33 Year Old..huge Boobs. Very Nervous! - Sherman, TX

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I have had large breast my entire life it seems. I...

I have had large breast my entire life it seems. I want to be more active and I know losing some of the weight from my chest will help. I have finally hit a stage in my life when I have decided to do it. I have though about it for years and the pain in my neck and back have finally gotten to be to much. I find myself not be as active as no once was because of how much it hurts my back after. While I was a perfect candidate for my insurance to cover this for me....my insurance policy had breast reduction as an exemption. That means they wouldn't cover it even if I was bedbound due to my boobs. Its a shame but true. I had to pay for my surgery out of pocket..but I'm excited anyway.
The only problem I have is I suffer from anxiety so anything there is to worry about...I'm worrying about. This is really hard for me because the closer it gets the more I worry. I also had to quit smoking!!
My surgeon would not even put me on the schedule until I quit smoking for 30 days. I have been a smoker since I was 14 yrs old. But I quit. Cold turkey. Haven't smoked ONE!
So no matter how scared my consious kind is...my subconscious must know it's the right thing to do.

pre-op in 30 minutes

Omgosh...I'm nervous just for this part...and there are sooo many questions I have.
I have had a bad couple of days wi5h my back though. Last night I was leaned over trying to shave my legs and it hurt sooo bad. It also feels like I am suffocating myself. I am looking forward to not having that feeling anymore.
The waiting had got to be the absolute worst though. I really just wanna be on the other side of this. I have never been a very good at waiting.
Looking at everyone else's stories and pictures have really helped me through this. That's why I decided to start mine.
It's very encouraging to see people posting pictures and testimony in the DAY of their surgery.
I hope I am that way...but usually anesthesia makes me feel pretty sick to my stomach for the day.
Anyway I'm just waiting on my Drs parking lot..waiting for them to get off lunch and rambling. So I guess I will wrap this up for now.

finished Pre-Op

I just finished Pre-Op and I am feeling a little bit easier about everything. My nurse was so GREAT! She was not hurried or in a rush at all. She let me ask every single silly question that I had and did not act like I was a bother or silly at all. This helped me so much.
I also took a few more pictures for my file and Dr. P came in and gave me an estimate about how large i would end up being. He said that I will be losing about half the size on each one!! I am so excited for this.
He also showed me about where my nipples will sit and the diameter of my Areolas. That has got to be the most exciting part. For some reason the size of my areolas has ALWAYS really bothered me. They are just huge.
My Dr. wants to see me back in his office the day before surgery to "mark" my breast. The nurse said he really likes to have all this done the day before surgery so that on the morning of we can just go for it.
She was super kind and really put my mind at ease about a lot of things.
Just think...this time next summer...i will be able to swim suit shop in a store.
Typing that sentence almost made me cry.

little bitty bras

One of the things that the nurse told me to do was very several different styles and size sports bra that clasp in the front. She said she would figure out which one I need after my surgery. The biggest ones they offer are tiny to me!! Ha ha. I got the largest size and the two sizes before it. The Wal-Mart i just left was a smaller one so there was not much of a selection and I only found the one style so I will need to look at a bigger Wal-Mart or Target begore surgery.
Oh and the things only cost me $7.00...that is unheard of to me!

Today is the day

It's here... I AM SO NERVOUS! I did not sleep at all last night. I am up extremely early this morning and trust me...that is not my style at all. I am always happy to sleep in until noon when ever possible????
I did go to an apt yesterday with my PS and he marked me all up so I won't have to deal with to much before they sedate me. Thank god. I don't need to even be up for almost 2 hours...so I think I will just do some last minute cleaning.

its finally done!!

It's dinall6 done and I can settle a little. Thank Goddess! I'm pretty high on meds and its frusterating me trying to type. I'll just say...no stinkin' drain tubes!!! Yeah!!! And enjoy the pics. I'll update again when all thr wrapping is off ?


I just woke up really early because of the pain in my chest. It's not unbearable...but it's not pleasant either. I really want to lay on my side to sleep and per the post op papers I can't. It really just feels like my whole chest is a huge bruise. My breast are defiantly very firm and perky!! I have never seen my nipples up here...lmao! Right now the spot that seems to be bothering me the most is the incisions under my breast. Everything else is kind of an intense ache...but under there it is almost a stinging sensation. But it doesn't seem to take ong for the men's to kick in. I took it right before I started typing this....In fact...I was trying to take my mind off of the hurt....but it's is quickly residing now. Ugh thank Goodess.

Little wound

I am going to share this little problem that I am having on my left lower breast. It has a spot underneath it that is going to require some wound care. Had I NOT read some of the other testimonials on this site I would be absolutely panicking right now. Having the knowledge before the problem occurred made it much less scary when the dr told me I was going to need extra time to heal here.
I couldn't really get a good picture of it yet..but I promise I will take better pictures of it tonight when I shower.
This problem popped up mostly due to me being an x smoker. Remember I just quit on June 2nd. I'm going to try to be as detailed as possible with what is going on with my little wound so that maybe it can help someone else out.

So basically it's about a dime sized black spot underneath my left breast. This spot did not get a good blood supply to it after my surgery. TOTALLY NOT my surgeons fault! I can't stress that enough. It is most likely my tobacco use before that caused this to happen. And he was VERY up front with me about this before the surgery. So anyway...this little spot is going to turn into a scab and require local wound care to heal it. Yesterday when I went to the dr for a check up...he identified this spot right a way and he prescribed me a blood thinner called Plavix...this is to thin my blood so that it has an easier time getting into the tiny capillaries and containing this spot to the dime size it is.
So the scab will either fall off on its own or worse case he will have to remove it if it's not loosening on its own. I had an appointment for next Wednesday but I called and spoke with him this morning and said he would like me to come in on Monday instead just so I don't feel like I'm going this alone.
My PS and his nurse have been so amazing. They have both provided me with their cell phone numbers so I can call them at anytime.
This is defiantly not something I WANTED to deal with. But it's a small price to pay considering I was smoker for almost 20 years.

Better picture

Sorry guys I got caught up in the bathroom at shower time and forgot to get that better picture. I try again tomorrow.

3 days post op

I did not realize until I just typed that title that it has only been 3 days. I guess the last couple of days has been long.

So first thing..I did get a better picture of my little spot. It looks like a blister with fluid in it. But it doesn't seem to hurt any worse than the rest of me. I will be going in to see my dr tomorrow to check it out.

As for the rest of me...I think they look great!! I'm really happy about the size and my PS did a great job with the symmetry. I also love my little areoles!

I did notice at some points today that my chest felt really tight..tighter than it has been...I'm not sure if that was really the case or if my anxiety disorder was picking on me.
Anyway it's kinda late and I'm tired so im going to post some pictures for you guys and lay down.


Yesterday at my PS appt. he removed the top skin off of the blister. He told dresses it with triple antibiotic ointment and a square piece of gauze. I was instructed to do the same thing twice a day. He also wrote another 5 days of antibiotics (same ones) to continue. I was also instructed to continue with the Plavix. I have another appt with him tomorrow.


So my Dr's. Appt went well. He was happy with the progress the spot is making. Told me to continue the care plan as it is and I'm suppose to go back in Monday. It didn't feel to me like it was making much progress so I took a new picture of it today and compared it to the first day that he removed the blister...okay....I was wrong there has been good improvement. I guess it's kinda hard to tell when I a caring for it so I see it all the time. But yeah. The comparison is pretty dramatic :)
Pain has been a little different today. Its almost like my skin itself has been "asleep" and it's waking up now under my breast. So yeah I had more pain today to my actual skin. The tightness I was feeling before is not near as bad and all round I think things are feeling better.

I started back to work on Wednesday of this week, went to my drs appt and he decided to have a few of my sutures removed. My skin puffed up around them pretty good so it was pretty difficult for the nurses to get them out. After that I had a little pain and had to take a pain pill and didn't go back to work. The rest of the week however I have stayed all day and that pain pill after they removed the sutures was the last one. That's a great thing because they make me itch like crazy and I don't like how they make my head feel.
Well I think that is all I have to add tonight.
Happy healing all

Feeling Better 2 weeks Post OP

It's been a few days since I have updated so I figured I would fill you guys in on a bit. Tomorrow will officially be 2 weeks Post OP and things are getting easier. I had another appt with my PS this past Monday and again he was happy about the progress I've made. I am no longer taking the Plavix to thin my blood. He switched me to a low dose or "baby asprine." That is just to keep the blood a little thinner so that it has an easier time getting into tiny little capillaries.
Right now he is going to have me coming in once a week for a few weeks just to keep an eye on my healing.
I have made another comparison for you guys to check out. One is from tonight and one is from this weekend. I'm pleased with the progress.
I have been so zeroed in on that one spot that I tend to forget to zone out and look at the WHOLE picture...when I finally do I realize that my boobs are absolutely pretty. I am super excited about the job that my PS did.
It's kind of a bummer that I have to heal up this spot but it's okay it really is a small price to pay for being a 20+ year smoker.
Thank you everyone for sharing your stories it helps me so much. I'll update you guys again this weekend.
Happy healing everyone.

2Wks and 2 days post op

I ended up having to leave work early yesterday. Just so freakin tired. I went by my PS office and spoke with the nurse and she reminded me that I really need to take it easy. That's probably been the hardest part of this experience...I have a hard time just laying still. Well that and the spot. Obviously I wish I wasn't dealing with that.
I'm still wearing the sports bras that I was instructed to wear home. I can't wait until I can just take my bra off. Haha I probably sound really whiny and inpatient right now. Sorry.
I have another update of the spot for you guys to check out and some pictures at weird angles just for the neck of it.

3 wks and 1 day Post OP

I'm sorry it has been about a week since I have updated. I have had sooo much going on with my kiddos. So I actually have two Drs appts to update you on.

Appt 1: was this last Monday. I went in and the dr wanted to check out my little spot like normal. He was very pleased with how it looked and was able to cut away almost ALL the black spot. I am so very excited about that. Now it feels like its going to really start healing. :D
On the same visit there was a spot right beside the spot that was a little "mushy" that REALLY scared me. It just felt different then the rest of my breast so I brought this up to him. It turned out to be a Seroma. It's basically a little pocket of fluid that has gathered. He poked it with a needle and a syringe and brought out about 15CCs of fluid. The fluid was a healthy color and had no sign of infection so nothing more needed to be done there. It did not hurt to bad because everything under there is still just a little numb. He told me to continue the treatment plan as instructed and sent me on my way.

Appt 2: was today. Today was a happy day :D I my treatment plan has changed a bit. Because there is no more black tissue at all I do not have to keep the ointment on it anymore and keep it moist with that. I can now let it dry out and heal up. He only needed to remove some of the yellow scabbing and he used silver nitrate to cauterize where it bleed just a bit. He also stuck the needle in my Seroma again today to see if any fluid had recollected and there was none....THAT SHIT HURT today. I have regained most of the feeling there so it hurt pretty good. But that's okay! I am smiling today :D :D :D

After 1st Appt.

Sorry about the weird angles of the pictures today. I COULD NOT figure out how to get them flipped.

2nd Appt

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