37 Year Old with Lower Blepharoplasty for Fat Pouches Under Eyes - Shelby Twp, MI

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For the past few years I've noticed my under eye...

For the past few years I've noticed my under eye bags were getting worse. When I smile, they are very noticeable, and they drive me crazy! I decided to have a lower bleph done. My doctor also recommended have the area below my eye laser resurfaced, to take out the fine lines under there and to smooth it all out.

I decided to get this procedure done with just a local anesthetic. Wow, what a trip it was. HA! The most painful part was the injections into my inner eyelids. To be honest, it wasn't painful as much as it was uncomfortable and totally against human nature (the eyes are one of those things you just don't want anybody digging around in). After that, it was pretty smooth sailing.

The procedure took about a half hour, and I couldn't see much because he put an opaque hard contact lens over my eye (that was also a psychologically uncomfortable thing to have happen).

When I first went into "recovery," I had a bit of double vision, but that went away in about an hour. I believe it was because the constant pressure that was exerted upon my eyeball and the puffiness I had from the anesthetic.

As I type this it has been about 29 hours after my surgery. I have no pain whatsoever, and my eyes are still a bit swollen. I keep icing them and applying Aquaphor for the laser "burn." They are a mite tender when I touch them, about a 2 on the 1-10 pain scale.

Day two after surgery

I've switched to warm compresses on my eyes and it feels really nice. Still no pain, just tenderness. I'm pleased so far!

Day 3 less swelling

So now I have some type of virus. Not related to the surgery (it has been going around my family for weeks). I am keeping up with the after care, though! But I don't look as pretty as I would if I were healthy.

Day 4 - Some peeling / swelling down

I'm still sick, but feeling better. I had some peeling under my eyes last night, so I gently sloughed it off and reapplied the Aquaphor to my baby new skin. I don't think I have anymore swelling now, just the pinkness.

One week appointment

I had my one week appointment today, and Dr. Kotlus said it looks great. He said I am healing faster than a lot of people he's performed the surgery on. He said to stop using the Aquaphor and that I can use makeup now (HOORAY!!!). I will post a made up picture today or tomorrow.

I still am swollen, and he said that can last up to 6 months.

With makeup

Here is a picture with makeup.
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Kotlus is a very gentle soul. He was attentive and careful with me; I felt very comfortable with him. He also called me the night after my surgery to make sure everything was fine with me. At our consultation, he answered all of my questions and put me at ease.

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