31 Year Old, Female, Diastema, Large Gap - China, CN

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So far I had a consultation they told me I need to...

So far I had a consultation they told me I need to get a Frenectomy done before I get the braces put in. I was reading online that having it done before my braces can cause scar tissue so I'm wondering if I should do it before or after. Also the dentist was saying i may need to pull teeth to make room?? Why?

Got my braces installed on very wide diastema

I got my braces yesterday! I am in China so luckily I got an orthodontist who speaks decent English. I got these installed and they said it will take 1.5 years to close the large gap. I have some throbbing pain at the base of my lower teeth and it is difficult to eat anything. In the meantime I am having soups and porridge. There is a sharp wire that ends at my molars and it is jabbing my cheek till it is raw, I am returning to get the wire cut short because I can't deal with that discomfort.

They indicated that they won't extract my molars and will do the frenectomy after my gap has closed. I will visit my orthodontist again in one month, I am looking forward to seeing the changes!

6 Week Pictures

I have had one tightening session so far. I am seeing very slight changes, I actually didn't expect to see anything happening so soon. I am not impatient about it either, shockingly. I just want this to be done safely.

My two top, front teeth were previously kicked out at the base like the legs of the letter 'A', now they seem parallel to each other. I have another tightening in less than 2 weeks. Each session has been one month apart so far.

Week 9 update

I see tiny increments of change, I'm not too bothered by the rate of change. I'm looking forward to seeing where my teeth will be 6 months from now. My next appointment was supposed to be 27th November but my orthodontist had to reschedule to Dec 4th.

I must say every time I get my front teeth tightened I almost pass out from the pain LOL

Even though the space is closing very slowly, I never realised how large my gap had gotten over time!! I don't know why I took so long to close it perhaps because I never felt insecure about it until recently. People in China have been asking if I am missing a tooth!! I think that's when I realised, ok, time to make a change.

Week 13

Dang, this recent adjustment was painful, but the discomfort subsided after a few days thankfully. The dentist said "More Power" while he tightened it. He is Chinese and his English is ok, just hope he knows what he is doing, yikes! My gap seems to be closing a lot faster now. I asked my cousin if she saw any difference and she said "No", lol But I am seeing changes in the gap, thanks to pictures. I never really cared about the spaces in my lower teeth before braces but they were tilted to one side and now they are more vertical since I started wearing braces.
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