41 Yrs Old 5 Kids and Past Due for a Whole Front Lift and Tuck! - Shreveport, LA

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Went in yesterday for a consultation left fairly...

Went in yesterday for a consultation left fairly skipping with happiness ! I have a kochner scar it's 23 yrs old I thought would interfere with a full TT but the doc doesn't have a problem doing it . I've had 5 children and use to weigh over 220 lbs so my body has taken a beating . Gravity and 2 c-section one an emergency c-section which makes my belly look like an extra butt BUT with one cheek higher than the other one. I exercise almost daily and even though I lost alot of weight I have this sagging ugly mess that even with clothes on I got these bulges that pop out over my jeans .
The doc has advised a full TT with lipo on the hips and well my breast he wants to do in stages First we're going to lift them and make them smaller, I'm a heavy sagging C cup, Then wait 3-4 mths then if I want implants we're going to try on different sizes to see which ones I'll be most comfortable with. First I need to get a mammogram since I haven't had one yet then waiting on funds as soon as I get that in I'm going to do this ASAP as I want to be up and done with it as soon as I can to get on with living a Normal life and look good in clothes without worrying about all the excess bulges poking out :)
I'm quite nervous but also really wanting this.

Did Mammogram today

Got my mammogram done today now just to wait for the results. This waiting for Uncle Sam is making me nervous as soon as it comes in I'll schedule the surgery so I don't chicken out lol. While waiting getting all my ducks in a row. Making a list of things I need and who can cover my place at work till I can get back. Figuring out where I'll camp out till I can sleep back in the bed ect ect.

Date Set

Trying to breath normal lol I've been reviewing and reading everything under the sun. My BF said I've looked at more pics of boobs and stomachs than he's seen in his lifetime! I have to say this site is awesome so much knowledge at your fingertips and a big thank you for all the ladies and doctors who share their experience! I'm set for Feb 13th Happy Valentines Day to me!!!

On Count Down

Time is flying which is a good thing ! Counting down 4 more days the 13th and I'll have a new used body haha! Trying to stay busy which is good my job is 9 hrs a day and I'll work all the way up till Wed than Thurs surgery so hopefully no time to dwell on it.
Today I'm waiting for them to call with pre-admit to answer question and get my prescriptions .

Thursday the 13th at 9 Am

It's getting closer did my pre-admit
where really loose clothes a shirt that either zips or buttons in the front all the way down
1hr for prep
4 1/2 for surgery
1 hr for recovery
Then head home Make sure to bring lots of towels
Trying to get as much rest as I can cause I know I won't be sleeping those first few days :)

Wow I've done it!!

It went all pretty quick got up @ 6 put my boys on the bus left at 7 got there about 8:40 took pre-op pics (no waiting )paid took me to back got me set up next thing I knew I was wrapped tighter than a sausage :) don't seam to have a lot of drainage got my pain pump but I get up to use the rest room in my on and can get around pretty good bent over
I guess exercising 6 times a week paid off
Now I did wake up with my right arm swollen it's not red no rash wonder if I slept on it the wrong way
The pain is tolerable
Will post more later today :)

Day after

Wrapped like a sausage but feeling ok can deal with the pain been getting up and walking to rest room on my own Stomach letting me know it's hungry but after a few bites I feel full All in all I think the compression garment irritates me the most want to scratch all over

4 Dys PO

Went to doc and had the Breast binder removed and sports bra in place. I guess I'm quite in shock after having dropping C's for so long to Barely having any Tattaas They got to be a B Not exactly sure how I feel at this moment waiting to see if the swelling will go down to exactly see what I'm looking at and decide from there if I want implants Hmmm
But I did remove the lower binder to take a peek and I'm in awe will take pics soon. I go Wed to have the tubes removed.

PO day 6

Had my drains taking out this morning Took my first shower Wohoo! It whooped me haha but felt great ! Now just laying around
This pic I took yesterday


Not sure how I feel about them yet the right isn't as swollen as the left guess why they might seam a little uneven so holding out judgement haha and yes Soon2Be they feel should say are so small they will take getting use to

10 days PO update

Each day seams to get easier and easier with moving around. I go Monday to have the stitches removed thank goodness. I notice a little redness around the stitches of my belly button so I started putting some neosporin on it don't need no infection setting in. When I went to my doc to have the tubes removed he told me that whenever I was ready I could ditch my Compression garment for an ultra firm girdle. Wohoo well One thing I have learned you need the one with the most firm control and has to open at the crouch a BIG must. I sent my daughter to pick me one up and she came home with one I had to pull down every time I had to use the restroom. A living nightmare. Needless to say I bought a new one from JCPenny the one wear you can wear your own bra, plus opens at the bottom and I'm in LOVE.
For as pain none some discomfort every now and then but no biggy.
Oh and the little girls are growing on me BF says that with how narrow my waist look now that my boobs don't look that small with clothes on. :)

11 days PO pic

Day 12

Wohoo Stitches are out . Light seroma which he's confident will go away on it's own. My right boob has dropped a little while the left still stiff hopefully it will drop soon. won't see him for a month :) everything going good Happy happy

3 weeks PO

everything healing except Belly button It's sloughing Ugh!! And red and hard on left side i think due to seroma found a way to drain out of belly button . Nurse says long as not running fever to just keep it clean and dry.
All this staying inactive is killing me !

Forgot pic of belly button

4 weeks PO

Have to say I'm doing pretty good walked 4 miles in last two days still not doing anything strenuous. I go back to see my doc on the 26. Belly button is doing great it has just about stopped leaking and the skin has sloughed off .
My left breast is still sore and is still higher than the right but hoping it will catch up with the rest.
Besides feeling sore here and there I think I'm getting back into the groove :)

Almost 3 mths PO

Well it's been a while since I've updated but I'm getting better almost 100% I'm even back to doing my fitness program Les Mills Combat into week 6
I feel awesome !
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