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The surgery has not taken place yet but I am very...

The surgery has not taken place yet but I am very excited already and I am looking forward to it! After I saw the great pictures from Juliahs lip lift performed by Dr. Leslie Kuek I was very impressed. The result is great and the stitching was so clean that I scheduled the surgery date as soon as possible. I will keep you updated.

Distance Nose-upper lip too long

Why the upper lift?
Over the past years I have got fillers in my lips and I have the impression that this is one of the reasons why my philtrum (the space between nose and upper lip) has become longer and longer over the time. Another cause is aging. When my mouth is closed my upper lip covers my teeth and when I smile there is a little bit of teeth show. I have noticed that the nose-lip distance is really important to make a face look attractive. I would also need a lower face lift but I cannot afford lip lift and face lift at the same time. So I decided to start with the lip lift first because I think that even after a face lift I would still look older because of the long philtrum.
The numbers:
The space is 2 cm now and at the beginning of my research I thought it would be fine to reduce the space to 1.2 cm. But after reading many reviews and chatting with a woman who had a lip lift already I would like to aim at 7 to 8 mm space left. This would mean a reduction of 1.2 to 1.3 cm which is a lot. I have a consultation with the surgeon on 26th of September (one day before the surgery) and then we will discuss what is realistic. As far as I understand it depends of the anatomy of the mouth area how much skin can be reduced. In most of the reviews I have read the persons write they wish they had asked for a bigger reduction and they think about a revision. Of course it is better to be careful because as soon as the skin has been excised it is not reversible. On the other hand: although it is not such a big procedure I would avoid to have it redone. So I am very excited to hear what is possible. The doctor already told me after seeing my photos that the main effect will be in the central portion of my mouth since the scar has to be hidden in the crease of the nose base. But that is fine because I think that especially the central part of the lips should be close to the nose to give a very feminine look. Of course I am aware that not everybody wants such an aggressive change. I think most people are happy if there is a subtle change that will not attract much attention.
Dr. Leslie Kuek

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