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After reading through the reviews I feel compelled...

After reading through the reviews I feel compelled to write of my experience so far. The negative reviews gave me pause but since I trust Melissa without reservation, I decided to go through with the procedure. I took 10,000 mg of vitamin C on Tuesday and Wednesday for any potential bruising (and will continue to do so to help with collagen formation). Thursday I took two valium and four ibuprofen. I had upper, lower and neck done - three hours total but it went by so quickly it only felt like 30 minutes. There was pain (only when treatment was focused near a bone - jaw/brow) but by the time it registered she had already moved to another spot. The pain was in no way severe or unbearable (my laser peel was much worse). I would not hesitate to go through it again.

Best part is I have immediate results! The bags under my eyes (which only show when I smile) are now half the size they were before! Very slight swelling on my jawline and under my chin as well as very slight tenderness only when I push down on those areas. No bruising at all. I would not hesitate to go out today with no makeup on. Furthermore, I had areas of red discoloration on my fair skin and was thinking of getting IPL. Don't need to now because they are GONE!

I will update and let you all know how I'm doing!

So far so good!

Coming up on three weeks and wanted to give an update. The bags under my eyes are completely gone and my eyelids are much improved - I no longer need to lift my eyebrows to compensate for the sagging and I have my eyelid crease back. I had an eyelift in 1994 and this is comparable except now it doesn't look 'done' - very natural. Of the three areas (upper, lower and neck) I have to say (after a mere 19 days) that so far my eyes have shown the most significant and noticeable improvement.

The area under my chin and along my jawline still feels tight and tender and when I lower my head it appears swollen (at least I hope that's swelling!) - much worse than my before. I'll have to see my before pics to see if there's any improvement along the jawline itself but the swollen appearance of the area under my chin has me concerned.

I haven't noticed any difference in my neck so again will have to look at my before pics.

I will definitely get my eyes done again when the time comes - worth every penny. Will have to wait for more results (if any) on my lower face/neck to decide if that area was worth it.

Two month update

The swelling under my chin finally receded after five weeks. Unfortunately so did the rest of my face and it is apparent that the initial improvement I had was all swelling. Now that it has dissipated so have the initial results. My next appointment is the first week of May and I hope I'll see some improvement when comparing to my before pics but looking in the mirror I don't see any. Additionally, upon waking in the morning my face and eyes are very puffy and it takes a couple hours for it to recede. I didn't have that problem before this procedure. For that reason alone I would not do it again.

Very happy!

Happy to report that over the last two weeks I've experienced significant and noticeable tightening over my entire face! I look like I've had a facelift! No loose skin anywhere on my face or neck and I actually feel tightness under my chin and along my hairline. No more under eye swelling upon waking in the morning. And I don't have to lift my eyebrows anymore - they are naturally lifted.

I am beyond pleased and thoroughly recommend both the procedure and Malissa. I've continued taking 10,000 mg of vitamin C daily to support collagen formation and I believe that has also helped me achieve my spectacular results!

I'll try to get before photos at my next appointment and will post those along with my after.

Vitamin C!

I was still having problems with eye swelling. I increased my Vitamin C dose to 15 grams per day and since then no swelling. I use a limpsomal Vitamin C - it is the only vitamin C that targets the cells and there are no intestinal side effects from the high dose. At this point, I'm happy with my results - noticeable skin tightening and a stranger telling me how great my skin looks. At 55! We can't manufacture collagen without vitamin C. Ultherapy damages the skin to stimulate that growth. No vitamin C in our systems and all we're left with is the damage or, at best, no results at all. FYI: Sugar competes with Vitamin C and will decrease/prohibit the uptake into the cells. Cut out all carbs/sweets.

Five Months Post

Eye swelling has been back for the last week. I'm now considering an eyelift. I'm very pleased with overall tightening of my face but with my eyes essentially ruined I have to say it's not worth it.

OMG Finally

I had an infection two weeks ago and was prescribed antibiotics. My eye swelling - the only thing I wasn't happy about - is now gone! My doctor thinks I may have had a sinus infection and that was causing the swelling. If it comes back I was told to take Claritin(?) to see if that helps and we'll know for sure. Now that the swelling is taken care of I am very pleased with my results.

Scars on my neck!

Just realized after reading another review that the marks on my neck are from the ultherapy! I couldn't figure out what they were (and in exact straight lines). Now I know. Avoid this procedure unless you want to be ruined!

Damage keeps coming

Two years later I now require two syringes of Sculptra and two syringes of Voluma to look decent. I thank God my new doctor knows what he's doing and was able to disguise the damage from Ultherapy. There's a shelf below my right eye because all the fat above my cheek is GONE and it's just my cheekbone jutting out. Again - no sagging. Just a bone jutting out because the fat was destroyed. You can imagine what that looks like. Ulthera should be sued into bankruptcy.
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