invisalign lifestyle pretty ok, but yesterday was the first time in a long while that I felt sorry for myself for wearing it :(

anyway since we're in the States, I decided to check out "wisps" that I saw a few reviews mention. we don't have them back home so I was pretty curious and excited to try it. at our second pharmacy stop, I was super happy to find a pack of 24! I figured they would come in handy for our long bus ride and road trip. no doubt it's not the same as flossing and brushing teeth, but it's still better than popping back the trays after eating.

I also picked up denture cleaners (Polident) because I was getting icky with soaking my trays in water only. back home I use dish washing liquid, but obviously I didn't pack any for the trip (haha).

my next apmt is in mid June and guess what! the attachments are coming offff! just six more trays to go!!! comparison pics uploaded :)

travelling with invisalign

things that worked for me on my recent 2 week trip:

1. picking an aisle seat in the plane, 3-4 rows from the toilets. I must have been the toilets' most frequent visitor
2. bringing my own cup from home to soak my aligners in. could've used the drinking glasses in hotel toilets or a cup from the airbnb apartment kitchen, but my own cup felt familiar :)
3. improvising and buying Polident to soak my aligners in. early on in my treatment, I read that it was not recommended to soak aligners in denture cleaners so I never did. then I realised I had no access to dish washing soap so I bought the tablets instead. they worked great, espesh since I didn't always brush my teeth after eating and before putting the aligners back on
4. waiting 20-30 mins before putting my aligners back on, for those (many) times I didn't brush my teeth immediately after eating. I felt like the break allowed my saliva to naturally clean my mouth a little -- not sure if this is factual though!

what I wish I did
5. bring an extra chewie

the other travel thing I remembered to do was to split my two new aligners. I kept one in my hand carry and the other in my checked in luggage, in case one gets lost. this was advised by the nurse when I first started treatment. I also brought a nail file so I could file the edges before I started wearing them, just like back home.

I also didn't up using wisps that much. I'm still glad I got a pack though, it sure adds some relief in case I can't find any toilets.

overall, travelling with invisalign was an inconvenience but not to the point of ruining my trip. also, I'm the sort who's not too too strict on my wear time so I probably cut too many corners :p I would suggest to bring/use as many of the accessories you use at home (e.g. cup to soak aligners in, same nail file, same travel kit toothbrush) so you don't feel like travelling with invisalign is a new thing, but an extension of what we normally do at home.

tray 26 of 28: completed treatment with no refinements!

hello! I knew my apmt yesterday was to have my attachments removed, but I didn't know it was for the end of my treatment!!! I thought I might get refinements and was praying for less than 10 trays -- even planning to abandon them if I felt it was too long -- but my ortho did not feel that I needed any. so I'm done guys. DONE!

here's what happened at the apmt:

1. review and just a teeny bit of filing by ortho

when my ortho said I was done with my treatment, I asked him about my right front tooth being 1mm longer than the other. he said he had planned it that way so that he could file the horizontal surfaces of my front teeth, both top and bottom. uh oh, I say. I can't get them filed. it's technically not allowed in my religion. my ortho started to get a little fidgety ... I think he couldn't stand the thought of letting his patient live with the chipped edges on her teeth. fine, I relent. just a teeeeny bit of shaving off the bottom of the top front teeth. so he did. I can't tell the difference actually, but maybe that's a good thing? D:

he also explained that trays 27+ and 28+ are just over correction trays which he normally throws. he let me keep mine, though. he said I could wear them if I like pain. cos they'll be very tight.

he also recommended me to wear retainers full time for 1 month before switching to night wear (minimum 8 hours a day). whuuud! I read here that it's 6 months of full time retainer wear. I'm relieved though, because we have a festive season coming up involving lots of house visits and feasting. I won't have to brush my teeth in new relatives' (my husband's) homes. I think I'll still try to wear it full time till end of the year. it's been 9-10 months of wearing them full time in the office and I've coped pretty well. so maybe I could do that on weekdays then relax a little on weekends. I hope I'll always remain motivated to keep wearing my retainers.

2. removal of attachments

I was then sent to a hygienist to get the attachments removed. I thought she might cut them away or something, but turns out she grinded them off. I'm guessing the attachments turned into powder cos at no point did she pause to collect the remainder of the attachments. she did my top arch then bottom. after each arch, she asked me to run my tongue along my teeth to let her know if any of the surfaces were still rough. then she polished my teeth. they're attachment-less and smooth now!

3. cleaning

she cleaned my teeth like a dentist would. urgh, wasn't prepared for all that tingly sensations... plus I was later billed for it. they didn't tell me I would have to pay for unsolicited cleaning! but anyway I paid up without making a fuss.

4. taking moulds for retainers

she did a recap of retainer options. the hawley, fixed wires, local lab clear retainers and vivera retainers. I ruled out hawley and fixed wires. local lab retainers are similar to vivera, just that they are, as the name suggests, made in singapore. which means I would be receiving them in a week. however they were $450 for a pair vs $600 for three pairs of Vivera (albeit with a 2-3 week wait) so I went for the latter. in the meantime, tray 26 acts as my retainer.

while the gooey mould was in my mouth, they let me watch Just for Laughs on YouTube to help pass time. how thoughtful. we had to redo the bottom arch though because the back part got cut off. urgh! so glad the moulds are over and done with. the aftertaste of the goo stayed in my mouth till dinner time.


ending earlier than expected is a real plus point for me :) :) we have travel plans for next Mar and that has been my benchmark to finish my treatment, so I wouldn't have to live the sad life of a travelling invisaligner.

my smile is not perfect, partly due to the shape of my teeth, but I'm okay with it. I believe my ortho prefers not to strive for ultimate Hollywood celebrity type of smile so that his patients' smile still look real. I've been smiling at myself a lot in the mirror cos it's so nice to not have attachments anymore .

I paid thru my nose for this treatment but end of the day, I say it's still worth it. I achieved in 9 months what I've always wanted for 12 years. had I not done this before my wedding, I might start hating my wedding photos because of my crooked teeth.

just in case I don't check in here anymore, here's wishing all of you a great treatment ahead!!! I have benefitted a lot from this community, and I hope my reviews were useful for others too. espesh for those non-realself users, sitting on the fence, browsing through as many different reviews as you can. I was once one of you too. good luck!

The Day I Put On My Retainers ... And Could Not Remove Them

The Day I Put On My Retainers ... And Could Not Remove Them

in early July, I collected my Vivera retainers from my ortho. during the appointment, the hygienist suggested to try putting them on and taking them off. after 26 trays where I expertly put them on and removed them (with attachments on teeth!), i was like, it can't be too hard right?


the retainers were very, very tight on my teeth. as if superglued. in the first place, it took more effort and strength to fit them on my teeth. and when it came to removing them... omg. I couldn't. at first I thought it was because I had just trimmed my nails, so I couldn't get a good grip. but then my hygienist struggled a little to help me too. and then she gave me a tool to help me remove my trays, but still it was hard to use. so she suggested for me to stick to tray 26 as retainers until my nails grew out and I couldn't get a better grip on them.

it was about 1-2 days later that I decided to tray put on the Vivera retainers at night. that meant I wore them for about 10-12h before breakfast next morning. and thankfully, I managed to do it! so perhaps my teeth needed more time to fit better with the trays.

I'm not a long fingernails kinda person but I kept my thumb nails cos I didn't want to not be able to remove my trays for mealtime (the horror!). but 1-2 days ago I couldn't stand the sight of my long nails so I trimmed them... and could still remove the trays. phew. I guess it takes a bit of practice and conditioning.

I still take longer to remove the retainers compared to my Invisalign trays + attachments. I also had to file them because they were grazing my tongue badly, and this time I had to file harder because of the thicker material.

hours wise, my clinic's recommendation is to wear them for at least 8h. I wear them in the day on weekdays, cos I figured there's only so much I can be munching at my desk anyway. but on weekends, I wear them at night only :D after hours of not having them on, the pressure can be killin' but then again we invisaligners live for the pressure cos it means our teeth are moving into where it's supposed to, right?

also, while I used to cheat a lot by drinking non-plain water with my Invisalign trays on, I'm much more compliant with the retainers. I guess cos I know my Vivera is a long term thing and I don't want to wear them out too quickly, or I'll have to get new ones made (bye bye $600!). I got 3 pairs by the way, and am already dreading having to break into the other two pairs once this pair is badly worn out.

other than that, wearing Vivera retainers makes me think, "finally, this is what those Invisalign posters are talking about." you know, like when they have models with straight teeth wearing clear, bubble-less retainers and we all thought we were going to look like that during the treatment only to realise we had to have attachments on our teeth. ha.

here's to clocking in enough retainer-hours for the rest of my life, so that I don't waste the last 10-11 months of my treatment! will probably continue to wear them in the day until Sep (about 2 months of "full time" wear) before wearing them at night time only :)
Dr Cheng Eng Wah

Dr Cheng is a Diamond provider for Invisalign, which means that he treated more than 500 Invisalign cases in 2014. According to his bio, he has extensive training in orthodontics. Dr Cheng is customer oriented, zeroing on my objectives and making sure that I would be satisfied with the treatment outcomes. He himself also wore Invisalign, which made sharing experiences fun. I got to meet him at all my review appointments. Dr Cheng is jovial and caring. His dental staff were also gentle in their treatment, and his support staff were always diligent in calling to remind me about appointments. Another huge plus point is that Dr Cheng's clinic is 5 min away from my office, which made convenient lunch time appointments possible. All in all, his clinic provides expertise and also a good customer experience :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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