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I had my braces on August 25th. From everything I...

I had my braces on August 25th. From everything I read and was told by friends that have had braces, I was anticipating a lot of pain. Fortunately, my pain has been minimal. My teeth haven't really hurt at all, the pain I've has been the inside of my lips and cheeks where the braces have rubbed and irritated. I'm very happy with the braces so far. I'll try to keep updating on here as I go through my treatment :)

2 week update

I've had my Damon braces on a little over two weeks now. It's been a breeze so far :) No more irritation in my mouth. It subsided around day 5 or 6 after getting them on. I use Colgate Peroxyl mouth wash (recommended by my orthodontist) for canker or mouth sores and it alleviated the problem in a day or two. The biggest obstacle now is just eating. It's not painful just very awkward and I still don't want to eat in front of anyone :-/ It just makes you feel self-conscious thinking about all that food stuck in your braces, eeek! I bought a cordless waterpik and highly recommend it to anyone getting braces. I mainly use it at work after lunch. It is so much faster than trying to floss and allows you to quickly clean food particles out of your braces and gums so you can brush and get back to work :) I'm not posting any pics right now since I don't think there has been noticeable movement. I can "feel" my teeth moving (if that makes sense) and a few of them are already loose but I can't tell in side-by-side pics yet. My biggest problem? I WANT POPCORN, wah! :'( haha. Oh! But I can chew gum which I didn't know I could before I got them on so that was a huge, happy surprise!!! Other than that it's going fantastic and I'm ready for a new wire already!! Move them teeth doc!!! Lol I will try to update every couple of weeks or at least monthly... Life is just crazy right now so it might slip my mind :) If you are still on the fence about getting braces as an adult, I say go for it!!! =D

One month update (a little late)

I'm posting pics after having my Damon braces on for one month (pics are from 9/25 I'm just a little late posting them). I couldn't be happier. I see significant movement in my top teeth already!! I'm occasionally having soreness in random teeth but it lasts no more than a day and I only notice it when I bite down on food. It's more annoying than painful. I'm still canker sore free and for the most part only notice my braces when eating. I still have a tendency to have more spit and sometimes spray it instead of just say it, lol. I go for my first wire change on October 20th. I'm anxious to hear what the doc has to say and hope I get a good progress report!! :-) I still say go for it if you are an adult that is considering braces. So far it's been an absolute breeze and I don't regret it for a second. I realized today how much more I smile openly and show my teeth. No more closed mouth smiles for this woman!! More confidence and it feels great!! That is something you absolutely can't put a price tag on =D My only con at this point is that I feel like my teeth are yellow. I read from another review that someone else had the same issue. IT turned out to be just some of the adhesive from having the braces put on and it came right off with a cleaning. My next scheduled cleaning isn't until January so I'm going to ask at my wire change appt if they can maybe polish the top front ones a little :-)

Wire Change

So I went in to get my wire changed on 10/20/15. They took off my lower wire and polished in between my teeth where the teeth have moved and could not previously be cleaned properly. They also added two new brackets on my very back teeth. My top wire had moved (it had come loose I just didn't realize it) about 4-5 days before my appt so I didn't call the office since it wasn't poking me. They told me the initial flex wire is so small, it can come loose and next time I should call in as soon as it happens so they can reposition it properly. Sooooo, I did not get a new wire on top or or bottom yet. The doc still wants my bottom teeth to move some more to alleviate the crowding before he cranks up the pressure on my top teeth. He said I still have plenty of overjet so the flex wire can continue working until my bottom teeth spread out a little. So I keep the same wires until 12/14/15. Doc said I will definitely get new wires next visit (and they will go into the brackets on bottom). In the meantime, I'm not having any soreness or popping like I was before. My bottom teeth actually look much worse than they did before but the doc did warn me ahead of time not to panic if I noticed that happening; it just takes time to move them all around. I barely even notice my braces anymore. I still eat the way I should and haven't eaten any "forbidden" foods. Everything is going great and it's still smooth sailing here :) I'll try to remember to update again after I get my wire changed in about a month =D I still say go for it if you're undecided on adult braces! I'm still very happy and excited to see my end results ;-)

1st Wire Change

Got my new wires on yesterday. Wowza! This is the first real pain I've had since getting my braces on. My front teeth (top & bottom) are VERY sensitive but the pain is more in my face and head than my mouth. I've controlled the pain with Advil (Tylenol did not even come close to touching the pain) so that's a plus. As I type this tonight, the pain is already lessening. Even though it hurt like everything, I've been chomping on gum since they changed my wire yesterday. I swear it helps the soreness/sensitivity go away faster :) My teeth have been "popping" like crazy. My front teeth already feel loose (Yay!!!)... This 8 weeks my top will move forward (HUGE UGH!) but my doc says not to worry, he's pulling them forward to line them up and then we will move them back and get rid of the overbite. He is still projecting that I'll wear them a full two years (bleh). When they changed my wire, one of my brackets came off. They just glued it right back on, no problema :) I also asked for a night guard because I've been grinding my teeth again... They gave me a "Stress Guard". I haven't tried it yet due to the sensitive teeth and I don't think I could grind my teeth right now if I wanted to. So I'll try it out in another day or two when this sensitivity and face pain subsides. The doc mentioned he was very pleased with how much and quickly my teeth have moved. Next visit, I get a full set of x-rays to check root placement and if that is all good, new wire and the ever dreaded, rubber bands :-( Ugh! Not looking forward to that but happy with progress so far and it doesn't seem like it's been 4 months already! August 2017 will be here before we know it! Haha. So despite being uncomfortable from my wire change, I'm still sold on having my adult braces. Even more now than my last post I've noticed how much more I smile and feel confident when I smile... No longer ashamed and hiding my mouth or looking away to smile and laugh! Having that confidence is well worth a little discomfort for sure =D If you you are still undecided, go for it! You won't regret it!! I will try to post pics this week, I haven't taken any since I got the new wire on. My teeth have moved quite a bit since I posted last. I'm trying to capture pics each month to look at when I'm all done :) Hopefully I'll remember to post another update in a month or at my next wire change :-) Ciao for now ;-)

Updated Pics

I didn't have any pics to upload when I updated my review yesterday. Sorry in advance, I'm a terrible photographer ;-)

It's been a while

Have had my braces on for over a year now and I'm loving it! They are a pain to clean and occasionally cause some discomfort but have made great progress! I'll upload some progress pics I've taken along the way :) The pics are from July to September this year. Very pleased so far and at my last orthodontist appointment, he said I may get them off at 20-22 months instead of the full 24 months. I now have a chain on top & bottom, have had my teeth polished to make my teeth smaller on the sides and smoother on the top edges and wear rubber bands. I'm still pretty much pain free and have been fortunate that I don't get sores in my mouth. So far so good!

He's been in practice for 30 years and now his son works with him also. They are both wonderful so far.

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