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I like most of you have decided to get a breast...

I like most of you have decided to get a breast reduction. I'm 26 years old and a mother of two. I weigh 145lbs and am 5ft 3in and wear a 32 J. I just had my consultation on Monday June 3rd. I am currently waiting to hear back from the plastic surgeon's office to see if they have received all the documents I emailed which had my visit notes from my PCP as well as a letter written from me. I was told by the physical therapist I was visiting that he would fax over the visit notes on Thursday by noon. I gave him a call and was told his office manager would do it by after noon. The plastic surgeon's office called to see the status of the documents from the physical therapist and now he isn't returning any calls. The surgeons office has yet to respond to an email I sent them requesting confirmation that they received the documents from myself as well as the physical therapist! I am becoming very frustrated with them both at this point because I really need this surgery! My back, neck and shoulder pains have left me practically bed ridden now. I have insurance that really requires alot of history of pain before approval. And the burden of me having to scrounge up paperwork from all the necessary parties is causing extra stress! What would you all do if you were in my place?

The Waiting Game

So u finally submitted all paperwork to my plastic surgeon who will then submit everything to insurance. Now all I must do is wait! The pain gets really bad at moments to the point my husband has to stay home with me! I will stay positive through it all! I'm very anxious and nervous! But God will do what he feels is best for me! I will post pics of my large predators as soon as I get an answer back from my ps. Pray for me ladies!


I am so happy to announce that my insurance has approved me for a breast reduction. My surgery date is set for July 2nd at 9 am! I am at a lost for words! I'm nervous and happy all in one! It took less than a week and I feel very blessed!

1 week away!!!!

As the surgery date nears, I grow more and more anxious. There are an array of emotions I am experiencing now. I'm sure that those of you who have already had the surgery or are awaiting can totally understand where I am coming from. I have no idea what I should buy to help with post op any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow morning is the big day

On my way to Walmart to grab a few items! I'm so nervous the day has came entirely too fast! I have that feeling like when you are in line waiting to go on a rollercoaster! I'm going to go home and listen to music and try to goes nothing...

Three days post op

I'm feeling very nauseas. So I won't go in great detail about my surgery right now. I wanted to post a few before and after pics! I will post better after pics once I change my dressing again.

Adding a few more photos

Another pic

More pics 1 week post op

1 week pics

2 weeks post op

Post op pics 2 weeks

4 weeks post op

Pics 4 weeks post op

Dr. Otero

I am so happy an blessed to say that I have been approved by my insurance and that my surgery date is on July 2 at 9am. I'm so happy and ecstatic I am at a lost for words! I can't believe this is actually going to happen! Good bye 32j's and hello hopefully a 32 c!

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