69 Yrs young . Getting TT with Lipo and Fat grafting and later BL

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I know if I don't do it this year I won't. I have...

I know if I don't do it this year I won't. I have always been active and healthy until this past year I was really sick with sepsis from kidney stone and UTI. Somehow I survived. They found a cyst on kidney that is borderline malignant, I now have to get ct scan every 6 months to watch it but everything I read on net says most of the time they don't change. I had a hysterectomy prior to sepsis and then was separating from husband as he has a problem. I kind of went Mano running around packing, lifting and doing What I was not physically supposed to do and my bladder prolapsed . The MM kept getting set on back burner. A few days ago I finally had my bladder fixed with robotic surgery. I'm here at home recovering. I have 6 incisions on my belly. The incision on my right side hurts a lot. I am managing the pain with pain pills and hope to be off them soon.

I have had 3 consultations since last year. I thought the third PS was the one because of everything I heard but I think I expected too much, and I wasn't clear at our meeting. They ask what are you not happy with and I told him everything and that is not realistic at my age. I think he tried to back me off from my high expectations and of course the amount of money all those things would cost . I do have one more consult where I will only talk about belly and boobs . I have saved wish pics and of course they are pics of women much younger. It just ain't gonna work with what he would have to work with. I see many good results from women with similar bodies but there are variables and a big one is skin elasticity which I lack. I am hoping to have it done in July right after they release me from my recovery now. They said 3 months.

I was thin all through my 20s 30s and part of 40s. Never weighing over 118# I starting putting weight on in late 40s then menopause my belly goy saggy my arms got big, my boobs went south more and more in 50s and then the creppy skin in 60s. It's not fair, it's just not fair. The most I weighed was 162 and that freaked me out. It's been a constant struggle over the last 20 years. It's mostly loose skin now and I am determined to get it cut off. Thanks for listening to me ramble. I am so happy for all the women here who have gone over to the flat side and I can't wait to join them in the sisterhood.

Another Consultation

Hello Everyone, I have another consult. Scheduled for the 17th of this month. I have to go in with realistic expectations and be happy with what can be done with the amount of money I can spend. If I go to a PS further away from Bay Area I could save money but not sure about peace of mind. That doesn't mean those PS aren't as talented I just would not like being far away from home. The best to all of you in whatever stage of your journey you are on.

I am recovering from my surgery from last week, maybe when I have my TT they will get rid of these little scars they made in my belly.


I made a mistake my appointment is on this Tuesday morning the 19th. It is an hour and half away. I hope I do ok driving after this surgery.

Just needed to Talk

I am sitting around trying to be the good healer/patient. I've read two books this week, watched way to much TV, paced around from front to backyard. I had a little plant/vine i needed to plant and I took my time doing that today. I am getting a taste of what it will be like after a MM. Im practicing. I have my pillows all lined up for propping up my knees and back. Ive gotten good at sleeping on my back , all this in just a few weeks. I was a bit apprehensive about sitting around for a couple weeks and eating too much. I ordered Nutrisystem for two months for two reasons, to not gain any weight and to hopefully lose a few more pounds before the MM. The first week you have to eat 4 servings of veggies everyday (fresh). Thats easy I love my veggies, but I also love all categories of food. I am drinking at the min 32 oz of water but should be at 64 Im trying. Im excited about my consult on Tuesday. Two more steps deciding on Dr. and setting a date. I have two people lined up to help me. My Dogs have assured me they will be useless and are only concerned about their daily walks and mealtimes. The first day I came home hospital and my Step daughter was looking at my wounds standing over me my boy jumped up on the bed and got in her face. SO they must be aware of something or its smell.

Yesterday's consultation

So, re: breasts..decided on lift no implants at my age because of maintenance. I have under arms bra rolls that would need excision. 7.5 hrs surgery. 18,600. Gulp! Then separate TT 13,350. We r talking over 32k. 2 op. Rm costs 2 anesthesiologist etc etc. I never dreamed it would cost that much, but safety (my age) the extras took it over the top. I believe he would be the perfect Dr to do it. I liked him, he has the experience. If I spend that much and then being alone and retired I would never be able to go anywhere, to show off my new body. That extra 15k is quite a few trips. So, another Realselfer 50 is 2 hrs away and she had very good results so I contacted her Dr. He is away from the Bay Area where prices are more inline with my budget. I told myself I would never choose by price, but what is a women to do. I am starting on a new Dr. Research. I sent my pics to his coordinator today to at least get the conversation going. I did feel totally comfortable with Dr. Yesterday, trusting I would wake up and end with good results. With him it wasn't even a gut feeling I just know. So if I do this I have to feel that again. Lottery tickets anyone.!! Keep me in your prayers for something good to come my way.

Finally Committed to a Date and a Surgeon

Well it took me long enough, and I agonized over my decision. I have faith in the Dr. I chose. I am going to Mexico,TJ to be exact. I chose Dr. Rodriquez after doing a lot of research, communicating with other RealSelfers who have gone to him and I feel good. I am starting out with an extended Tummy Tuck lipo and fat grafting to butt and hips. I will have to wait about 3 months to do my breasts.

I had a FaceTime consultation with the Dr. and he was very kind and attentive to my health and I believe we are on the same page. Because of my age, length of surgery it is best to separate the surgeries into two events. I know he is going to do the best he can with the condition of my skin which has lost a lot of elasticity. One thing I noticed is I didn't have this skin 10 years ago, it happened fast. I wish I would have known I would have gotten this done before it happened. My friends say the same that all of a sudden it was there.

The big day is July 6th. I have to recover from my bladder surgery and wait 3 months from the day of that surgery which is July 6th. Im wasting no time. All I have to do is send the deposit and then start gathering what I need.

I live in Northern Calif. so I am going to drive down to a friends on July 3rd and then the day before surgery the 5th they will pick me up on this side of border. I will have in person consult and go over tests I have to have blood etc. on July 5th. I will stay 10 days at the recovery house be taken back across border where friend will pick me up and we will drive back North. I have a large SUV so I am going to put seats down in back If I have to lie down. I am also up for driving half way and getting a motel if it becomes necessary. But I think 10 days should give me a good start on recovery. I am also flying back down on the 28th of July to go to Grandsons Bday only staying a few days but if necessary I can go for a recheck with the good Dr.

Anyone else out there considering Dr. Rodriquez from my area and wants to go Im open to discussion.

Im excited and nervous. But most worried about my dogs while I am gone for two weeks. Wow, 14 days in Kennel is about 1500. More research ......

Since I have been at home recovering from my current surgery I mentioned previously I bought nutrisystem. I started at about 140. This morning I weighed 134.9. It is working pretty good Im not hungry. Because I dont have a lot to lose it is slow coming off. The more I can get my belly fat down the flatter my stomach will be post surgery. But I have to say I am getting pretty bored. I see all this stuff that I want to do around house and yard and I have to refrain. I can't even vacumn and when you have two hairy dogs YUK. All I can do is the dust mop. I don't look much different from previous pics so no knew ones to post.

Unable to update cost so I am putting it here. $7500, Includes 10 days, hospital, anestheologist, 1 garment, Insurance for 10 days,meds and local transportation. You can purchase another garment, scar therapy and other items at recovery house.

Sent my deposit off........

I went to town today and sent off my deposit to secure my July 6th surgery date. I've heard so many women say they went to Walmart to purchase different items. I was in there for ever and couldn't find anything that worked. I ended up just buying some cotton undies in my size but at home they don't fit right. I went to Rite Aid and found some compression socks. A bit frustrating I just wanted to buy buy buy and cross little things off my list like Santa.

I've already asked Paulina , the coordinator at least 25 questions and she always answers right away.

As I said yesterday I am driving down and back but going back down end of month via airplane, I bought those tickets today.

63 Days to the Flat Side

I didn't realize there were so many commercials for PS on TV, at least in my area. I've become so obsessed with reading everyone's journey. It's like noticing every pregnant woman or babies every where when you are pregnant.

59 days

This week I sent the form back answering all the questions for the insurance that is provided. Looked up the Angel Recovery Spa. It looks beautiful. It definitely looks like the right place to recover.
I made an appointment with my PCP to have all the blood work etc done.
My friend is going to take care of my dogs and my home while I am gone.

I feel so much better and relieved and all is falling into place.
I know in previous updates I said I didn't want to travel too far from home and look what I have done. It just felt right. With the added expense of traveling it will probably end up being close in cost to some of my first consults but I am getting more with Dr. R. I just know it will be a good experience.
Can someone tell me about the private FB page for the Rodriquez Beauties.?
I am still doing Nutrisystem, it's high in protein which should be good for my blood tests. Plus I'm losing weight towards that flat tummy. Down to 133.6 for the past 4 days now hoping I'm going to drop again soon.
Best to all of you on this journey.

Tests Done!

Last Thursday I visited my PCP to have a checkup, get referrals for blood work, urinalysis , and chest X-ray. This morning at 7:30 I arrived at lab (fasting). I was in and out pretty quickly. Next is getting copies of tests taking pictures of results and emailing them to Dr. Office. No faxing.

My PCP I don't think was happy with my decision to go to Mexico as she has done follow ups with 3 women with problems upon coming home. One serious 2 minor. She told me to make sure the place is spotless when I go in or turn around. Don't let anyone touch me without gloves and washing hands. She was basically telling me to be vigilant. I asked her if I could see her when I returned just to make sure she thinks it looks healthy. She said of course she would never turn me away. 51 days to go.


I picked up the results of all of my tests this morning. Only one looks iffy. The urinalysis , tried looking things up on Internet. This results might be because of my recent bladder surgery. I have also been shopping for some supplies to take with me. Oh, I had my finally checkup with my surgeon gave me the ok to have my TT in July. She said she would be a better option instead of my PCP to check me out when I come home as she is a surgeon mainly with female stuff but has done many hysterectomies where the PS has then come in and done the TT at the same time. That makes me feel good she is wonderful. My Mom fell and broke her ankle in two places so Tuesday I am going to help take care of her until and possible after surgery. I may not have Internet access unless I go to someplace like Starbucks. Everyone who is waiting for surgery, contemplating it or recovering I give my best to.

Tests look good

Dr. Rodriquez emailed me and said my tests all look good . My hemoglobin is 13.6 he said that's perfect. But, he turns all tests over to another Dr. Who will do my pre op in Mexico and check my lungs and heart again. I'm getting excited and nervous as it is down to 39 days. I'm a bit stressed my Mom fell broke ankle in 4 places I am taking care of her right now. It's not easy moving her around. Plus she'll have an operation on the 8th I will go home for a few days (4 hours away) take care of business at home and come back on 9th stay until 18th. Then go home and prepare for my TT. My Mom is 92. Also today one of my dogs running after ball did something to his rear leg and is limping if he doesn't shake it off by tomorrow I'll have to find an emergency vet up here, holiday weekend. Hoping everyone else out there is doing well with their recovery or plans. Mom has no internet so I'm stealing from someone close by that has no lock on but only available intermittently.

Countdown one month

I don't have much to add. I am just busy taking care of business and Walking the dogs, doing yard work. I have everything I need except some more lotion and vitamins. I took some pictures yesterday. I'm down another 7 #. I'm not pushing it too hard I want him to have a little fat to add to my butt. Just to give it a little shape. The butt is already on the flat side. I did take my dogs to the vet. They are good but are now on diets. Thats probably why one dog hurt himself. He ran too hard carrying too much weight. He was up 9# since his last visit. While I was recovering from my bladder surgery he didn't get good walks in. A neighbor walked them but not for long each day. They were used to a few hours each day but I was still feeding them the same. No more treats. I am giving them, or one likes carrots and one will eat apples. I am going back to my Moms on the 13th to 19th to help her after surgery. My life is kinda ho hum a day at a time right now. I'm not worrying about the surgery. I think more about after and imagine what I will look like with no belly.

Scar Therapy

I have been reading up on scar therapy. There are quite a few remedies recommended by different doctors. Silicone sheets at different price points, very expensive to affordable. Gels, creams and paper tape and oils. The one thing I read that seems to make sense is that pulling or moving around at the Initial stage of healing pulls the wound apart that causes the incision to have to heal by closing that gap across and then from the bottom, which is the scar. Tape and the silicone sheets hold the incision together by tension making a thinner scar. A number of doctors use paper medical tape. A whole heck of a lot less expensive. Today I went on Amazon and bought two rolls.
I heard they sell the scar therapy my Dr. Recommends at the recovery house but I don't know what it is. So if anyone reading this and has gone to Dr. Rodriquez and knows I would love to know. Or I'll send them an email.
I was thinking I might do the paper tape on one side and depending on his recommendations on the other side. But after reading about the need for tension I don't think I'll use just gel or cream. Does anyone have feedback regarding this? The brand name of the tape I bought is Mepitac.

3 weeks to Surgery

Well I found out that my Dr. Uses kitocil, maybe I spelled that incorrectly both gel and strips. I'm back up at my Moms. She had her operation but still can't stand or walk. She's a trooper. I had to tell my sister what I'm going to do so she said no worries she'll cover for me. Not much to do here. Just before I came up here I had my backyard rototilled so when I go home I'll have a small amount of sod installed. I'm not writing much about my upcoming TT but keeping busy. It's hot here and I have to go out early for walks. I have gained some of the weight back I just lost cooking for my Mom. Her one pleasure at 92 is food as she can do nothing else right now. Today I made a cherry cobbler. Tonight I'm making chicken tacos. I can't tell her no I'm not eating like that. I've been looking at some really nice results so I am again encouraged that I might be in the same boat in a few weeks time. I just wish I could of combined some of these procedures because of time healing and cost.

On the Road in two weeks

Wow, I've been following a couple of ladies her on RS and I'm quite impressed at how great they look. I'm going to show my doc their pictures and ask if I can look that good after surgery. It will at least give him pause to think I better live up to her expectations. I am now starting to get a bit nervous. I've been pre-occupied caring for my Mom but arrived home yesterday when my Brother and wife took over. I made another list of vitamins for before and after. Started taking pro-biopics yesterday. Unfortunately I gained 3 # while at my Moms. She has goodies everywhere. But I fixed that I ate them all and didn't replenish them.
I tried to join the Angel Recoverys house website for my Drs patients and was unsuccessful again. I've heard good things about the ladies sharing stories and pictures from our Dr. I wrote Angel an email this morning for help maybe by tomorrow I will be successful.
I'm so thankful for the friends that are helping me take this journey. It's a bit weird to depend on your husband for many years and he decides to take a walkabout and you have to start confiding in other people and you don't know what their reaction will be and sometimes you regret saying anything to certain people. It is amazing that once that happens you get a much clearer view of who to talk to and who not to talk to. Why are people so weird and opinionated about PS. It's almost like politics people have opinions and that's OK it's when they want to make you feel like you are wrong ,crazy ,vain or stupid. I said my piece. Everyone have a Happy Fathers Day.

Getting Excited

I have been on my Dr.s FB page it's a closed group of women who are currently having procedures or previous and women like me waiting for their day. Everyone has been wonderful and the results are pretty amazing. 9 days until I take off and go South.

Last minute prep...leaving on Sunday

I packed for surgery as I will be gone for about 15 days. I unpacked again today and took a bunch of stuff out. I received my Embrace. I'm all set to go. I made a list of last minute questions to ask the Dr. When I arrive to make sure we are on the same page. I've been talking to a few women on the Recovery Houses website and watching some transformations among the ladies currently there. Everyone seems very pleased. I am currently the oldest woman in the conversations unless someone is hiding in plain site, I think I said that before. Another woman is 61 and scheduled for Oct. I will post as things transpire. Thanks to the ladies that have supported me it means a lot . Next Wednesday evening I hope to be on the flat side and not disappointed.

I'm waiting!

It is 7:30 am. I am just waiting to be picked up at 9am. Surgery at noon. I took a shower and scrubbed everything for the last time. Unfortunately the water was barely warm. I was so looking forward to a hot shower. I was in and out so fast. I'll be staying at the hospital tonight and be back here sometime tomorrow afternoon. Wish me well. Picture is from yesterday sitting on the patio after I arrived.

3:30 am

Didn't go in until after 1 pm. I saw a couple Nurses I assume. Next thing I know after 6pm I think. I'm in my room for the night. They brought me Hot Tea apple juice and green jello. I have compression socks on, comes on automatically. Oh, Dr R pre surgery did com in and mark me up. The compression wrap on belly way too tight on right side. They loosened but will do a better job later in morning when they check every thing out. Same spot that hurt when I had my bladder surgery earlier this year. Also preppy about 4 people came in asking question, personnel belongings taking away for safe keeping. Anesthesiologist. Just got tired again, nighty nite......????

Update and pics

Hello all, I'm on the flat side except I've got the swelling. I had a TT Liposculpure and he was to add fat to hips and butt, but I have not seen those too areas yet. When they changed the dressing the young lady snapped a couple of pics for me. I have been up once to go pee and that was awful. I have a pain pump. No constant pain but the wrap hurts on my right side some where a couple incisions were from prolaspe bladder surgery 3 months ago. So here goes!

6 days post op

I love looking down and not having a place to rest my book, plus I can finally see what it looks like down there without doing contortions. Lol. I am puffed up like a puffer fish. I got my first look at my back after my shower the nurse took a picture for me. I have to say I made noises of disappointment at the wrinkles folding down my back. I didn't want the scar around my back extending the TT. But what difference would it have made. I got a big scar in front.

I have a waist. It's been hiding all these years. I have been in
PJs all week so I have no idea what clothes will look like. I think I see the Dr. Again on Thursday, if so there is no sense I should drive back to recovery house and turn around the next morning and drive again to Border to go home.

I had such a rough time, that I have had thought of not getting anymore surgeries. I've had many surgeries in my life but without strong pain pills I was a complete wuss. I wanted my Mom. Lol.

I feel much better today after Doc figuring it out I had acid reflux and I got medicine. I ate today, took a shower and I did not throw up, what a novelty. So I'll post my pics and you can see the swelling. I hope you all are doing well in your recovery.

Headed North

I left the recovery house this morning and crossed the border at about 9:45am. Met up with my good friend and we drove about 2 hours to her home. I am resting now and feel pretty good. Sore where I had Lipo and swollen a bit but I get around and walk straight up. I try to take more pics tomorrow. As I said previously I only had a tummy tuck. After seeing my back wrinkles I see I could benefit from an upper body lift. I don't know if I am ready for that. My plan in possible 6 months is do a BL and arm lift. We'll see.
Everyone at the Drs. Office, hospital and recovery house were very caring. All places were immaculate and professional. Dr. Rodriquez is kind,compassionate and very concerned with all the other patients I met at the recovery house and oh what a view out to the ocean I'll post a pic. You really need and have to relie on other people to do this recovery and the nurses at the recovery house become like family. I can't say enough good things about these women. If anyone was contemplating go to Dr. Rodriquez you will be taken care of.

Left side indentation

I took my first shower all by myself no help. Took a few pics. It's swollen still. I still have my drain and one stitch in my butt crack. My friend can't see well enough to remove it.

3weeks post op

Today is 3 weeks PO. I feel pretty good, I make myself rest even when I don't feel like I need it. I swell up at some point every day. Wearing the garment helps, but I wish it had feelings and I could torture it back. Lol. I've lost 6 or so pounds even though I eat quite well, water maybe. Incision all closed some scabs already fallen off. Drain came out on Monday. My ob/gyn surgeon took it out pronounced me looking good and told me it's going to take months to be back to normal no swelling and my shape to transform. Be patient she said. I went clothes shopping yesterday cuz my butt won't fit in my size 8 pants. Bought 10P, I had to have something to wear until swelling goes down. I wore a loose dress to Step-daughters graduation to cover the drain. I had changed my hair got a light wave and my wayward husband commented saying I looked good. Then he noticed new jewelry I was wearing and said where did you get this. I told the truth and said I borrowed it from my friend. Later my friend chastised me and told me I should have said oh a friend gave it too me, implying a male. I'm slow sometimes. He even came over and sat with us. He didn't look so hot. I have no complaints just have to go through the healing. I have a video. I will try to post now. I hope it shows the entire video. Thanks to all of you for your support through this and yes I'll have the BL and arms done when my body is ready. I tried a few times to download the video. So tomorrow morning I'll take more pics and post them

3 weeks PO pictures

4 weeks post op.

Hi all, I have been busy going to Graduation, Grandsons birthday. Friends visiting from all over. I hardly ever get company and when I have my TT everyone shows up and I have this terrible back injury and have to wear a brace (my garment) Tee Hee. So I have done and pushed myself too much and could hardly stand up straight. Today I'm doing the minimum. I feel pretty good. Swelling everyday, garment tortures me. Today I am wearing spanx I needed a break. Still have some scabs. Trying to keep my hands off so they can be there as long as needed. Then I guess I can start scar therapy. I don't know when the usually timeline is for that to start I guess it's individual and Dr. R. Will let me know. I actually thought I would be stronger than I am at this point as I have had many major surgeries in my life. But be aware this is a tough one, but oh so rewarding everytime I look down and that belly is gone. Everyone says they wish they had done it sooner and certainly I wish I had cuz now I would have to do many things to look like I would like to look but that won't happen and that is ok . I've had a good life and my major few dissatisfactions with my body can be dealt with and I'm good. I'll probably do my boobs and arms next year. The rest of me can be a bit droppy and creppy I'll still look pretty good. I hope your all doing well.

OK...6 weeks Plus a few days Post Op.

I can get out of bed without using the headboard to pull me up. I can bend over with no pain, still a bit tight. I'm still having a love hate relationship with the wrap garment. Trying to keep it in place is an all day struggle. I did buy a full body spanx type thing but damn it's summer and sweaty. I still experience a major amount of swelling with just the belly wrap my upper legs swell and I have to lie down, what a drag at this point. The Doctor wants me to wear both garments now. I will do it cuz I want out of this phase.
I had a checkup routine ct scan for my kidney, not related to this, and I didn't tell them prior about my TT. How was I to know they could see it. So they see a Seroma near my belly button and they noted in the report. It's small but I can feel it. If I tap on my belly it sounds hollow. The wrap is a certain size and if you don't keep it down low over the incision it rides up, when I sit it digs into the incision so multiple times it has opened the incision right above my mons. I have finally gotten it to heal the scab is thick and wide at one spot. There are a few other scabs waiting to fall off. I have the itches all over my back and belly from the Lipo.
I guess it's feeling coming back.
Just wanted to give my update on my progress.

12 week update

3 months it went by rather quickly. I feel pretty good but wear my spanx with the compression garment over it. I sometimes start out sleeping in it and wake up and tear it off. When I get up though if I don't put it back on I swell up and my belly gets very hard so back on it goes.

I am on my second 10 days of using Embrace and I take it off tomorrow air out for a day and put new strips on.

I've been hopeful that my healing would go faster but I'm not known for patience and I just had my 70th Birthday so I just might not heal as quickly as you younger gals. My exercise consists mainly of walking and yardwork. I also do stretching before I even get out of bed in the morning. Tomorrow I will start tearing out my old fence in front to get ready for a new one. That should work some muscles.

Once in awhile I get a single sharp pain that quickly subsides. I have a lot of itching and feeling around my belly this morning the numbness is going away starting on outside by hips and goes in about 3" towards BB and then it's numb again. It's healing.

My measurements are 39 32.5 40 I am 5'3". ..136#. I asked Dr. To put fat in my butt and I don't like it. I thought I would but since I'm short I don't have that slim look I like on me. My 92 yr old Mom was teasing me saying your the only woman in this family without a bigger butt and you go and get one, ha. I'm going to add pics with my favorite sz 8 jeans. In one I have my hand on hip that takes that hip away. I like that better. Maybe I can have Dr. R. Take it out. I know that sounds crazy. We'll see.

My tummy may need more taken off but 3 months is too soon to tell. I started today more closely watching what I eat going to keep it at or under 1200 cal.

I also still want to get a lift and my arms done. January maybe have not decided. I could use a thigh lift and a facelift but I would have to go back to work and that's not gonna happen.

I'll post some pics. If anyone is similar maybe I could get feedback on healing and shrinking.

Photos at 12 weeks

Undressed 12 week pictures

I just took these pics by myself it's not easy. The white garment is one of the spanx items I have. I also wear a tank over it and then the waist cincher.

6 Month TT update and BL and arm lift with another Dr.

I waited awhile to do this update because I wanted to see if there were significant changes. There's not. I did email my Dr. Pics quite awhile ago. I was frustrated and whining, complaining of all the costs to have it redone. I know he doesn't charge surgical fees but still the 1500. Hospital and anesteologist. Another 1400 for recovery house. 10 days boarding dog. Airline flight both ways. I was thinking I was trying to save money and it will end up being more than if I would have stayed home in the first place. So that's my fault I made the decision to go to TJ. But, I thought I might get a little sympathy from him. I never received a phone call, text email. NOTHING. I see now he has to do many revisions.

So I have had a consultation with a Dr. Up here and ended up having a BL and arm lift here close to home. I had it done on Jan. 5th. Everything went well it's 4 days PO. I am also going to have him do my revision to the TT, just don't know how soon. My new Dr. Is Jeffrey Sweat from Sacramento.


Just wanted to say I couldn't get a before arm pic. And you can't seeing anything yet all taped up. After I go to dr. For follow up on 20th I'll get pics.

Arm lift Jan 2017- today Aug 26 2017

So here goes. My arms. The scars look pretty good. Sometimes they are redder and show more. They can't do anything about the wrinkles on lower arm. That's just me, no elasticity. The CTT I had really made an improvement on all the loose skin my first Dr. Left. The CTT was in March and I still have very noticeable scars so I cover them with larger panties. I love my breasts they are where they are supposed to be. My arms are sore all the time and very sensitive.
Dr. Irving Rodriquez

So far my communications with their office and Paulina his Coordinator have been prompt and helpful. She gets back to me right away with answers to all of my questions. She is very professional. I had a video conference with Dr. R. and he was very nice, answered my questions insisted that we follow all the procedures to get the best result while being very concerned about my safety. He didn't make any promises but said he would do the best he could and he made me to understand I must have realistic expectations. I just left the recovery House after spending 9 days there. I had two final appt. after surgery. I was having a difficult time with some pain the first couple of days and we went over what it could be. He finally suspected a bad case of acid reflux got me some medicine and I was so much better. He is a good doctor he does complete follow through with you and all the instructions for when you go home. You will not be disappointed. He is a very good surgeon. I am very very happy with what he did with my body. I'll be 70 next month, don't wait. It's now six months post op. I didn't get the results I wanted. I have to have a revision on my tummy. It wasn't pulled tight enough, a lot of fat was left where when I sit my belly rolls over quite a bit. More so on right side. I had some fat put in butt suppose to be right in the middle but I ended up with saddle bags. Not sure what went wrong wish I had not have that done. I still swell everyday at 6 months. My belly is still numb. I have a hard lump above my belly button that is sore. I have a new dr. Dr. Jeffery Sweat who just did a BL and arm lift on me. So far looks great.

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