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I am almost 55 years old and had upper and lower...

I am almost 55 years old and had upper and lower eye surgery. My eyes were getting very tired looking with sagging skin over the eye and a hollow look under my eye. I have lost a lot of weight in the past 10 years and its taken a toll on my face. I am hoping for a more refreshed look and not to look so tired. I am just 3 days out of surgery and looking very scary with my eyes barely open and my whole face swollen . My doctor tells me this is normal.
The surgery its self was more painful then it should have been with the last 10 minuets the nova cane was waring off and felt a lot of it. instead of the doctor stopping and making things more comfortable for me he decided to let me tough it threw , stating we are all most done but almost was more then it should have been. not a good experience at all.

day 5 had the upper tape removed.

My vision gets blurred a lot due to the dry eyes and my left eye looks like it's off but i still have alot of healing to do. I am still very hopeful just impatient .

day 6 april 18 back to being very worried again, ugg

I am very worried and don't like what I see, This is day 6 and every thing i have been reading sease the stitches need to come out in 7 days. I will call my doctor as I need to clear this up with him and see if i miss understood. I just know that there was no mention of a appointment to remove my stitches till the 29th. I will up date after I get a response from my doctor .

a very quick responce from my doctor on stitch removel

Dear Cheryl,
1. The stitches will be removed on 29 as planned, in fact if the healing is not complete I might delay it even more. The type of stitches and your medical problems mandate that.
2. I hope the feedback you mentioned you are getting is from qualified medical professionals... sometimes unprofessional feedback causes more harm and more panic than good to the patient.
3. I think you forgot to wish me a Happy Easter. Thanks anyway, but I am on vacation till April 23rd .

Best regards
Adel Wilson MBBCh., MD, M.Sc., FRCS

responce to stitces

My Doctor was very good at responding to my e mail and explained to me that due to my medical condition my stitches have to stay in much longer . the 29th as it stands and also informs me It may be longer.

looking a bit better i think

I feel I worry way to much, I am seeing it looking better and can see i am a very slow healer. I confident My doctor knows what he is doing and I am just being a difficult patient. He is a good doctor and i need to trust more and stop my worrying.

11 days post opp/ what a roller coaster ride.

I wish the was a check list question to ask your doctor post opp. I was surely asked if I had any but just did not know the roller coaster ride i would be taking in figuring out why my stitches where to stay in this lath of time. I am on Plavix witch is a blood thinner and im sure this may cause a slower healing time. but to go this length of time with out being seen, well im just not comfortable with it. I wish he had explained a little more about why. I will call tomorrow for a second opinion . I feel at this stage it may be the best thing. My stitches appear to be disappearing into my face where some of them are red and raised. How are they to be removed if you cant get to them. Just a scary thought.

Healing and waiting

2 more days and my stitches come out, I hope. Things do look better and am feeling better about how things are going. I'm not prototypical so it can be hard to know what is best. For now I just need to trust in my doctor and leave it up to him. It can be such a hard call and i realize how difficult patients as my self must be. God bless our Doctors for what they do and for there understanding , patients , and good dedicated work.

17th day post opp, stitches removed

I am very very pleased with Dr Adel. All that worry about the la-nth of time of the stitches made no difference when it came to a very good out come. He knows what he is doing and dose incredible work. Im a little puffy still and have a few more wks. of healing yet before I really see the end result but wow , what a difference. will up date again in one wk. Thank you Dr Adel.

3 wks post opp on upper and lower eye surgery

still a little puffy and some redness but looking much much better.

set back, posable infection in left eye

yesterday my eye felt more sore and puffy and today it watering and i have intense shooting pain that get worse with the light. It is making me sick to my stomach it hurts so much and i have to wait another 8 to 10 hrs before a doctor will be avalible . 5/7/2014 7am ugg, not a good day

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