Genioplasty Revision and Mentallis Suspension - Singapore, SG

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I am a 30yo make who will be having a revision...

I am a 30yo make who will be having a revision genioplasty to correct lip incompetence and chin ptosis. The genioplasty will involve an asymmetric rotation as the left hand side of my chin is 2-3mm receeded than the right hand side.

Also when I talk my lower lip shows too much lower teeth and again is asymmetric and pulls more to the left hence making my chin look off-centre.

The mentallis muscle will be suspended higher and the chin bone will be advanced approx 2-3mm and rotated asymmetrically as well as changing the angle of the chin border slightly to allow the mentallis muscle to have a firm place to sit.

I have chosen Dr. Martin Huang as he is craniomaxillofacial surgeon as well as a plastic surgeon. The operation is expected to last 3-4 hours as scar tissue from the previous genioplasty will have to be removed.

Even though this is a revision I am extremely nervous about the result! Last time I had a genio was with a bimax to correct a class 2 overbite.

I am due for the procedure at 7:45am and will try to update this as soon as I can and also post pictures.

Post Surgery

After arriving at the surgery at 8am and filling out all the paperwork and registration from the surgery commenced at 9am and last for 7 hours.

I was in my room which In which I would staying overnight at 5pm but extremely dozed out! My arms were really aching perhaps for the GA knocking me out for 7 hours and my throat was extremely sore and I could barely talk!

I asked one of the nurses if I could have a mirror - I was expecting the worse but besides a swollen lower lip I looked pretty much like myself which was a relief as I know once the swelling kicks in (as it did) I'd look totally different (which I presently do).

In the morning my Dr. came to see me and told me what had happened:

- chin advanced 4mm
- left rotated due asymmetry
- left side of chin contoured to match right

Surgery took 7 hours:

- bottom screw on precious plate extremely difficult to remove

- currently have two horizontal plates and 4mm stepped vertical plates. So makes one rectangular plate to support chin

- skin is very thin and therefore had to carefully dissent entire muscle from skin

- mentallis muscles had dropped or fallen right to the bottom of the chin when I had my accident and fell on my chin.

- reattached mentallis muscle with the stitches to rid lip ptsois after fall

- explained my skin is very right due to genetics.

I have a follow up appointment with Dr. Huang on Monday and hopefully will have my drain removed.

Yesterday I started to see my old face before I had fallen and hit my chin and lip drool had stopped so far it's looking pretty good minus all the tightness when I talk and the swelling.

I decided to go shopping and but some plain yoghurt, milo (milkshake) and a bottler of water. Later in the evening I met a friend who noticed I had something done and said when I spoke it sounded tight - or my mouth movements appeared right.

As I wasn't keen on anything too intense we went to see a film which was a good idea as it kept my find of the swelling and operation.

This morning (Sunday) I think the swelling has decreased and I removed approximately 20ml of fluid for the drain although I was unable to reattach it with a vacuum as instructed :-(

I'm going to go back to bed now and rest but feel free to ask any questions.
Dr. Martin Huang

I have had two consultations with Dr. Martin Huang and I believe he listened very careful and understood the concerns I raised in regards to my chin and lips. He took photos which I then morphed to show the result I am looking to achieve to ensure we are both on the same page? Fingers cross I get an amazing result and my lip incompetence and straining of the mentalis muscle is a thing of the pass and I don't ensure any further problems or complications. Dr. Huang did mention as I will be under general anaesthetic the soft tissue movement would be hard to predict until the swelling went down. It maybe likely I would need a touch via fillers etc to slightly augment the chin. I have read how difficult it can be to correct this condition so I will not keep my hopes to high.

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