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Today is my pre- op appointment and I am feeling...

Today is my pre- op appointment and I am feeling some anxiety ! I've wanted this for years and finally in a position to do it! I'm an empty a and really want to be a d cup . My PS said 495 cc sientra implants and that's the largest he will do. I'm super excited. I'm 5ft 9in and 135 lbs. what do y'all think about the implant size?


Bought my sports bra and did the rice test !! I'm hoping they are big enough!!! BOOB GREED!!!!

Rice test again!

These look huge!! My BA is 12 days away and I'm having anxiety about the size !

2 more days and I will have boobies!!

I'm getting nervous but excited at the same time!! This site has been so helpful. I've seen some really good results and some not so good results! I have faith in my PS ! I've heatd so many good things about him.


a quick update! All is well just really sore. Doing my arm exercisd isn't fun but in doing it. I'm really sleepy but my PS wants me not going to be until my nirmal Tim! Hard keeping my eyes open! I think the hardest part is
Not being able to see my results!!batg tomorrow shower Saturday !i will be posting pictures. Here is a small peek at what I'm able to see ! Thank to all you guys for everything !!

Day 2

I'm feeling awesom just a little sore! Gonna try not to take pain meds today . These arm exercise is rough though.

Day 2

I see a little cleavage !


Can't download pictures !!

Day 2

I'm ready for these bandages to come off!! I want to see my boobies !!

Bandages came off!!

Finally bandages came off a good shower I'm feeling wonderful!! I love them ! I know they are swollen abd won't look the sane but I think my PS DID an awesome job!!

Day 3

They are getting a little softer but still high! I'm hoping I didvt go to big. I know it's gonna take time to start looking right !! I'm just impatient .

2nd day of work

I'm feeling pretty good today . Ready for this swelling to go down. Doing these displacement to me are the worst thing about the whole thing ! Makes me nauseated but I know it's worth it . Ive taken a few picture but taking them myself makes my boons look uneven. I think it's just the way I'm holding the camera I HOPE !!

9 days post op

Still high but getting a little softer . I was doing my displacement on my right breast and it felt like something popped . I now have a bruise as you can see . I go back to the doctor Monday . Hoping everything is ok .

Beginning to worry

Ok guys I need advice . My ribs are still extremely sore . It's been almost 2 weeks since my surgery . Is this normal ?

18 days post op

I can't belive these weeks have past so fast . I'm dropping some and getting a little softer . Still look high and still sore ! I know it's gonna take time ! I'm waiting patiently !!

Sized at VS

Just went and got sized at Vs . I'm a 34dd ! I kniw they will continue to change but so far I love my results!! This journey has been worth it!!

4 weeks post op

Another pic

5 weeks post

Can't believe it's been over 5 weeks ! I'm feeling good but my boobs are still a little sore. Guess that's normal . My scars are healing ok but one feels a little lumpy if that makes sense ?! Sometimes I look at my boobs and think I should have gone bigger ! But sometimes they seem huge! They have dropped and gotten softer . My PS said it could take up to 9 months to look good without a bra! I look back on my before pictures and I am happy !!

8weeks post op

I can't believe its been almost 8 weeks ! I love my results ! My only issue is a pimple like knot on my incision . They told me to use neosporian and massage it but it hasn't helped . Curious to see what they say !Go for a check up December 1 .

5 months post-op

I can't believe its been 5 months !! I haven't had any problems thank goodness !! Love them !! Not to big not to little !! No regrets !!
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