Actually, I Slept Quite Well ... I Always Look Like This :( - Bay Area, CA

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I'm a happy, healthy and active 50, but these eye...

I'm a happy, healthy and active 50, but these eye bags say I'm tired and sad.
At least once a day someone will ask me if I'm tired and after laughing to the point of tears ... my eyes look like unopened walnuts.
I love that I look so much like my family and that to remain. I want to look like myself with no eye bags and maybe upper lids "unpuffed" too.

So far I have 3 consultations scheduled and 3 weeks of sick leave available.

Mission "Drop the Bags" is in full effect.

All feedback is welcome.

Now I'm researching fillers vs. blepharoplasty

I may be starting a new job so bye-bye to two weeks at home, so now I'm researching fillers for correction until I can get the full surgery. I would love to start my new job with a fresh look:)

Does anyone know about fillers? Or if its even an option for my eye bags?

This is such a scary decision ...

My 1st treatment with fillers ... easy peezy:)

It's so easy - just do it, but only with Dr. Mabrie.
First he cleaned my face, 2-4 pricks to numb (doesn't hurt), marks area and fills/molds.
I'm looking forward to my next treatment maybe in 3-4 weeks.
So attached are my photos from the day of my consultation, treatment day, and day after.
I'm very pleased with my result so far:)

Fillers worked great for me

It's been over a year since I started seeing Dr. David Mabrie and I'm very pleased. The idea of surgery on Mr face was too much for me. I've had fillers added to my tear troughs and cheeks.
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