Actually, I Slept Quite Well ... I Always Look Like This :( - Bay Area, CA

I'm a happy, healthy and active 50, but these eye...

I'm a happy, healthy and active 50, but these eye bags say I'm tired and sad.
At least once a day someone will ask me if I'm tired and after laughing to the point of tears ... my eyes look like unopened walnuts.
I love that I look so much like my family and that to remain. I want to look like myself with no eye bags and maybe upper lids "unpuffed" too.

So far I have 3 consultations scheduled and 3 weeks of sick leave available.

Mission "Drop the Bags" is in full effect.

All feedback is welcome.

Now I'm researching fillers vs. blepharoplasty

I may be starting a new job so bye-bye to two weeks at home, so now I'm researching fillers for correction until I can get the full surgery. I would love to start my new job with a fresh look:)

Does anyone know about fillers? Or if its even an option for my eye bags?

This is such a scary decision ...

My 1st treatment with fillers ... easy peezy:)

It's so easy - just do it, but only with Dr. Mabrie.
First he cleaned my face, 2-4 pricks to numb (doesn't hurt), marks area and fills/molds.
I'm looking forward to my next treatment maybe in 3-4 weeks.
So attached are my photos from the day of my consultation, treatment day, and day after.
I'm very pleased with my result so far:)
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