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Invisalign was a privilege for me. I couldn't...

Invisalign was a privilege. I couldnt afford braces when I was younger but made a promise to myself that I will get teeth fixed with my own hard earn money. (My dentist in school did a referral for me for metal braces, but due to my dental traumatic injuries, I decided to decline it). I had a really bad fall at the age of 11. My front tooth hit my upper lips and chipped off a quarter. I had of 9 stitches and mild root resorption on my bottom front teeth due to trauma.

After doing some homework about teeth and dental clinics in Singapore. I get to know about the different options on braces. Chancing upon I.Dental Flagship Day, I signed up to know more about Invisalign. I didn't expect to learn about the successful Invisalign treatments completed by I.Dental. There were many different and yet complicated cases like crowding, deep bite, etc! There are different tiers of Invisalign Providers as well. I was super elated to find out that I.Dental is a flagship clinic of Align Technology and the only Black Diamond Provider for Invisalign in Singapore!!! YAY, I made the right choice to come here!!!

After that I went for a consultation with Dr Tong, had X-ray, regular impression mould and check on my teeth condition...

Following week later, I went back for a follow-up then the impression mould for Invisalign. Dr Tong recommended me to go for Invisalign as my case was quite straightforward with no extractions but with attachments and elastics. Braces have the tendency to further shorten my roots or causing it to die faster after my trauma injuries. Technically saying, I do not have much of a choice, so we went ahead doing the mould for my teeth. He estimated 30 odd for the number of aligners I will be having, with IPR, attachments and elastics to correct my bite as well. I re-did the Invisalign mould for about 2/3 times each for my upper and lower for 5 mins respectively as the dentist assistance was afraid that the Align Technology might reject the mould as it not perfectly done, so she decided that she will send both of my mould and let them decide before they use. I actually like the taste of the minty taste of Polyvinyl Siloxane. But my mouth is too small for it. Hahaha.

Here comes my 6 weeks of patience...

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Saw my Clincheck video via my orthodontist! Extremely excited to see the results - first couples of trays will be honeymoon period where I get used to Invisalign. From 3rd trays onwards, I will have attachements on to widen my arch from V to more U-shape. From 8th onwards, I will have elastics to correct my bite. I guess i will see huge difference only at 28/29th aligners?

Tray 1 - Tray 3

It was a nice experience with Invisalign so far. Tray 1 & 2 was a breeze. I felt pressure than pain for the first few days while getting used to the tray being fitted in my mouth. Basically took soft food (oatmeal, mashed potatoes) and liquid diet (juice and yoghurt smoothie) for the first week as I find biting down kinda ache my jaw and my teeth felt wobbly.

Tray 3 was a nightmare when it was time for attachments. Sitting still on a dentist chair for an hour was scary. Hearing the drills and file and feeling UV heat's on my gums occasionally without being able to see what is actually happening in my mouth was terrible. The process simply freak me out. Attachments got my trays really tight down and hard to remove... to the extent that I was super helpless with my fingers and going ahead with the pultool to hook them out before mealtime.

The next day, one of my attachments fell off before my morning brush. The incident totally scares me as it was only Day 2/14 since I was on Tray 3. I felt so paranoid and thinking will more attachments eventually fall off as the UV light bonding weren't as strong as I expected? I was imagining gelish nails, nail arts dries fast and everything remains neat and clean for 2 months. Immediately after I contacted my dental clinic to make an emergency appointment to get the attachment back on during lunchtime. Super thankful to get it fixed by Dr. Dian as Dr. Tong was away for a trip. As explained by Dr. Dian, attachments do fall off occasionally, but rest assured me that movement will still take place as some attachments are there for better grip.

Holidaying with Invisalign

Back from Boracay!!! Traveling during treatment wasn't as simple as it seems. But definitely something to discover for myself. I packed one set of dental supplies in my luggage and an additional set in my carry-on bagpack.

The pack includes travel toothbrush with toothpaste, dental floss, mouth rinse, retainer brites, hand sanitizer and my aligner cases.

Thank God for the aisle seat during the flight where l can head to the restroom before and after meals. However, sometimes I learnt that I have to prepare for the worst. Especially when the restroom is crowded.. I am prepared for on-the-go cleaning, I asked for an empty cup from the air stewardess, gargled the colgate in my mouth and pop back in my aligners.

Having non-safe drinking water from the tap was another problem that I faced in Philippines. Luckily, our hotel provide unlimited supply of bottled water; I brought 2 out at the beach / island hoping / water activities and lunch at places whereby we do not have a toilet with a proper sink.

Lessons learnt! Ok, finally added a selfie of myself with trays on ????


Ok, so apparently there were some manufacturing error in my Invisalign Tray 10!! The top one I am having is Tray 9, while the bottom one is next upper aligner. If you were to look closely, you will notice that there is actually hooks for Tray 9 for elastic, however on Tray 10, there isnt hooks but an additional triangular attachment looking bubble on the tray.

Decided to ask my orthodontist to push forward my upcoming appointment and took time off just to have an last min appointment at 5pm....

He will have to check the upcoming Tray 11... I am hoping that we dont have to delay treatment / remake mould!!


So apparently, there was an error in my trays. According to the orthodontist, the align technology missed out the precision cuts for my previous set of aligners thus there were missing hook on each sides. I was asked to start my elastics on the following trays, so yep > !

I'm currently on tray 11 and class II elastics to pull my upper jaw back. Initially thought that I got orange - flavoured or coloured bands.... The pack also state strength of the elastics, 1/4 " / 4.5 Oz ? Did some research on the bands, and found out that the one I am having is classified as "heavy". Maybe I will be given other fruits – considered as extra heavy or medium heavy, and/or smaller ring size to pull my jaw back more??

Scuba Diving with Invisalign

OMG I went scuba diving with my trays on! Initially, I was afraid that it might affect my dive so I asked my instructor if I am allowed to wear it during discover dive while securing my regulator (oxygen tank) So he said if I am comfortable, he is okay with me having it on!!! Woohoo, I have to admit that I feel more secure wearing my aligners... ????

Moving on to the experience during the dive, I felt that my saliva will be kinda stuck? Or the air bubbles will be trapped like in the trays and behind my teeth, in my mouth. Perhaps is due to the water pressure oops...?

Overall, its a good experience!!
You wont know until you tryyy!!!

Elastic II

I was upgraded to a 10-days cycle by my orthodontist, given watermelon elastics. Ah, I hated it so much. Apparently, the watermelon's ring size was bigger than the orange one that I previously wore, but the intensity was much harder. It was classified as extra heavy. It snaps off a couple of times in my mouth, not sure if I open my mouth too widely / the rubber band is too thick for the hooks on my teeth. Called the clinic to enquire and she said probably the packets that I owed have defects. If I am free, I should drop by to take an additional pack. Ohwell, shall open my other packets I have and KIV.

Good new! Passed the halfway mark, 22/40 trays. 18 to go! 180 days!!

Metal hooks + Honeydew Elastics

Haha, so my rubber band flew OUT of my mouth. Yes, you didn't read wrongly. It snapped off and shoot out of my mouth. I was so shocked and annoyed with it, so i decided to drop my orthodontist a text to ask if he can do something about it, be it changing my elastics to a thinner one but same intensity or giving me a new buttons with a bigger loop? He wants to do a check first before finding a solution to my problem, so I drop by at noon for a check~

Thus he changed my plastic buttons to metal ones which is stronger but tinier which is harder to hook. I was then given Honeydew with elastic placer to hook the bands. Woohoo, so far so good!!

My next appt will be in end Jan!
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