Restylane Ruined my Life - Sherman Oaks, CA

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I got Restylane to plump lips and have EXTREME...

I got Restylane to plump lips and have EXTREME fatigue for the last 2 years. My life has changed DRASTICALLY for the worse. I can barely work part time and the "full life" I used to live is GONE - replaced by "just barely surviving" every day. I can't get to the grocery store after work, and even if I could, i can't then prepare a meal. Too tired. I WAS a happy, vibrant, highly productive person before Restylane. And this ISN'T depression - I've been depressed.

Someone on this forum suggested that my illness...

Someone on this forum suggested that my illness may be from DYSPORT because others here have reported being very sick after Dysport injections. After reading their stories, I'd say it was the Dysport that has made me sick since I have many of the same symptoms.

I've been sick for over 2 years now. I wanted to...

I've been sick for over 2 years now. I wanted to post what has been helping me to SLOWLY get better. Since January 2012, I've been seeing a nutritionist who does hair mineral analysis. They take a small sample of your hair and see what your body is missing, or they can see if you have toxic levels of heavy metals, etc. Nikki has me on every supplement that my hair tests say I'm missing. She has me on other supplements to help me detox and remove heavy metals, etc.

She's based in Los Angeles, but can treat anyone remotely. So far it's the LEAST expensive thing I've done that is working. All the other medications my "real" (ie Western) Doctor had me on were so expensive and didn't help me.

Nikki's program treats the underlying causes and not just the symptoms. I found it fascinating when she said "The body will heal what IT wants to heal in the order IT wants to heal." Which means the SYMPTOMS that I dislike aren't necessarily the first thing my body will heal when given the right "tools" (nutrients/supplements). I feel like I'm helping my body heal from the inside out. Hopefully this is long lasting, deep healing.

Nikki Moses at Moses Nutrition:

Nikki trained under Dr. Lawrence Wilson, M.D. His website has a TON of information if you want to check it out.
Nikki also has articles by him on her website here:

Wishing everyone perfect health!

5 years and still sick...

I'm SO sad to say it's been exactly 5 years and I'm STILL struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I've pursued many treatments, I've had to stop working 1.5 years ago.
I'm working with a new specialist, and I'm hopeful.
Hope you are all doing well.

Stanford's Dr Montoya treating CFS with anti-virals

I hope I'm allowed to post links. I can't remember - I hope I'm not violating the rules. Apologies if I did.
I tried generic Valcyte - a strong anti-viral. I'd read about it 4 years ago and would have tried it back then but there was only name brand and it was $2,000 per month for 6 months. End of 2014 there is finally a generic. I'd definitely suggest CFS /FM people try it - google "Valcyte CFS" and do your own research before you try it. I, sadly, had a pretty rough week when I was on it: rage, depression, 2 migraines per day, extreme fatigue, loss of connection to time... I've stopped it for now, with my doctors direction, but perhaps I'll try it again later. From ALL the research I've done, it looks to be pretty helpful for CFS.
My husband had a good point "When people have cancer, they're given chemo and told 'this is going to be rough, but it will cure you,' why would it be different for you; why did your doctor just say to back off it." I actually don't know the answer to that. Trying Valcyte was MY idea, my Dr said, sure, we can do that - so I don't know maybe she doesn't think it's enough of a "cure" to warrant going through such painful Herxheimer reaction. Drs know what chemo will cure what cancer to some extent. And Valcyte is just ONE of the things needed to heal CFS - if it can. I'm taking all the vitamins and supplements needed to help CFS.
Dr Teitelbaum's book From Fatigued to Fantastic does a great job of explaining what vitamins/minerals/supplements CFS people need, and why. I recommend that book for anyone who wants a deeper understanding.
Dr Holtorf of Holtorf Medical worked on the protocol in the book WITH Dr Teitelbaum. Holtorf has mixed reviews, but I haven't found other Naturopaths or MD Specialists who understand all the complexities of CFS/Lyme or whatever I have! I see a ND at Holtorf.

Has anyone else tried Valcyte?? I'd love to hear your experiences.

Peptides - something people might want to try...

First let me say *I* haven't tried these peptides yet, but I'm going to later this year. But a friend of mine who nearly died of undiagnosed Lyme and a friend of HERS have improved so much and they say its these peptides, so here's the info. When *I* actually do them myself, I'll post about that too.

Dr. Nelson Kraucak at HealthCare Partners in Florida is one of the few Drs in the US that injects these "peptides."

For any questions about the peptides or to schedule an appointment:
Sheila Keene-Lund
Operations Manager, HealthCare Partners
352-750-4333 (option 8)

NOTE: There are other Doctors out there working with peptides and proteins but they don't all have the original formulas from Oxford which are tried and true, and have been used in Europe for 35 years. I've talked to other Drs in Los Angeles and they offer "peptides" but not the ones from Oxford that cost approx. $300 per month. I've spoken to two Drs that do these "Oxford" peptides and they are the exact same cost - approx. $300 per month. So that's another way to tell if the Dr is using these "correct" peptide injections. (The injections are anywhere from $300 - $400-ish, depending on what formulation you're being treated with. When you see the Dr, he'll tell you which formulation you need for your illness based on your labs.) The company that makes the peptides won't ALLOW Drs to MARKET them on their websites, that's why you'll never find this treatment listed on a Drs website. Very mysterious. And it's also hard to google them because they're called "SAM" (SAM stands for sequenced amino acid modulation) and other scientific things come up in a "SAM" Google search... They used to be called "Solution of Peptides" but when the FDA approved them in the US, the FDA said they must be called "Sequenced Amino Acid Modulation. (All this information is from me scouring the internet and forums for hours and compiling information.)

Dr K's office has a 12 page PDF they can email you that explains a bit about the peptides. Here's a few sentences that explains how they work:
"The treatment is repeated every 21 to 28 days – until the condition “stabilizes” – i.e.
until the immunologically competent cells, coming to the circulation from the bone marrow,
become free of the immunogenic sites that stimulate the production of unwanted antibodies
(this usually happens after nine to ten treatments).
The only contraindication for this treatment is any concurrent treatment with any and all
immunosuppressive drugs (such as corticosteroids or cancer chemotherapeutic drugs, e.g.
Cyclosporin or Methotrexate) which would render the immune system of the body unable to
recognize the antagonist peptides – the active ingredient of the Solution of Peptides."

The peptides are created by the OXFORD CENTRE OF MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY

...What's the catch...? Unless you can find a Doctor that injects these "Oxford" peptides in your area, you have to GO see Dr K in person in Florida to get your first and 2nd injection (i.e. you see him on a Monday then see him again the NEXT Monday to make sure you're doing well and having no negative reactions.)
I did a price breakdown that I'll share with you, but before you get discouraged and think this is too expensive, remember you can do a "Go Fund Me" type crowd funding campaign. Apparently once you do this approx. year long treatment, you don't ever have to do it again. And remember, you only need a fraction of the money when you first go see Dr K. After that it's approx. $300 per month, which is relatively affordable.

$250 for phone consultation with Dr K so he can look over your past blood tests to determine what peptides to order FROM Oxford BEFORE you come to Florida. It takes 4-6 weeks for your peptides to arrive in Florida.
$880 for first 2 injections in the Florida office
$367 per injection at home. (9-12 months at $367 + shipping- call it $400) $400 x 9 months = $4,730
$45 Dr K office visit if covered by insurance (they take some insurances, check with Sheila)
~$1,000 Hotel in Florida 10 DAYS - must see him (i.e.) Monday then again the following Monday
~$300 car rental; or you can stay at a hotel in walking distance
~$500 Flight to Florida (from California - may be less depending where you are)
Total is approx $7,705.
BUT remember - this cures problems Drs can't even figure out! AND you only do this treatment once - it resets your immune system.

What you'd need to pay when you go to Florida for 10 days:
$250 - consultation you would have paid before ordering peptides
$880 for first 2 injections in the Florida office
$45 Dr K office visit if covered by insurance
~$1,000 Hotel in Florida 10 DAYS
~$300 car rental; or you can stay at a hotel in walking distance
~$500 Flight to Florida
ONLY $2,975; more or less depending on flight cost and car rental or no car rental

Please do your own research and look into this. It seems very promising. To try to find a Dr that does the peptide injections in your area, I'd just keep Googling different combinations of the words "solution of peptides" "(the city you live in or a big city nearby)" "Oxford" "SAM" - do it and leave out "SAM" etc etc. Scour any medical health forums that pop up in the search where people are talking about these injections. Some of the people talk about other doctors that do these injections.


Monolaurin - a supplement people might want to try

I have JUST started taking this supplement, Monolaurin, so I don't have thorough experience with it yet. I will post about it again later when I've taken it longer.

BUT it worked so well immediately that I want to share it with other people.
I have CFS and possibly Lyme so I have bacteria, viruses, fungi etc - all the stuff that comes with CFS and Lyme. I (stupidly) took 1/4 scoop for 2 days in a row and I was soooo tired, and the next day I had this weird headache that wouldn't go away, even with migraine medicine.

It took me a few days to realize - it was the Monolaurin immediately killing off bacteria and I was having a "healing crisis" or Herheimer reaction. I've never taken ANY supplement that worked so quickly.

Monolaurin is just coconut oil in a really high concentration. But it's powerful.
Read the reviews on Amazon. People with ALL different illnesses are being helped by this supplement.
I bought this brand Lauricidin (Monolaurin):

This website has a TON of info on how monolaurin works. They sell their own brand of monolaurin too, and I imagine theirs is fine, but I just went with all the reviews on Amazon.

A WARNING: start off really REALLY REALLY slowly if you buy monolaurin. I took 1/4 of a scoop thinking that was a small dose and had a Herxheimer reaction - i.e. where you feel bad because the bacteria are being killed and releasing all their toxins faster than your body can get them out of your system. If you have a health condition, seriously start with 2 pellets for a few days or a week. Then 3 pellets once a day for a week etc. And just go slowly. If you feel bad, stop for a day or two. And of course talk to your doctor about this - I'm NOT a doctor. Perhaps people in good health could start with a larger dose, but I'd still suggest starting with only a few pellets. I'm taking 4 pellets a day, and I'm not having extreme fatigue or weird headaches. I'm going to slowly work up to a full scoop. And the InspiredNutrition website says THREE scoops a day is what a person with a chronic illness needs. DEFINITELY don't start with 3 scoops! Don't even start with ONE scoop.

I want everyone in my family to take it! It's apparently helpful for high cholesterol, colds, weird colds you get from flying on airplanes etc...

Let me know if you take it and how it makes you feel, or if it heals you from something....
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I got Dysport injections around my eyes (which I'd had 2-3 times before) AND Restylane in my lips for the first time. My life is ruined since that day almost 2 years ago. I have extreme exhaustion every minute of my life, I have brain fog, I'm too tired to feel love or joy, which I did feel BEFORE Restylane. Some doctors say I have underactive immune system and that's why I have heavy metals, Candida Disseminated, high levels of bacteria. OTHER doctors say I have an OVERactive immune system. Either way, I'm barely able to work part time when I used to work 40+ hours a week, I can't drive at night, -too tired. Basically I feel like I have narcolepsy. The EDD's "independent review" doctor says I'm "healthy to work full time" and I've appealed that decision. Waiting to go in front of a judge. Basically my life changed COMPLETELY. It's a nightmare. In the last 6 months ALONE i've spent $11,000 on doctors, specialists, supplemnts, Rxs, AND i'm working half as much as I WAS. Don't do it. Face aging. Now I get to face aging AND am totally sick.

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