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Hello everyone, my name is Jody. Im 24 years old...

Hello everyone, my name is Jody. Im 24 years old I am 5'0 & weigh about 100 pounds. & have two beautiful children, ages 4 years old & 9 months. I am currently in college, going for Radiology enough about that.. I have always had small breast & always wanted to have BA all the way back to middle school! Well although my breasts were small, they looked good. I had an amazing figure & then... I had kids. . lmao! I do not regret them one little bit, they are my whole world BUT I definitely have the body to prove i've had them. & im young i want to not only look but most importantly FEEL sexy. After I had my daughter & breastfeed my boobs were HUGE & when i stopped my breasts definitely delated.

Well my consultation is scheduled for this Wednesday, im probably a 34 A right now (if even that big lol) & my plan is either a full B or small C. I want them big but also natural looking and im scared if I go with anything larger then a B It will look fake because I am so small. What do yall think?

Btw: Although the date shows July 2nd it isn't the 2nd. But I am scheduling it in July because that is when my mom will be off of work and able to help me (mostly take care of the kids). So my count down is 7 months from now!
Yahhhhh for boobies!!!!

should I go with saline or silicone?

From what I can understand saline implants are safer then silicone implants if they were to burst.
From reading many stories on here i've noticed that majority of women chose silicone.. and I have read that silicone feels more real.
Can anyone get me more insight on this. What should I chose!?

Getting the date scheduled finally!

Yahh, this is actually going to happen!
I'm going to the office tomorrow to put my down payment and set the date for the surgery!!!!

I will keep you updated! :)
Stephen J. Delatte

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