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Planning on having BBL in the beginning of March...

Planning on having BBL in the beginning of March end of February...so I'm doing my homework now. My dr of choice 1.Hazani 2.Beck 3. Hassan....I'm from the Bayarea and was hoping not to travel but it cost SO much out here (dr beck). I have consult with Dr Beck soon but from patients on here they paid $12,000!!! Dr hazani quoted me $7900 and dr hasaan $4500 but I don't want to travel that far but his results look GREAT


What's the difference between RH and the hotel stay they offer?


My mind is made up

I made my decision Dr Hazani!!! Through consults over email they are so great! They answer everything and I know when they see an emai From me for the 2000th time they are probably like"AGAIN" lol!!! But they answer every stupid question and serious questions I have for them...now going to send my deposit asap and wait till march 2016....I can't wait but nervous at the same time. March seems like a long time from now but time flies

Deposit....just venting

Coming up with this deposit is kind of a struggle, kids, bills and ect ...but I'm going to do it...gave me 2 more weeks to give them deposit lol!

It's getting real

I just paid my deposit!!! Even if it's in March 2016 I'm starting to get nervous lol!! Shit just got real...what's next?

Dr hazani patients quick question

How long did u stay? How was the pain with meds? How was the flight? And what should I be expecting new after paying deposit? Geez I'm nervous and anxious at the same time...help?

Thinking about boobs too

I was thinking about doing BBL and BA at the same time (of course if I'm a candidate) but how the hell would I lay down? My side? I sleep on my side normally but I also want him to give me some hips!!! Wouldn't that effect the fat he puts on my hips? I don't know!!

Wish pix


Work giving me a hard time to take off! He wants me to go in May....but I want March!!! My kids are off and husband March is very convenient for me! Ugh my boss can be an Ass!!! And it's a mind thing...I just want to start my healing process asap! I'm still fighting to get my dates...I will get it ;)

Only if

I gotta admit Dr Hassan girls be looking good!!! He does a great job...he crosses my mind all the time but Miami too far for me and after care from most I read sounds scary! But those asses he creates looks sooooo good!!! Only if he was closer

My date is official

March 25 is the date!!! My boss approved!!! Oh man!!! Shit is gettin real!!! I know I know it's still October but time flies!!! I am so anxious and scared! Sometimes I feel like "wtf am I doing?" Next minute "hell yeah I'm about to have me a big booty soon!" I love this sight and all the girls on here sharing their journey and answering others that are preparing for their journey!!! U girls are great!

Anyone have a bad experience with Hazani?

I've been reading reviews on big dr on here from Hassan,Fisher,DrO, ect ect and I read good and bad from blood transfusion, infection, unevenness, ect ..Dr Hazani on the other hand, I haven't read one bad review or anything scary that would make me think twice. Is there any reviews on here about Dr Hazani that are bad? It wouldn't make me change my mind but I'm curious. And I know there's good and bad to every dr. So far Dr Hazani seems like he's the MAN lol!

The cuff

Dr hazani patients...I see in the beginning of the procedure butts are high with a shelf and kinda flat on the bottom...and the patients I see never come back on rs. Does it go down and make a cuff? I'm looking for a heart shape with a cuff! Should I tell him specifically that I want that cuff? Lol!!! It's Saturday and I'm
Drinking and really dwelling on the "cuff" lol

I want it all

I'm really thinking about getting boobs and butt and hips...if possible at the same time! I doubt I will just because I don't want to mess up the outcome of my bbl and hips...but I wish

I want their results

Hazanimermaid and queenlove83 i am loving their results :) I want big and full no flat on the bottom (might just start that way though) and most importantly the "CUFF" and for me I want big hips ( I'm hoping) makes me so anxious to get mine already!!! Tax season where are u???? Lol!!!!!

What I'm nervous about (venting)

I am scared as shit to wake up in pain!!! I'm hoping I wake up with no pain and it creeps on me little by little at least when I sense it I can take pain meds!!! Another is my bbl shrinking back to normal I pray it does not disappear!!! Another is trapped fluid :/ and lastly leaving my kids for 4 nights!!! I know I'm attached :.(

My wish

I'm hoping this is doable on me lol!

Bbl and ba at the same time

I really want both ba and bbl...scared of recovery though and how the hell would I sleep???? But I know it could be done though...recovery yeah might be rougher but past 5 to 6 days I should be atleast ok right? I'm confused :/ I just want it all over with...then next 2 yrs TUMMY TUCK!!!!! Lol

Bbl and ba approved!

So the dr said I'm a candidate for both procedures at the same time if I can handle recovery:/ I'm sure I can but do I want to?!?! I want to get it both over with but nervous!!! I still have a awhile to make up my mind. Any one that has done both can give me some feed back on it please!!!

is this a good idea for recovering after ba and bbl??????

So I was thinking...how about buying a cot bed and cutting a hole where my boobs are if I get bbl and ba at the same time??? Or cut a hole for butt? Cot might not be comfy but I'm sure during recovery u won't be comfy any way...right? As long as my butt is protected as much as possible

Boobs....just venting

I think I'm going to do both ba and bbl...I've been looking for girls who have done both...I've found some...not too informative...I Always wanted them done natural big boobs after kids aren't too cute lol! Also I know many girls go through stages where they think their butt shrank or it's not as big and become disappointed...atleast if that happens to me (God forbid) I can look at my boobs :) still researching sleeping positions because I'm getting hips as well

Ideas for bbl and ba (venting again)

I think I have a great idea lol!!! I'm going to remove my couch cushion( it has 3 cushions) and angle it to leave gap for my bbl and hips and leave my other couch cushions on....add some pillows to the other cushion to raise my back lower back and more pillows for thighs!!! Hope it works lol!! No pressure on butt and I'll be a little up right for my ba!!! Sorry I'm just venting and some ideas for girls struggling with ideas like me ;)

Found a website for ba recovery

So I found these pillows for ba...I wonder if these would work

Discount paying cash?!?!

According to dr hazani office...Sarah, was telling me they do not give u any percent off when u pay cash...sucks for me :( any percent off would be nice lol!!! But I read many girls on here got couple hundred dollars off paying cash...guess they switched it up

Just another wish

Bbl shrinking

I'm really terrified if I go through this my results slowly disappear!! I've been reading a couple girls stories that are going through this!! It makes me second guess my decision and makes me just want to settle for a ba....geez I'm nervous

Just thinking

I'm thinking of getting boobs done first...why? I'm scared my bbl might shrink and I will get all depressed like a lot of girls on here get when their swelling goes down....I still going to get but atleast with boobs it won't go anywhere! And after a ba I get bbl I won't be so depressed if I feel it shrank too much cuz my boobs still there lol!!! Just thinking not for sure thing.

Today I'm thinking...boobs first? Ugh tomorrow will be bbl

Wish pic...boobs edition...I'm so torn! I will be getting both not at same time bbl and ba it's just hard deciding which one!!! Boobs maybe cuz they heal faster?!?! Ugh!!!! Tomorrow I'll tell myself butt :/
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In March 2016

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