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My nose is big and not proportional to the rest of...

My nose is big and not proportional to the rest of my face. From the front my nostrils are too wide and from the side it looks like I have a gigantic witch nose. I've been self conscious about it since high school. I've been teased as a kid and just this summer at the pool a little boy came up to me and said, "Your nose looks like a witch's nose". I just laughed and said, "That's b/c I AM a witch". lol It's not until I see a photo that I realize HOW BIG IT ACTUALLY IS! I avoid any profile shots and make my family members delete any if they are taken. I don't want a small nose, I just want it smaller. I have a long face and don't think a small nose would look right. I'm hoping for a more feminine looking nose.

Well...a few more days till the "big" day. I've...

Well...a few more days till the "big" day. I've started taking my VitaMedica (healing support supplements). I keep forgetting that my ear is also going to have surgery. He's going to take cartlidge from it to give support in my nose since so much is going to be removed, to help prevent collapse. Very curious as how that's going to work. I'm filled with nerves and excitement. Reading everyone's stories is helping me feel more comfortable. I've added another pic I found to show my nostril flare. If everything goes well, maybe I'll go to Vegas again to celebrate!

I checked the undecided button for now and will...

I checked the undecided button for now and will change it after my post op visit next week. So far I think it's worth it, but will know for sure next week.
It's been 24 hrs since coming out of surgery. He didn't have to take cartlidge from my ear...yay! He made incisions on both nostril creases to reduce the flare and of course an incision on the middle part. From what I can see when I'm not wearing my moustache guage, I think it's going to look good. I'm so excited for next Wed. when the cast comes off!!
It feels like I have a bad sinus infecton in my nose and eye/cheek area. Bruising isn't that bad. Not sure if it's going to get worse over the next couple of days. There is swelling all around my nose. Yesterday I could feel the drainage going down my throat and it felt like there was fluid in my ear. I'm still wearing the moustache gauge to catch the bleeding. It's slowed down though. Sleeping last night was hard, I wanted to lay down normal so bad. Can't wait till I can! I took a couple pain pills yesterday and took one just now for the first time today. I posted some more photos.

2 days post op and I woke up with increased...

2 days post op and I woke up with increased swelling under my eyes, it's super puffy under them. There is a gland under my jawline that is really sore, must be trying to fight off all the trauma I've done to myself.

4 days post op and 2 more days till my cast comes...

4 days post op and 2 more days till my cast comes off. I think the swelling peaked yesterday and is a little better today. Not too much more bruising, just a little yellow under the eyes. I can't wait till I can breathe through my nose again. It seems to itch a little more today. There was a vase full of flowers delivered today from my doctor and his staff, which I thought was very thoughtful. I'm curious as to how much scarring from the incisions will be noticeable. and will the holes from the stitches be visible? I cut my thumb a few years ago and had to get stitches and I can still see the holes where the stitching was.

It's been 9 days since surgery. My face swelling...

It's been 9 days since surgery. My face swelling is gone, but there is still a lot of swelling on the nose itself, which I totally expected and am trying to be patient with. From the front, the nostril flare is reduced, but the bridge is really swollen still. The nostrils aren't perfectly symmetrical, but I wasn't expecting perfection and from what I see so far, I'm happy, I love my new profile. I didn't want a small nose, I wanted a smaller, more refined nose, and I think he did a great job at doing that. I am starting to breathe a little air through it, but it's still a lot of mouth breathing. That's the worst part right now. The recovery so far isn't as bad as I thought, and I only took a few pain pills following the surgery. I thought I would be having headaches and stuff, but I haven't had any. Let me know what you think!

I forgot to mention that the left nostril and ...

I forgot to mention that the left nostril and under the tip where the incision was made is numb. I've been trying to do light massages that he told me to do to help with the swelling.

It's been 2 weeks post op. The skin started...

It's been 2 weeks post op. The skin started peeling on my nose a little bit a few days ago. I've been gently exfoliating and moisturizing. I think each day there's an improvement and the best part so far is that I'm starting to be able to breathe through it! I can't do all my normal breathing, but I can get decent air through both nostrils. That's probably my biggest fear right now is that b/c of the nostril narrowing, that my breathing won't be the same. So I guess we'll see. My smile is almost back 100%, there is still a little restricted feeling above my upper lip. But I can actually see my upper teeth now when smiling. lol I will post pics later of my 2wk!!
I already feel like this "thing" has been lifted off of me. The self consciousness that I had with my nose is gone (even with the swelling present). I feel normal now. I wish it didn't have to take a nose job to do that, but it did. It's definitely boosted my confidence. I also am trying to work on the "inside" part of me as well as the "outside", cause I think that's just as important. :)

3 wks post op and it seems to get better each day....

3 wks post op and it seems to get better each day. I noticed the skin on my nose seems a little different at the moment...more oily (shiny), bigger pores. Was going to call the doctor to see what he suggests. Can I use normal stuff on the scar lines?
I've been noticing a small little black dot at the base of my nostril and after inspecting it last night, I took the tweezers, played around with it and ended up pulling out a small piece of stitch that must've broken off from when my stitches were removed. It was weird seeing it pull out. That was kinda unimportant information. lol
Milwaukee Facial Plastic Surgeon

I was very happy with how wonderful everyone was throughout the whole process. The nurses were fabulous and Dr. Campbell seemed very confident in what his plan was. He only does facial work and that's what I was looking expert in noses. Now back to the initial complimentary consult this summer....he took pictures and then he showed me what he can make my nose look like. He says he can get within 1mm of what he shows you on the pictures. I liked that. He explained to me exactly what he could do and that made me feel comfortable and trusting of him. He listened to what I had to say about my nose and then showed me realistic expectations. I had a consult last summer at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, $250, with a different doctor when I was beginning to seriously consider rhinoplasty. The difference between the two doctors was huge. The Mayo doc was super friendly and practically bouncing off the walls with excitement to do my nose. He gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling b/c he was so friendly. He also pointed other things out about my face that he would like to do. Not sure how I felt about that. I left there feeling uncertain about what he could do b/c he didn't sit down with me and look at pictures and explain things like Dr. Campbell did. Now, was Dr. Campbell gleaming with excitement during the consult like the Mayo doc? No, there was a more serious tone at his consult. What was important to me was how knowledgable Dr. Campbell was and the way he explained things. Anyone can be super friendly, but that doesn't mean they are going to do a better job...and I'm not saying the Mayo doc wouldn't have done a good job...I just didn't leave there with a clear vision of what his plan was. So far, so good.

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