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I am nearly 40 and have been thinking of getting a...

I am nearly 40 and have been thinking of getting a BR for over 15 years as have always been big breasted. However as I am a UK 10, this has left me with backpain most of my adult life. I have been quite good at concealing my 34F over the years but recently it has been getting harder.

I went straight to a PS who told me I should have gone to an orthopaedic surgeon first to ensure I get insurance. However the insurance company agreed that with a chest 10 inches more than my waist, I warranted surgery. So had it done within a week of seeing PS and it is the best thing ever.

I am now 3 days post surgery. I was discharged after 2 days after going back for hematoma removal and still have one drain hooked to my belly but I feel great. I have already been for a couple of slow pain free walks with the dog and can't wait until all drains are removed.

If you are hesitating in getting this done - please don't. The freedom I have - even though there is still swelling - is immense and my posture feels wonderful! I am really hoping my back pain after all these years will subside.

5 days post surgery and got the final drain...

5 days post surgery and got the final drain removed. Feels wonderful. Was agony getting it out as I had dislodged it slightly when getting dressed but when the throbbing subsided, the feeling of freedom was fantastic. Had a great New Years party and a few sherbets while wearing a dress that never fit me before. Still have not got bandages off stitches yet but chest is very neat. About a D at the moment as still swollen but with 480g off each breast should go to C cup at most. Can't wait to go back to running which I had to give up 2 years ago.

For all you ladies hesitating, if it is an option financially, get it done. I am yet to meet anyone in person who has regretted it. You really do become a different person.

This site is great and very supportive so thanks. Happy New Year to all.

Saw PS 12 days after surgery when they pulled out...

Saw PS 12 days after surgery when they pulled out some stitches and trimmed the rest. He is so happy with the recovery as am I. I can wear any bra now - even underwired - although I will let the scars heal another 2 weeks. Went out 2 days ago for lunch in a dress with no bra! Such freedom. Still a little swollen but no pain at all.
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