47 Yr Old, 36a (Maybe), Getting 400cc Gel Implants, Lifetime Dream - Sherman, TX

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All my life, I have been less than bountiful in...

All my life, I have been less than bountiful in the breast area. I am finally doing this for myself. My surgery date is on my 48th birthday, May 18. I am one week away and cannot wait. So excited. I know I'm headed for some discomfort but I've had 2 C-Sections and barely used narcs. I'm certain I will be just fine. Especially because it's something I want so badly. I have lost a lot of weight in the last few months, 70 to be exact. Even with that weight, I didn't have much "upstairs". Having lost weight, I have even less than I think I had before I gained all that weight. I have been on this site for a few weeks and really been encouraged by the stories I have seen. So ready to fulfill my image of what I think I should look like.

7days to go

Really looking forward to waking up next Thursday morning and seeing more than just a flat chest. Nervous but excited. Didn't post pics before so now I am.

Going up to 450cc

I was a little nervous about the size I had chosen a month ago so I went back to my PS office to talk with the nurse. Tried in some larger sizes. We decided 450cc (overfilled) is going to be best. Got a few more instructions for surgery day. So I guess I'm ready to do this. Surgery this Wednesday!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

I almost cannot believe my day is here. Spending my last night braless with a flat chest. I told my padded bras they are a thing of the past. I'm not wearing them as I go to the surgery center tomorrow. They are pretty but I'll be glad to not spend a summer with 2 inches of padding making my chest sweat! lol. My surgery isn't until 1pm so it's gonna be a long day. Staying up late tonight so I can have a snack before bed and get hydrated. I drink a lot of water anyway but not having any in the morning will be rough. I have food ready for a quick get while I'm down, I made my own ice packs and they look awesome, got my meds ready to go, my sister on deck to take me to surgery and home, as well as wherever else I need to go. It's difficult not having a husband or boyfriend to help but I can do this. Update tomorrow!


For the first time in my life, I woke up this morning with actual breasts on my body. It does hurt, pain meds and muscle relaxers are my friends. I have my followup this afternoon at 4. The surgery went great, I have no drains. The feeling is just like after childbirth and your breasts get engorged. I made it through that twice, I can do it again. Hopefully I'll get pics later. I headed for a nap.


Here are two Day one pics. Going to follow up in an hour. Doing okay. Making my own meals, getting up and down by myself. Meds are great but I hate taking them. Hopefully can stop soon.

Great follow up

My follow up went well. Bandages off. The girls looking pretty good. My ps said I can do some light massaging to keep them loose. I go back in 3 weeks. Tomorrow, I get to shower. Will post some pics then. This has been so easy.

Day 2 post op

Feeling better today. Just got out of shower, put on makeup, fixed my hair. Human again. Lol. I'm still very tight and get stiff when I'm in one position for a long time, like when sleeping, but it's not horrible. I love my new girls! I giggled when I first took off the wrap. They are mine not a padded bra. Once they drop, they will be fabulous! Here's my pics.

Day 4 post op: Doing well

All is going well. I'm in love with my boobs! They are very stiff but are going to be fab when everything settled down. Got some bras yesterday, 36C. What? Wow! What a difference from an AA. I've driving twice with minimal issue. Still have 2 more days off work so I plan on relaxing. Here are some pics. Incisions are itchy and ache at times but not too bad. Haven't taken any pain meds today. Just Tylenol. So glad I did this surgery. Wish I had done it years ago.

10 days post op

It's amazing how easy this whole thing has been. I guess the toughest is getting comfy at night. The girls seem to feel more and more a part of me every day. I love them! All is well. Don't see PS again until 6-14. Talked to him on email and he said no more massages. So I'm good. Here are pics.

7 weeks pistol

I am 7 weeks post op tomorrow. This has been the best experience for me. My ps and his office staff are awesome and have been the whole time and now I have these beautiful breasts that I never thought I would ever have. My confidence is through the roof. I no longer have to be self conscious that I don't fit into clothing. I look like a woman and feel fantastic. It seems like every day since surgery these girls have felt a little different. Subtle changes in the way they feel. It's really been the best experience. I have a new outlook on life!
I've found the most comfortable bras are the Perfect Shape from Victoria's Secret. I bought several because they are so comfy for. I can wear it all day without issue.
Wish I'd done this years ago.

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