Coolsculpting on Thighs & Tummy - Singapore

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I've always been eating pretty healthily (on...

I've always been eating pretty healthily (on the whole) and exercising quite regularly, but after college, I packed on the pounds because of various reasons (not least the horrible canteen food I had to eat at my dorm) and haven't been able to get rid of the flabby areas ever since (thighs and abdomen).

So I had coolsculpting (CS) done a week ago on my inner thighs, and one more time on my tummy today. I have not experienced any pain whatsoever so far - which to be frank, is a bit worrying, because my doctor mentioned that when the body is sloughing away the fat cells, inflammation and soreness is supposed to occur at the areas where CS has been done. So no pain = no gain? No idea...I'll keep my review updated fortnightly or so anyways.

The procedure itself was not painful either. I think the only sort of 'pain' I experienced was on the first 3 minutes on my inner thighs. That was when the fat got sucked into the vacuum and the cooling started. I expected much worse - I practically have a phobia of needles and injections, but I hardly felt any pain during the procedure. It's more of a shocker when the vacuum is applied rather than anything else. I've read reviews of others complaining of bruises, soreness, redness and pain after their CS has been done, but I've had none of this. I think it's because my doctor adjusted the vacuum suction strength of the Zeltiq machine before he started the procedure. Apparently, the higher the number shown on the screen of the machine, the stronger the suction.

The suction on my left thigh was higher than my right because my doctor said there was more fat to grab on my left rather than my right. Before the suction cup is applied on the area treated, a cold slippery gel-like sheet will be placed over the area. It's supposed to help reduce friction so that it's easier for the vacuum to get a grip on the fatty area.

It has been only a week but whatever slight...

It has been only a week but whatever slight numbness I had is long gone, and to be honest, it feels like I had nothing done at all. I haven't observed any changes yet, but I'm scheduled to visit my doctor for a follow-up in about a month's time. Hopefully, there will be a visible reduction of fat by then. Most people don't seem to observe any changes until 1-2 months after the procedure anyway.

Might update with photos the next time.
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