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I have been stalking this site forever ! But I...

I have been stalking this site forever ! But I already knew what I wanted to do no if ands and buts, As I started to age I begun, getting a stomach I'm pretty active but honestly I could do more ! So I just decided to have the surgery with doctor Swamy here in Sherman Tx, staff was very nice and he reminded me of my grandfather lol, very caring yes he's older but he knows he's work,
I'm gonna say it's gonna be a month for me on the 28th, so far happy with my results sometimes I don't think he took enough out as I would like due to the fact he stated he didn't want to mess up my skin tone ! I didnt want to post my review after 4 days because all the reviews I read be to soon and what I noticed it looks great in the beginning but can change at any time ! I'm still having swelling I noticed a knot over my belly button, it was bigger but it has went down , I do massage my stomach with a hand held massager every day. Other then that I'm fine the pain wasn't that bad to me because I can take pain well, I wear my garment every night I'm not gonna say every day, because I need to breathe, I do work out 3 times a week and changed my eating habits so I have lost 15 pounds since my surgery July 28, 2014, I'm going for my month check up, on the 29 this month and I will update then, my next procedure will be a breast lift and lipo on my bra roll in March of next year, I will keep you updated on that if God say the same ! I hope you ladies our enjoying your new bodies and ladies if a procedure is what you want go for it , we only have one life to live and I say let's look good doing it and don't let Noone sway your decision. Now I'm gonna post some photos I don't know what order because some photos I don't have, because I got another phone and some of them I lost during the transfer well ladies I hope my review help someone out there you all have a blessed day !

liposuction is what I had !

Liposuction is what I had I don't know why I'm under breast lift !

photos two weeks ago

3 weeks

I'm loving my look but now I have quit q bit of swelling and stomach is still numb at the bottom !

also 3 -4 weeks ago

Still experiencing swelling but I still think I look fabulous in my opinion !

Before stomach ughhh

I found the picture of the front of my stomach before surgery I know you ladies want to see that mess lol !

last week photos

Here's some photos of last week and this weekend still feeling good but still swollen ! If you ladies have any questions for me or want to give me info that might help please feel free to do so stay blessed !

bad day

Yesterday ugh was a bad day I had swelling, and I have this lump above my belly button and I had stinging as well., But the only thing I can say I was happy about the jeans I have on I couldn't wear before my surgery but I can wear now ! Today I'm just gonna take it easy , do my compressions, and maybe the swelling will go down ! I hope all of you ladies are doing well Have a Blessed weekend.


A photo of my jeans today will be 30 days since I had my surgery !

my best friends

I made a post earlier about my swelling and the lump above my belly button so what I did was pulled out my hand held massager, and massages the lumps for 25 minutes and put my gel and vitamin e oil on my stomach and now I feel much better now I feel like going out hanging out with the girls ! Usually I Would Just Do the two Finger massage Maybe thats not working because my fingers are not enough pressure for the lumps ! Just thought I would share you beautiful ladies have a blessed night !

updating about lump

Hello beautiful ladies I just wanted to do a update about the lump I had over my naval , well first I missed my one month update #! I know right but I didn't know they didn't do reminder calls, anyway so I called he's nurse and I told her about the hard lump, she stated as long as I don't see pulse, or some kind of leakage it's normal she just said massaging and do it more In those areas, with that being said I had already started that, and now the lump is smaller, so I just wanted to come in and wish you beautiful ladies a Happy Holiday, also here's some photos I got a message could I show what I look like without the clothing, I was like( huh ) @ first but then I said to myself I guess that make since!
Even though I have lost weight since my procedure, I went in wearing a size 9 -11, now I'm currently in 7-8, my stomach and waist is getting smaller by the day, I still wear my stream waist clincher, and my sweat belt under it with this product called Heat !, Oh well I guess
that's enough if you ladies have any questions feel free to contact me anytime, thanks here's some photos I took earlier today.

omg back

Hello ladies as I stated I will tell you the good and bad and of course everything is not good ! Boy on labor day weekend I had the worse back pain in my life.. I'm talking about pains was sharp , like someone waa hitting me! I couldn't walk straight, couldn't get in and out of the bed by myself ,, omg I felt worse then I did on the first day having surgery ! Another thing I have noticed is body stiffness and pain in my neck.Remind you this was labor day weekend so the doctor was out ! So I took Ibprouen I haven't took the pain pills well since the 2nd day of my procedure. .I wasn't trying to take them noway not during the holiday lol, so that didn't work so my husband massaged my flanks, when I tell you pain I mean pain, my husband stated I had to be in pain because I never
Cry.. Anyway he helped me in bed got some icy hot, rubbed that on my back then put the heating pad on, that was even painful, the heat felt like it was going through my back to my stomach. .
By this time I had got frustrated, and decided to take the pain pill fell asleep this was Sunday night I was praying I would be ok by Monday because we already had plans, so anyway Monday morning got up really wasn't in pain but stiff as a damn board ! Ugggh but as I got to walking around it got better so I went on and enjoyed my day ! My follow up is this Monday and I have plenty of questions ! The next step I think I need to start doing some yoga for stretching of the body ! Other then that I hope everyone had a blessed holiday I will update you on my follow up this coming Monday, here's a photo of labor day outing if you knew me you could tell I wasn't myself didn't even feel like doing makeup. So I guess you have to deal with the bad and good I just hope the bad passes ! OK you all have a blessed night xoxo. ..

one month check up

Hello ladies well I didn't miss my checkup
Yesterday lol everything was fine , we talked about the lump he felt it, he said it's normal he also stated , my skin looks great and will tighten while healing , he also stated he's very surprised how my stomach looks by me doing my own massages, which I do once a day I used to do 3xs a day ! He prescribed me some potassium pills he stated that's good for swelling as well and a water pill which I was already taking Durex water pills extra strength. . So over all I'm doing great don't have to be back until 5 months yeahhhhh!
OK on to the good stuff , so some of you know I wanted fat added to my hip we went all over that I stated I don't want nothing ridiculous I want to look as natural as possible, so he drew my body frame out on a piece of paper then added some filling . He asked me like this? I stated yes , I asked where are you gonna get fat from he said back thies side thies no inner thies he don't think it will survive, And then he stated by 5 months he might do a retouch on my abdomen and take fat from there oh he did say my bra roll. .. So all this will take place in February, right now I'm taking maca 3 to see if that will help my hips and butt fill out till then it's worth a try and if that works I can go ahead and have my breast lift and arms done even though he stated I have a good grade of muscle, he's sure that will hurt lol but that's ok they are still getting done ! Also I'm still wearing my squeem and my Ann cherry waist clinc


And my Ann Cherry waist clincher he said since my body is not healed I can train my body at this point and I love the way my stomach looks after I remove the clincher well ladies I think that's it I'm gonna upload photos like I always do. Have a bk

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone I hope everyone is well, me I'm good, just been busy with life I'm real close to my 6 month mark, I have picked up like 7 pounds due to the holiday but I will get that off no problem.
i haven't had no problems since the surgery, just my stomach is not super flat like it used to be , but it's not as big either so I'm ok with everything I will talk to him when I go back I was told the 2nd go around the doctors are more familiar with your body so let's hope that's the case! So again I hope all is well God Bless,Here's some recent photos !


Here's some recent photos and just some random if you have any questions feel free to ask I will respond as soon as I can ty...

Not like it seems

Went for my 6 month check up not pleased I have a dent on my left side of my abdomen one side of my stomach hang longer then the other, I thought it was gonna get fixed but everyone talks over you and don't listen to your concerns seems like when it comes to your retouch time people get Rude ! But I rather pay to get it corrected ...I'm just gonna say don't give no one so much praise until your final visit because that's when you really will see people's true colors and just pay for what you want thats my best advice to everyone ! Thanks for sharing my journey I will update again when I find another doctor to fix the problems I have! And also I'm having another procedure done so stay tuned!
Sherman Plastic Surgeon

Very nice friendly informative, clean nothing bad to say will be going back !

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