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Hi guys! I'm planning on having my surgery next...

Hi guys! I'm planning on having my surgery next fall! I'm super nervous because working out is a very important part of my life and am a bit afraid that I won't be able to lift/workout as much. I'm also concerned about what will happen to the girls when I eventually have children (breastfeeding). I've been small breasted my whole life. I've wanted the surgery since I could remember and am finally in a position to do it. Any advice you ladies have for me would be awesome! :)

Scheduled consultation

I've made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Anna Wooten. My consultation isn't until March. I am currently out of state but would like to have the surgery in Pittsburgh since I'll be able to heal at home and have some help during recovery.

Anyhow I still have plenty of time to come up with questions for the doctor. I'm going to leave the cc's up to her. I want to go from a small A to a C cup. I know that I want silicone but am unsure if whether to go under or dual plane. I plan to lose about 15lbs before the surgery and I'm sure my boobies will shrink in the process. Here's a few pics so you ladies can get an idea of my starting point.

I'm so excited to meet the doctor and actually get a surgery date. Anyone have experience with Dr. Anna Wooten??

Wish Boobs and payment options

Am I the only one that feels kinda weird about having an album full of boob pics? I finally found a few that I like. I really want the upper pole fullness so I guess I prefer the fake look over the more natural looking boobs. I'll definitely post more wish boobs as I find them. I'm so anxious to have my consult. In the mean time I've began a Boobie fund! How did you ladies pay for surgery? Any additional costs I should be aware of?

Dr. Revis and more wish boobs

So I've been talking to a lot of ladies about traveling for plastic surgery. I'm actually thinking about it! I originally planned to have my surgery in Pittsburgh but have recently spoken to Dr. Revis in Florida. I've heard great things about him, his before/afters look great, and he's about $2k cheaper than the estimate I was given from my Pittsburgh doctor! I would love to hear from any of you that have experience with Dr. Revis. Anybody travel for your ba? I would love to hear about your experience. ????


So I finally had my consultation with Dr. Wooten. She and her staff were amazing! The consult was scheduled for an hour. During that time she asked me what my goals were and what I knew so far about the procedure. She also asked what my reason was for wanting a breast augmentation. She and her patient coordinator, Andrea, were there to answer all of my questions. My main concerns were how long I would have to take from working out and how the procedure would affect me. I am allergic to nsaids (ibuprofen, aspirin, Tylenol, etc). She usually prescribes 800mg ibuprofen along with a muscle relaxer post op. She also injects the pocket with an anti-inflammatory during surgery which I wouldn't be able to receive. She was very excited to take on the challenge of dealing with my medication allergies and quickly came up with other options. I didn't have too many questions as she had answered most when she gave her run down of what to expect and the actual procedure.

I already knew I looked the moderate profile silicone implants and under the muscle. She is going to do a split muscle technique. I chose mentor gummy bear implants. I want to maintain the upper pole fullness but don't want to go too big. I told her I wanted to achieve full C cup (I'm currently an A). We tried on 385cc implants which looked great but felt huge.

After looking at the photos I decided that I wanted to go bigger. If I'm paying for the procedure I want to notice a difference. The photos above are of me with the 385cc implants. I'm thinking I may go up to 450 or so. Since I'm taller I probably eat up cc's. Going above 400 sounds intimidating! I called to make another appointment to try on bigger implants. The doc needs to see me in them and they may need to be ordered. My surgery is scheduled for September 1st. I put down $600 to reserve my surgery date. I have until a month prior to surgery date to pay in full.

Since I can't take NSAIDS they are giving me a pull to take pre and post op. I also live in St. Thomas in the Virgin islands while the doctor is in Pittsburgh ( my hometown). Being that my insurance works in st Thomas and not in Pittsburgh they're allowing me to do my blood work here and have it sent to them which saves me about $500 in lab fees. They really went above and beyond to accommodate me and answer any questions I had. I've been in touch with Andrea since I scheduled the consultation months ago. She kept in touch with me via phone and email. She even called a few days and the day of my consultation to ensure everything was going OK. If they put this much care and dedication into me for a consultation, I can't imagine after surgery. I am so glad I found Dr. Wooten. I'm so excited but also nervous for my surgery!

Anyone else get jitters? How far in advance did you ladies buy your post op care kit (pillows, bras, meds. Etc.)?

Surgery date moved up

So as you ladies know my surgery date was initially September 1. Well my doctor has to travel out of town so I had to schedule on either August 24 or September 21. I chose the earlier date. Eeeeekkkk my nerves have really set in now! Although it's only about a week or feels like it's so much earlier! I have to get my blood work done and sent to the surgery center by August 2nd. My final payment has to be made by July 24 (30 days prior to surgery). The downfall to this is that I'll have a final exam to take that week. I hope I'm not too drugged up to take it!

Since the date has changed so has the location where I'll have my surgery. I initially planned on having surgery in a surgery center 15 minutes from home. Now I have to travel about 45 minutes which sucks a little. The good thing is it may knock a couple hundred dollars off my total.

I have to say again how amazing Andrea, the patient coordinator, has been. She helped me to get a pre-op to try in bigger sizes and different implants to accommodate my travel plans. (I live in St. Thomas but am from Pittsburgh where I will have my surgery. She went over instructions for blood work, post op garments, prescriptions, and payment schedule. I really can't express how much of a blessing she is during this process. Even though I'm excited I'm also nervous. (Hey this is a life changing procedure. She is helping to keep my calm and said I can call whenever I get nervous. What a sweetheart ????

I was told that I'll leave the hospital in a bra but will need to purchase a barely there "training" type bra. I'll pick a few up at Kohl's when I get home. (The shopping should keep my mind off surgery). I'll also pick up a stool softener and ice packs. What else should I get?

Dr. Wooten uses a rapid recovery technique so I'm sure I'll be up and about after the first day so I could make a trip to the store if I need to.

Yay I'm so excited. How did you ladies pass the time??

Almost time

I'm exactly a week from surgery! Surprisingly I'm not nervous. I think I've had such a long time to come to terms with it that I'm just excited. What items do you ladies recommend for healing? Any ideas would help. I'll have my pre-op appointment on the 23 where I'll choose my size and profile. I'm thinking about 500cc either mod+ or high profile.

Allergan Implants

Went in today for my pre-op appointment. I went over my prescriptions and dosages with the nurse. I got to retry the sizers and ended up changing from 385cc mod profile to 385 high profile (extra filled) to reduce chances of rippling. I should end up in the range of a full C cup to a small D. I also received info on the surgery center and got to ask any last minute questions. Later on I'll go pick up a stool softener (colace) and some soups and soft foods. Any recommendations or good recipes you ladies wanna share? Yay it's really happening! I'm so excited. It's sort of surreal. ????

2 days post op

Hi Ladies! I had my surgery on Wednesday and I'm feeling pretty sore and haven't quite got my appetite back. My advice is; if you lift heavy weights, stop a month it so before your surgery. I would also recommend building up some an strength if you don't have any. Sitting up and laying back down is gonna require some sit up action lol. I ended up going with 385cc in the right boob and 365cc in the left. Over filled (xhp) gummy bear implants. Coming out of surgery I was about an 8 out of 10 on the pain scale. They gave me meds which took it down to a 3. They also gave me a nausea patch behind my ear prior to surgery. I drank some juice and ate crackers before I was discharged from the surgery center. My appetite is slowly coming back. I've been drinking water and coconut water. I might try to ease into eating something more solid later. I've been sleeping great thanks to the pills the doc prescribed. I've been told to do some stretching which is helping and light massage in my sorest areas (upper chest and arm pits).

3 days post op

I finally got to shower. I went to my friends graduation which was only about 2 hours. Afterwards we went to lunch. By the end of that I was exhausted. I stopped by Walmart to grab a cheap bra that I could wear in place of the granny bra they gave me in the hospital. After 48hrs I was cleared to wear any bra besides sports bras and those with wires.

10 Days post-op

Sorry it's been a little longer in between posts than I wanted it to be. Anyhow let's get to it. Since the last update I am able to sleep comfortably on my side. That happened around day 9. They are softer and squishier now that my muscles are starting to relax. I had my post op visit at a week post-op. Everything went great! They wanted to remove my steristrips but I wanted to leave them on a little longer (just to make myself more comfortable). They took the old ones off and gave me fresh ones. Dr. Wooten said I can start cardio at 2 weeks and begin lifting again at 6 weeks. I'm dying over here without being able to work out. I still fatigue fairly easy so working out should be interesting. I'm still not regular with my bowel movements yet. Could be in part of my horrible eating habits since surgery. My nipples are still sensitive. I was able to put my nipple ring back in which was quite a task since it had begin closing up. Although I could have probably have put it back in after surgery, I wanted to wait until I was somewhat healed to lower my risk of infection. I was sure to wash my hands and clean the jewelry off with alcohol before I put it back in.
I'm still stretching and massaging with coco butter everyday.

Lots has happened!

Hey Ladies! Sorry for the long space between posts. I have been able to sleep comfortably on my stomach since about 2 weeks. I was cleared for cardio at 2 weeks post op. That day I did a mile run. It felt a little weird starting out but otherwise I felt great during. I did some squats, sprints, and sit ups after the run. I think adding the sprints was too much too soon. That night I had major muscle spasms. I took some of the muscle relaxers my PS prescribed. I took another week of before I ran again. I did the same workout afterwards and had no side effects. I started doing yoga that same week. I started out with slow flow which felt great. At 4 weeks I started heated power yoga along with a few Crossfit WODS that don't involve heavy weights. Pushups felt fine.

Today I'm about 5 weeks and tried jumping jacks. Felt like I'm not quite ready for jumping.

The only issue I've had so far during healing is boobie blues. The first c few weeks were really hard mentally. I've loved my boobs since day one! The problem was more like a depression. A big part of it was not being able to workout. My body is also very sensitive hormonally. I had serious mood swings until about 3 or 4 weeks post op. I would also fatigue really quickly. I had to keep reminding myself that we all heal differently. I was fortunate to be able to sleep when I was tired. I made sure to get out and do things so I didn't have time to dwell on being sad.

If I forgot anything please ask!

I'll post progression pics later ????


Dr. Wooten and her staff have made my breast augmentation journey beyond incredible! It took me over two months to decide on a surgeon. Once I read about Dr. Wooten's credentials (one of Pittsburgh's top surgeons) and saw her work she became my number 1 option. I inquired about a consultation and got a response from Andrea within a couple of days. Andrea is Dr. Wooten's patient coordinator and answered every question and concern I had. I scheduled my consultation about 3 months out and my surgery 6 months after my consultation. She called me the day before to remind me of my appointment and again the morning of to make sure I didn't need directions to the office. Talk about service! Once I arrived at the office I walked into the waiting room which is superbly clean yet welcoming. I was able to complete the usual new patient paperwork online prior to the appointment along with being mailed the papers. Less than five minutes later I was called into the back! Andrea walked me and by best friend that I brought along into the back where she gave me a clean silky top to change into while I waited for the dr. Not too long after (maybe 10 min max) Dr. Wooten came in along with Andrea. He presence could light up a room. She introduced herself and gave me a quick rundown about herself and procedure. She also asked about me. She wanted to know why I wanted to have the surgery and what my expectations were. It was at that moment I knew she was EXACTLY what I wanted in a doctor! I believe that there should be a personal connection between doctor and patient, after all she is cutting me open. I was more than a dollar sign. I had been researching for over a year so I was pretty sure about what I wanted and the risks involved. I tried on sizers and after deciding on a size the doc went over everything again and bid me good day. I left and went into Andrea's office. We scheduled surgery, spoke about payment options, and brought in the nurse to talk about meds (I was somewhat of a special case). Fast forward a few months. I decided I wanted to change implant size. Dr. Wooten had me come into the office to be sure it was a good decision. Surgery day was amazing. Dr. Wooten came in to mark me up and assure me that everything was going to come out great. In the OR there was nice calming music playing next thing I know I was in recovery. She came in to check on me to make sure everything was fine. I saw her along with her nurse Dee during my post op visit. Sorry for the long rant but it's impossible to epress how awesome my experience was! If you are considering plastic surgery, I assure you that Beleza will far exceed your expectations!

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