Silicone Buttock Injection - Dominican Republic

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I had silicone buttock injection and I want to...

I had silicone buttock injection and I want to have it removed. I have what appears to be grandulomas on my thighs and I feel an uncomortable sensation in my legs especially my left leg. I was very young and still am, and I do not want to live with this forever. How would you advise me to proceed with this issue? Please let me know. Thank you

Updated on Aug 21, 2009
I feel it improve the roundness of my buttock and made it look very natural. I was young and dumb to say the least and wanted to have a more voluptuous body.

Is there non-surgical treatment options for treating granulomas? What are the risk of granulomas?

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It looked great in the beginning and I mean it still does, but I am uncomfortable with it - I realize what a stupid decision it was and I just want a new start. I dont want to have medical complications if I can avoid them.

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