35 Year Old Doing a Mommy Makeover - Short Hills, NJ

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I can tell anyone reading this right off that...

I can tell anyone reading this right off that reading everyone else's stories about their experience has helped me tremendously which is why I want to do the same. I'm a 35 year old stay at home Mom (self employed). I have two children ages 6 and 4, soon to be 7 and 5! My husband works his ass off at two jobs and is a bit of a workaholic but I let him have that. I am 5'7 and approximately 180 pounds. I exercise frequently and try to maintain a healthy low carb diet seeing how I am insulin resistant. Exercise for me usually includes running. walking, kickboxing, weight training, and riding a scooter with my kids…….yes, I am that Mom who bought herself a scooter to keep up with her kids! I would say I'm fit but I definitely have my problem areas. My stomach was always a problem and it was where I held most of my fat. After two pregnancies, one baby whom I gained 70 pounds with and another baby topping out at 9.4 pounds, my abdominal muscles separated leaving me with a rounded look to my tummy. Yes, I still occasionally get the "When are your due?" comment! I also have a significant amount of stretch marks and loose skin. My breasts were at one time awesome. I still consider them to be in pretty good shape after nursing two children but they are large and heavy. I usually wear a 38 DD bra. I have made the decision to go ahead with a tummy tuck with muscle repair, liposuction to the hips, and a breast lift. Words can not express how excited I am! I have chosen Dr. Beverly Friedlander as my plastic surgeon because I know two people who have used her and were happy with the outcome and the price. My surgery date is set for August 13th. I will be admitted to the hospital 6 AM that morning and will stay the night. The surgery is expected to take 8 hours. So far I have had a pleasant experience with everything despite a small glitch with my mammogram. I need to get a needle biopsy Thursday. The radiologist is pretty confident it's not cancer but seeing how that was my first mammogram and they have nothing to compare to she recommended the biopsy. I meet with a specialist Wednesday to see if she thinks it's even necessary to do it. After that and if everything comes back clear, I will be ready to go!

Biopsy is benign

I have the official results of my biopsy and I'm cleared for surgery. The Breast Center at Chilton Memorial Hospital in Pompton Plains, NJ was great. Dr. Azu is such a sweet woman and even though my "case" was an "easy" one and she was pretty confident it was benign, she really took her time to explain everything to me and was very reassuring. She recommends a 6 month follow up for a new baseline mammogram seeing how my breasts will change.


Today is the big day! Just waiting on my husband to finish getting ready for work and he will be dropping me off. Not nervous yet.

I made it!

I did it! This will be short because I'm using my phone and I'm still a bit loopy. Breasts feel fine but tummy hurts! I can't urunate yet despite drinking a lot of water. No nausea thank god! Staying the night in the hospital and should be released tomorrow around 4.

2 days post op

I'm not going to lie but I hurt! I can finally get up out of bed by myself......slowly but by myself!

The day of surgey went well. No nerves surprisingly. Dr friedlander marked me up again because most of the markings rubbed off. We discussed breast size and I asked for a full C and she aggreed that was probably a good size for my frame. She said she will try to remove all of my tattoo but honestly I wasn't concerned about that.......I can always have a tattoo artist fix it up later.

After all that they prepped me and wheeled me off to the OR. I woke up in recovery next. Not too much pain but yes, it was there. I think the surgery was about 8 1/2 hours total. I rested for a bit until my room was ready.

If you decide to have a tummy tuck, STAY OVER NIGHT!! Seriously, the thought that some surgeons have you go home after is mind baffling! There is no way I would be comfortable at home that first night. Hell, I would have elected an extra one if my kids didn't count on me being home!

I had a morphine pump for pain and I just relaxed for the evening falling in and out of sleep. I finally decided it was time to pee after gulping down a pitcher of water and ginger ale. Getting up was tough! I say in the toilet for what seemed like hours and not a drop came out. I also felt something dripping down my back and thought I opened something somewhere. The nurse contacted the doctor and it turned out to be the lipo site and was normal. They pulled the binder off and put some gauze there.......then Put the binder back on (OUCH!)

Because I couldn't pee and since I obviously needed to eliminate some fluid, they had to give me a catheter. Again, not fun but I filled that bag right up. They left it in overnight.

The next morning I tried a few more times and slowly I started to urinate in my own. The doctor came to check on me and said I looked and sounded great. I was getting up and sitting in a chair just to keep me from getting stiff.

Later that day, my husband picked me up and drove me home. Someone said to have a pillow to hold in your lap to help absorb any impact and I'm so glad I had one!!!

I went home and rested the rest of the day and sadly had to wake my husband up twice to help me out of bed to pee during the night.

Friday, I went for my first post op apointment. Again, that pillow was a god send! Debbie, the nurse peeled everything off and took a look at everything. I was shocked to look down and see these small cute perky breasts! Soooo weird! I love them. Granted they are a bit swollen and need to settle but what a difference. My tummy area of course is swollen and the lipo area is bruised so I'll have to wait a bit to see the results. The doctor came in and was very pleases with her work. The redressed everything, gave me a bra, and wrapped me back up. I go back on Monday to hopefully have the drains and any stitches out.

Right now I think the thing causing me the most pain is the drains. It's a very sharp pulling feeling when I move. My breasts have no pain at all. My hips are a bit numbed but that's to be expected.

As of right now, in satisfied. I can get up and move more and I'm feeling stronger a little more each day. With the drains in, I can't shower so that's a bummer but 5 days without a shower will far outweigh the outcome I'll be looking at soon!

I tried to take pictures but it's obviously hard when your hunched over and in pain. Plus I'm afraid to move or touch anything!

Some after photos

6 Days Post-op

I had my drains removed yesterday and any stitches. I can switch from my binder to a spanx as well, however, I just don't have the energy to pull on the one I own right now so I'll continue with the binder. I can get up and move around faster but I tire easily. I'm off the percocet. I can do light errands around the house like make the bed, empty the dishwasher, etc but of course I'm a lot slower than normal and picking up anything off the floor requires a creative use of my toes! I'm still swollen but I'm starting to see a little outline of a waist! I still think my breasts look great as well even though one is more swollen than the other…….I'm guessing because that's the side I roll to and push my self out of bed with. I FINALLY took a shower this morning! It was heaven! I can't shave my legs because of limited mobility but I really don't care right now!Dr. Friedlander and her nurse, Debbie have been great thus far but I'm also an easy patient LOL! I have some pictures from yesterday and I'll take more once the swelling goes down a bit.

5 days post op pictures

10 days since surgery

Feeling more and more like myself. Still some pain and tightness but nothing I can't handle. I'm almost fully upright. I do have a slight hunch in my shoulders still. My hips are still bruised and swollen from the liposuction but that is to be expected and will go away in time. I think the liposuction areas are what hurt me most now. I would kill to able to sleep on my side at night! Or to even stretch! I think my limitations right now are my fear of ripping something open. I like to let the hot water in the shower just run on my back while I hold on to the sides of the tub…….sort of loosens things up a bit or so it seems. My doctor told me to try to straighten out little by little each day so I'm sure that forcing myself to do so won't rip anything open. My scars look pretty scary at this point but again that is normal and will get better with time. I can say I'm so glad I educated myself and read other people's stories prior to my surgery so I would know what to expect! No surprises here or at least not yet! I have another post op appointment on Monday. I have ask about bras! The one she gave me fits so nice and is super comfy that I actually ordered a few online. They were only about $8 too which is nice but they are some what sheer and aren't great to wear with a tank top. With a lot of my shirts you can through the shirt and then through the bra and see two little square gauze pads in there LOL! FIne for home but a little embarrassing outside the house. I also would like something more bra-like with the typical thin straps to wear with a tank top or I'll even take a sports bra at this point. I'm still wearing my binder. I know a lot of people complain about it but I really have no problems. Sure it's not ideal but it really doesn't bother me. I guess it depends on the type of binder each doctor chooses to use. Other than all that, nothing really new to report. I'll try to get some pictures later to post to update.

13 days post op photos

Just checking in with some pictures like I said. Swelling is obvious but doesn't bother me, I know it's part of the healing process. Had a follow up with my surgeon yesterday. All looks good and is healing great. I'm happy with the progress of the incisions healing. I feel about 80% normal. I sometimes need to remind myself I just had surgery two weeks ago and I should slow down! Hips are still sore and still a tiny amount of tightness in abs but nothing uncomfortable. Officially switched to a spanx and got the ok to enjoy my pool this weekend (no strenuous swimming of course)! Ordered a few bathing suits without underwire to enjoy the last bit of summer.

2 weeks post op pictures

Pushing the whole bathing suit thing but I think I may just be able to pull it off once I'm healed!

3 weeks

3 weeks today! I feel pretty good. I have a few sore spots still from the liposuction. My abs feel pretty good now. I can sit up in bed, sneeze, cough, move around without that horrible pain. It just feels as though I had an intense ab workout the following day so nothing too bad. I can finally sleep on my side comfortably again! I can stand pretty straight but as the day progresses I start to loose that and I swell up as the day progresses as well. I'm still little slow in my walking and bending down to lets say pick something up off the floor. Still swollen of course. I saw my surgeon yesterday, she said everything looks good and to see her again in two weeks. I was given the go ahead to loose the spanx during the day if I wanted too and to wear it at night. Breasts look great. I have to say, I never had a problem with them. No pain, no nothing. A little swelling on my left side under my arm but no real pain. They are a little tender as of now but again nothing terrible.......feels almost like they would before or during my period. Other than that, all is great! I will update with photos when I can but everything pretty much looks the same right now.

4 Weeks

Today marks four weeks. My swelling looks like it's at its peak.....or at least I hope so because it's pretty bad right now! I don't know if it's because I feel better and I'm more active, the reduction in wearing the spanx to only at night, my diet, or something completely different. Other than that, my incisions look great. Breasts look great. A friend saw me for the the first time since the surgery and it was the first thing she noticed. My left breast is looking a little larger but I believe it's due to swelling. The liposuction areas are still sore and tender and I have some hard spots. Bruising is fading finally. Stomach is still tight but I can stand upright. Bending over or other sorts of movements are kind of tough still. I can sit up from bed with the help of grabbing under my knee and pulling up. Sometimes I feel "normal" other times I don't. All in all, I'm getting there. Slowly but I'm in better shape I was four weeks ago!
Short Hills Plastic Surgeon

So far, I am only 10 days post op and I am thrilled with my results. Dr. Friedlander and her office staff have been friendly, professional, and easy to talk with.

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