Well I Just Got the Tattoo and I'm Getting It Taken Off. Short Pump, VA

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Alright so those who may have seen any other posts...

Alright so those who may have seen any other posts on my page, I didn't realize that it would be easier to update a review as the normal comment. Therefore I'll be posting on this. The reason I'm getting my tattoo removed is because when I got my original tattoo done, the first guy messed up my koi fish. Actually bad part is he originally drew it up for the wrong arm and then when I told him I wanted it on my right arm, he tried convincing me to do it on my left instead. I said no so he re-drew it. I'm assuming in the process that he rushed the drawing and slapped it on. I was in shock (as in I'm finally getting my tattoo done) that I didn't pay attention to detail. As I got home, I realized how much he really messed it up. When I confronted him about it, he kept acting as if it was all supposed to be like that. My arm looked almost nothing like what he sketched. Thus I went to another artist that apparently had years of experience to fix the mistakes with a partial cover up. Although he made it more colorful and added some detail, he didn't do a good job masking the lines that are hidden within the shadow of the fish (hard to see the lines within the shadows through the pics but in person they are obvious). I've been so frustrated at the money I've spent to get this done, not to mention the stress, that I've basically said screw it and am getting it removed. I'm currently attending a place called Invisible ink tattoo removers. I've had one session so far and am going in for the second on November 3rd. By the way, for those who are wondering about the pain, as long as you correctly use the topical cream(numbing), you shouldn't feel to much pain. I actually just played games on my phone and didn't realize how quick it would be. I didn't blister during the first session. I did however have a few raised lines which will show on the fins on some of the pictures, but it went down after roughly 3 days. I'm currently using picoway right now, but the facility I'm going to also has picosure. Since they are owned by Lenscrafters, they have all the latest tech (thank god). I am however a bit concerned on whether my colors will come out. II think that they can get everything out except for the yellow ink. I do not plan on getting another tattoo after the whole experience that I've had so hopefully everything will eventually go away so I don't have to.

Had a rough spot today

Alright so before I start this off, I just want to say that these are things that I've gone through in the past and what I currently deal with on a daily basis. Now let me start by saying that I've had more of a depressive life in the past due to a multitude of things that has happened in and out of my control, however, this has all still affected the way I think and act today. Ever since I can remember , I've had a sense of self-worthlessness, problems with my self-image, and how others view me, or rather how I've tried to be what others think I should be. I originally lost weight (60lbs) and went from a fat kid to skinny, then gained 30lbs of muscle and looked fit as can be. Ever since this tattoo process and my depressive state, I've gained 20lbs of fat and lost almost all muscle. On a daily basis I look in the mirror and think what a piece of crap I've become. That being said, this small spike of depression happened during a business conference at my university today. I was sitting within the crowd listening to the drone speeches of representatives from different corporations. I decided to mess with my phone and look at facebook some. While scrolling down a image of a cool looking tattoo popped up on the news feed.... Guess who did the tattoo?... The guy that messed up my tattoo months ago.. As I began shifting through the images , I thought to myself " I can't believe this has happened to me. This guy did good artwork on other people but gave me a shitty piece that I hate and want removed." Well as i began comparing other artwork to mine, I began thinking in my head that I would never find another person in this lifetime that would be able to look past the crap that is on my arm and care for me for me. I began to think to myself if the lasering process is actually worth going through and whether or not this tech will actually be able to remove something as big and dense and my tattoo. Now going back to when it was first done and this tattoo process began, after getting the tattoo, I didn't sleep or eat for roughly 3 days because I was so depressed, I began to see a therapist, and was put on anti- depressants to level me out. All those memories that I had at that time began to flow within my mind as I continued to beat myself up repeatedly. Just when it began to get worse, I left the conference and went into the bathroom, staring into the mirror and taking a look at myself. All I could think is how much of a fuck up I am to do something as stupid as this to my body and even thinking about getting the tattoo done in the first place. I left the building and began walking down the streets of Richmond, heading in the direction of the parking deck that my car was in. I decided to stop into a gas station on the way and got a protein bar and a bottle of water. What does this have to do with anything? Well as I walked out and headed to the crosswalk, I saw a group of homeless people that were holding signs up asking for money and food. I looked down at my hands and saw the bottle of water and bar. I looked back at them and began to think to myself that even though I feel bad inside, it isn't the end of the world, and there are always other people that have it worse than we do. So life lesson for today, whenever your feeling down, think of the things you have, and not the things you don't.

Second session down

Just had the second session today. Was a little more painful, maybe a 3/5. They upped the power up a little so that would explain the slight increase in pain. I have a random question for everyone out there; do any of you have OCD? Like actual OCD and not just moving something in a specific way because you don't like it. I wanted to get other's opinions on my current thought process.

Basically I'm OCD, especially when it comes to the way I look and my body. If I cannot get full removal, I recently contemplated on a cover-up, however, my family thinks that no matter what I do, I will never like it and will never be satisfied because everything has to be "perfect" to me. I know nothing is perfect, and I will admit that I am a bit of a perfectionist that is trying to get over that. Just wanted to know anyone's opinions on what I should do. The input would be great.

27 hours post second treatment.

If anyone is curious to what it looks like, here you go.

27 hours

Well its been 10 days since second treatment

Well the tattoo has died down and isn't red anymore. I'm noticing a little bit of fading but not much as of right now. I know it has only been the 2nd treatment, but for those who have gone or are going through removal; how many treatments should it be till I begin to see some changing results? I'm using Picoway for the people whom haven't read my review thus far.

Next session set

Well my next session is set for January 12th. Man time is flying by.

This is what it looks like 6 weeks after my second treatment.

It's mostly faded. The shading is beginning to disappear a little, a few broken lines here and there, and now you can clearly see the parts that the second artist tried covering up, but it just didn't work.

Random question to those that have taken or currenlty taking any form of anti-depressants

Have any of you taken anti-depressants and experienced weight gain? The first ones I took made me gain 20lbs. The one's that I started maybe 2 months ago don't make me gain anymore weight, but I also cannot lose weight no matter how I diet or exercise. There's a part of me that wants to get off them, but then I know that they do help quite a bit. There's always a trade off....

24 hours post 3rd treatment

I thought this was actually cool/ weird. So while we switched up the frequencies on the colors, the orange changed to yellow for a short period of time.

Well It's been a little over a week since the 3rd treatment.

Honestly, it doesn't look any different. Everything looks exactly as the second treatment with no new fading/ disappearing. I'm hoping it'll fade more as I wait for the next treatment. I've been hearing that working out/ drinking more water helps with the process so that's what I've been doing. Anyone know of other's on here that have similar large piece tattoos that are successfully being removed or faded? Please list them below if you've found any..

This is what it looks roughly a week after the 3rd treatment

Well it's been a month since the 3rd treatment.

Since invisible ink sent me a text asking for pictures and how I was doing, I figured I may as well post a few pics on here to since I haven't been updating as much as I was. Hope all are doing well with Y'all's progress.

I'm not sure if you can tell by the pictures, but the top swirls are begging to be either gone, or extremely faded.

Treatment 4 is scheduled for March 8th (right after my birthday!! lol)

You'd think I'd be used to it now but I'm nervous and anxious for the next session. I just want the next one to come already so I can continue to have this tat off/faded. I'm already getting tired of hiding my arm from everyone, just want it off or something amazing over it at this point. Still haven't decided on what I'm doing when this is all over.

4th session done.

Ok I'm not gonna lie, they cracked up the power and it hurt pretty bad. I have no idea if I had left the numbing cream on too long this time and it wore off or if it was the strength of the laser but damn I wasn't expecting that. Of course I was cracking jokes the entire time but it wasn't all fun and games. For the first time I have blisters, but they are really small and not like the ones I've seen on other people. I'm hoping it fades a lot during the next 2 months since they upped it so much.

If anyone wants to see where I'm at after 4 sessions.

RE- attempt at posting this video

RE-Attempt at posting this.

5th session down.

Well just had the latest one and I will say it hurt the worst. But no pain no gain. There will be a pic that's' uploaded with this that shows my progress from 1-4 treatments for comparison. There's a part of me that wishes that I just kept what I had, by then there's another part of me that is glad that I've gone through this process. Needless to say, there's no going back and only looking forward. They want me to wait 12 weeks inbetween today and the next session. They used the 1064,532, and I believe it was the 755 on me today. Probably took about a hour in total (normally only is about 10-15 minutes). So hopefully I'll see better clearance in between theses sessions.

Roughly 2 months after treatment 5

2 months post 5th treatment
To me not much has changed since the last treatment. There's MAYBE a few areas that are breaking up but not much in my opinion.

6th session down

Had my 6th session done roughly 2 weeks ago. I've gotta say the pain wasn't as bad as the last one. So far I don't really see a difference since the last video I posted. I'll do update pictures in the next two weeks. Hope everyone else is having some progress.

Long overdue update.

So I just recently had my 7th treatment about a week ago. They tweaked some of the settings on the picoway and oddly enough I had like one blister when I generally have a bunch at this point. Also barely had any swelling, but here are some close up pictures that show my tattoo a few days before this most recent treatment.

Next appointment scheduled

Next one is 2 days after Christmas. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I just want the process to go by a little faster. I know being patient is a must, but man it isn't fun.
Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers

The ladies here are very nice and professional. Everyone are very knowledgeable.

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