25y/o No Kids 32B 335cc anatomical 410 5'7" West Yorkshire, UK

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So its now exactly 1 month until my op (yay!!!!!)...

So its now exactly 1 month until my op (yay!!!!!) I booked it just before Christmas and have been counting down since then. I originally discussed 295 or 325cc with my surgeon as I am athletic, I run, cycle and own horses... Was looking for a look that would boost my self confidence and that I could hook up in an LBD on a night out with my man yet remain pretty low key day to day - being a nurse it wouldn't be very appropriate to have massive fake boobies flapping in people's faces!!!! Never mind the fact they'd get in the way in the ER ha!
At my last appointment we settled on 335 as looking at all the piccies on here Im seeing ladies with 335 that look absolutely fantastic and exactly the look I'm going for, but then I'm also seeing the same in 350's??!!! Totally confused over what to go for. Will I be disappointed with 335? Or will they be perfect? Would 350 be too big? I just don't know!!!!
P.s. I'm 5'8, 133lb.

The night before, bag packing!

Twas the night before Christmas....!!

So its 21:15 here and I've packed my bag;
. Dressing gown and slippers
. Clean undies
. Face wipes
. Hair brush
. Moisturiser
. Really baggy hoody that zips up the front
. Baggy joggers
. Sports bra with closure.

All packed and ready, going to be admitted at 0800 tomorrow, it's an hours drive from my house so leaving at 0700, getting up at 0600 so I can wash with the sterisept and be ready to go!! Really nervous but excited too, I will post before and after pics when home.

Was told il be hanging around for a couple of hours (so packed my book too!), the op should take a couple of hours then il be discharged within 4 hours of coming round from general so expecting to be walking out at 1600. Any body else having their op tomorrow - good luck!!! And il see you on the other side!

On the way home...

So I've just been discharged. Yay! In quite a bit of pain but it's so worth it.
Arrived at the hospital at 0800, was taken up to my room and settled in, went through all the checks with the nurse, consultant and then anaesthetist. Then I was walked down to theatre at about 1000. I laid on the operating table and the anaesthetist cannulated me while I was chatting away to the nurse about my job (nurse!)? Next thing I know I've woken up in recovery! I don't even remember falling asleep.
Then for the rest of the afternoon I've been drifting in and out of sleep all day. I took 60mg codeine in recovery and that really helped but when I woke up at 3 needing a wee, oh my days what a world of pain - the pressing sensation on my chest is bad enough I feel I can't breathe deeply, but also a burning ache around my whole chest. Pain killers are a must. Don't try and ride it out until it's too painful to cope with, just regularly keep on top of things.
The doctor came to see me and make sure I was medically fit for discharge and gave me the all clear straight away.
. No wetting incisions for 1 week
. No driving for 2 weeks
. No running for 3 months (the worst part!!!!)
I have an appointment on Friday to check my wounds and it's just rest and hydrate till then!!

Before and after pics

Before pic

Before, marked up ready to go down to theatre

Immediately after

Immediately after

Notes to self...

Only the first day post op but I have already discovered a couple of things...
1. Don't let yourself get old - I made themistakeofnipping downstairs in my undies to get a glass of water without my dressing gown and the kitchen is much cooler than my room, shivering is an instinctive uncontrollable reaponse and for some reason (my kitchens not that cold!!) I started shivering... Oh my days ouch. My breasts were burning and I had to run back up stairs and dive (very slowly and carefully) back under the covers till it stopped!

2. I know it's comfy but don't let yourself wriggle down until your completely flat on the bed/ sofa... You will get stuck. Unless either of those are quite high and your able to roll off sideways and get your feet under you. But even then, rolling sideways hurts . I had to get my partner to put his hand under my neck and haul me up. So graceful!

1 day post op sneak peek at implants


So my boobs are ridiculously itchy. I've read that this is supposed to be normal and it's the skin stretching. I took my compression bandage and sports bra off this morning just to have a good luck and gently rub some bio oil in around my boobies but avoiding the dressings over incisions, it feels awful taking the sports bra off as the implants immediately start to part... I can see and feel them moving outwards and its a weird sensation and kind of uncomfortable. I put the bra back on quickly and the compression bandage and its like a sigh of relief, I feel like they are what's holding everything together at the moment!! They start burning for a bit shortly after I mess with them but a few minutes with a bag of peas either side soon settles that.

I've noticed that mornings are definitely the WORST. Its like overnight everything tightens up and gets set in its position then when I try and get out of bed in a morning (I have to roll off sideways), everything burns and aches and hurts. I had the forethought to put the codeine and some water beside my bed last night so took 60mg and waited 10mins before even attempting to get up - that helped a lot.

So i know it's gross but I've not been for a number 2 since Friday morning (we're now on Tuesday morning), I'm not massively concerned at this stage as I haven't been eating much but I definitely do not want to get compacted, v dangerous and can make you feel really shite. So I toddled up to the GP yesterday and picked up enough laxido to shift an elephant. Took 4 sachets yesterday, taken 4 this morning... Still nothing. Watch this space!!

Day 3 PO

So today has gone well on the whole, pain managed well and I made lunch for three children and went for a two mile walk (at a steady pace!) and had dinner with the in laws, impressive eh?!
So I've just had a shallow bath which felt lovely, then took off my sports bra to rub oil around my nipples (I will NOT get stretch marks!!) and one thing I noticed which I know is kind of gross, is that the skin over my sternum, the bit in between the incisions, is not only black and bruised, but also raised. It is so tight and sensitive there, the skin is lifted off the chest wall. Yack! I'm really hoping (praying) this goes down soon as the skin stretches and softens. For now I'm taking my arnica and rubbing bio oil into it.

Day 5 PO

Discolouration and bruising to the sides and middle of my boobs is going, I can rub the area with oil with no pain, swelling all gone just waiting for them to drop now!


So today I made my first new purchase for my boobies. A lace bra let from new look for £4.99. I wouldn't have dreamed of buying something without tonnes of padding before so super happy to have bought this! UK size 10 and fits perfect. I probably could've got away with an 8 to be honest but it's so comfy

Day 6 PO

So feeling great today, it's amazing how quickly the pain has just disappeared!! Not needing any pain meds now just taking my arnica and antibiotic. Went on a short drive today (20 mins) my car is an automatic and it felt fine. Good luck to those having ops tomorrow!! X

One week boobiversary!

So I'm one week post op and feeling great, so happy with size and shape already and I know there's still alot of "dropping and fluffing" so looking forward to seeing the changes. I drove an hour to from my home to Manchester today and it went fine just took it steady.
Have finished my antibiotics now and not needing any pain meds so totally med free now. Just using bio oil on my breasts in a morning when they feel tight and stiff.

Bra fitting

So I went to Victorias secret and got fitted, obviously, because why wouldn't you?! The girl put me in a 32DD and said it was too small! Oh no... What a shame! Can't say I've ever had that problem in my life before. Anyway so I got measured at 32DDD! Woohoo. Boobs are feeling so much softer already and it's not quite 2 weeks yet. I saw the nurse Monday (9 days post op) and had all my dressings taken off and the dissolvable stitches were nowhere to be seen- excellent news, she said they were healing great! So sit back, relax and keep up the good work hey. Il be going back to work this Friday on light duties so looking forward to getting out the house!!

1 month Post Op!

Wow what a month! While recovering from this operation I'm also nearing the end of my final year at uni so been unbelievable stressed and busy!!
But so far so good, healing is going well. I snuck a 3 km steady jog in on the treadmill yesterday but had to stop because I was paranoid my implants were going to drop out or something ridiculous!! it's killing me not being able to ride my horse either but hey ho 1 down 2 months to go ????
So recovery wise - doing great, only get discomfort when I sleep on my side and end up rolling towards my front, it hurts when the implants are pressed against the pocket walls. - Understandably! So Im still sleeping mostly on my back. They look really natural and there are no stitches poking out anymore (that was a bit gross!). When I touch the incisions the left one is solid and a bit tender still but the right is much softer with alot less scar tissue, I'm hoping the left catches up soon. I've got my one month review on Monday with Mr Kumar, it will be the first time he's seen them post op so I will update again after that!

7 months post op!!!

It's been forever since I've been on here, pre op I was trawling through realself on a daily basis (several times a day), but life has definitely moved on in the breast department. I went to Barcelona last month and actually sunbathed topless for the first time and enjoyed it! I was very careful to protect my scars with suncream...

I have pretty much full sensation back in my right breast, it's taken forever but has come back. And had no problems with the left.

They look so natural there's very few people in my life that know I've had it done, I started a new job recently and I kind of walked in thinking everyone was gonna point fingers and say "oh look at her she's had a boob job, if she hasn't the confidence in herself that she has to have major surgery, how can we trust her with patients?!" but it was nothing like that whatsoever. Obviously.
No one had an incling as far as I can tell and the close friends I've made that I have told were totally surprised. I take that as a real positive as my aim was wholly to remain natural looking. Don't get me wrong - I got fitted at wonderbra and took a 32E and that bra can hook em up to look smashing - great for Friday night on the tiles but not really a work look is it haha.

I've got my graduation ball in 2 weeks, ive chosen a strapless dress! This would not have happened pre op (it would definitely have fallen down) so super excited for that.

Good luck to anyone one with upcoming ops xxx
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