Loving my girls!! 286cc 32A-->D 7 months!!!

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Like so many other women, I have been reading...

Like so many other women, I have been reading stories on this site for months. Most have reinforced my decision to have BA and others have, well, scared the crap out of me! I have thought about doing this for years and finally decided to take the next step. Had my first consult on 4/8. It went very well. I really liked Dr. Wooten and had fun trying on sizers. My first reaction when I looked at myself was "Wow, those look really big!" I'm sure she was wondering why I was even there, as they were only 250cc and not that big. LOL She said that I just wasn't used to having anything up top. Very true!! After looking at the pictures I realized that they weren't that big. At my second consult on 5/1, I decided to go with 265cc, moderate plus, silicone implants. I was a little worried that would be too small because most women go with at least 300cc, but my PS assured me that it would look very natural and feminine. I trust her opinion so 265cc it is!

So anyway, a little about me.... I am 36 years old, no children (battled infertility for many years), 5'5" and 112 lbs. I have a very petite frame and currently wear a 32A. Hoping for a full B/small C and to just fill out my current clothes. Would love to be able to buy a bra that's not a padded, push-up. Don't think I've ever owned one. Depressing :( I can sometimes feel sexy in clothes with my extremely padded bras, but at the end of the day when the "boobs" come off, I feel like a little girl. I want to feel like a woman and not be embarrassed when my husband see me. Soon!
Surgery is still a little over a month away and I have a million thoughts going through my head. Is this the right decision? Will I like them? What if I hate them? Will they be the right size? What if there are complications? What will people think about me? UGH!! I drive myself crazy!! I am the kind of person who over thinks everything and am trying very hard to just relax and go with it. All of my friends who have had BA love them and have no regrets. Hoping I will be the same way.
Will post pre-op pics when I figure out how and work up the nerve.

Pre BA pics posted.

Pre BA pics posted.

Postponed till 6/14

Wow, what a roller coaster ride I've been on lately. I haven't been posting anything on here because I was beginning to doubt my BA was actually going to happen. It all started a month and a half ago when my ankle swelled. I figured my running had just reaggravated an old injury and didn't really think much of it. Everyone said I should have it looked at, so I did. Well, long story short, my lab work showed I had a positive ANA. Dr. said it could mean nothing or it could mean I have an autoimmune disorder. They wanted me to wait a month and have the labs done again. Yep, still positive, so they sent me to a rheumatologist. Of course I informed my PS's office of everything that was going on. When I got the second positive test results this week they canceled my surgery for next week and said to give them a call when I found out something for sure. :( Luckily I was able to get into the rheumatologist yesterday. He wasn't concerned at all and doesn't think I have an auto-immune disorder. He still ordered some further lab work to be sure. Either way, he said I was fine to have BA. Yay!!!! Immediately called PS and they tentatively put me on the schedule for 6/14. Only a week later than I was originally scheduled, so not too bad. They still want to wait for the lab results and want a note from the rheumatologist saying I'm ok to have the procedure. Guess I'm glad they're being cautious, but it's been an emotional roller coaster. Now I'm nervous that something will show up in my mammogram with the way my luck is going. Fingers crossed that everything is fine and 6/14 will be my B day!!! :)

It's official!!!

So it is finally official. Next friday, 6/14, is my B-Day!!!! All lab work is good, mammogram was good.... I'm ready to go!!! It's kind of nice that it took so long to be confirmed. Now I only have a week to freak out! LOL I have gone completely crazy with VS semi-annual sale! Can't wait to be able to wear all of my new clothes!!! I still need to get prepared for my recovery. I have my arnica, but not really anything else yet. Oh my goodness! What do I need to buy?? Pillows, easy prepare foods, sports bras, ice packs, scar strips....... What else?!? Yikes!!! I can't believe it's almost here!!!

2 days to go!

Time is flying by and in only 2 days I'll have my new girls!! Excited and freaking out!! Having all of those last minute jitters about size, pain, recovery, etc..... Ugh! I just want it over with. I think I have most everything I need. Going to the store tomorrow to buy lots of fresh fruit and veggies. The surgery center will call either tomorrow or Thursday to let me know what time I need to be there. Hoping for mid morning sometime. I live 1 1/2 hrs away and don't want to have to get up too early. Also don't want to have to wait all day to eat. We'll see what happens. For now I'm just trying to keep myself busy these last couple days.

Commence freak out!!!

Just got the call from the surgery center. I have to be there at 8:30. That's a perfect time! Won't have to get up at a ridiculously early hour to make the 1 1/2 hour drive. Yay!! I'm starting to feel very nervous now! Keeping busy with laundry, cleaning, prepping some food, etc.... Picking up my prescription later today. I can't believe this is really happening and tomorrow at this time I'll have boobs!!! I realized today that aunt flow is supposed to arrive on saturday. (sorry tmi) Really hoping she doesn't come early!!! Thanks to everyone who has been supportive and encouraging! It helps a lot!! So glad I found this site. Good luck to all of my girls going tomorrow!!! See you on the other side!

Boobies are here!!!

Got my boobies today! She ended up putting 286cc in instead of 265. I showed her some more wish pics before surgery. She said since I liked the look of 265 that we should go up a size to compensate for loss of cc's by going under the muscle. I really can't tell what they look like yet. Have lots of gauze on them and a lovely granny bra. Can't take it off for 48 hrs. I'll post a pic but you can't see anything. Had to be at the surgery center at 830. Surgery was around 930. I don't remember anything till I woke up and looked at the clock around 11. I had some pain (5 on a scale of 1-10). Gave me something for it and then I got nauseous. So they gave me something for that too. Didnt leave to come home until 230-300. Had to get feeling better before they let me go. I was able to eat some crackers and drink some water so they finally discharged me. I slept most of the way home (1 1/2 hrs) Still tired. I'll be going to bed early tonight. So far my Motrin is working well. Not really in any pain. Just feel tight and sore. Hoping the rest of my recovery goes this smoothly.

2 days post-op

Got to take off the bandages to shower and finally get a look at my new girls. They feel huge! Glad I didn't go any bigger than 286cc. Actually wouldn't mind if they shrink a little. Lefty is a little bigger than righty but I always had slight asymmetry. They are both numb underneath and left nip is also numb. My recovery has been going great. No pain, just tight and a bit sore like I've done about 500 push-ups. Probably going to switch to tylenol after today. I'm supposed to raise my arms above my head 10x/hr to help them drop. Couldn't resist playing a little dress up. The 32C bra that I had bought from VS was a bit too small. The 34B sports bra I got at walmart was also too small. Not sure yet what size I'm going to end up. Really don't want to be bigger than a C. I'm happy with them so far. Can't wait until they drop and fluff. Hope everyone is healing well! Good luck to everyone who is going in this week!!

4 days post

So my recovery continues to go amazingly well, but I am very freaked out by the numbness that I have! The underside of each breast is numb as well as the left nip. Really hoping some of the feeling comes back. Having numb rocks sitting on your chest is a very bizarre feeling. I want them to feel like part of me, but they never will if I can't even feel them!! I'm only 4 days post, so really hoping this is normal for now. Any other ladies out there have numbness and then got feeling back? How long did it take? I'm also actually hoping that they get a little smaller as well. I only got 286cc but they feel huge!! Really hoping they are still just swollen and will be smaller after they drop. I only want to be a 32C and at the moment I'm busting out of that size bra!!

1 week post

I have been so lucky. My recovery has been amazingly easy! Stopped taking pain meds 4 days post. Had my 1 week post op appt yesterday and everything is going great. I get to start my massages. Just have to squeeze each side and top/bottom of breasts 10x to move the implant. Do this 4x a day. Continue to do arm raises every hour as well. I'm anxious for the swelling to go down so they'll be a little smaller. No boob envy here!!! I think once everything settles I should be a 32/34C. That's exactly what I wanted so I am very happy!! Still have some numbness but PS said feeling should start to return. Yay!! Still a little concerned about the assymetry. It's more noticeable to me now especially if I'm wearing a tight shirt. I only had slight assymetry to start but much bigger difference now. Could just be uneven swelling so I'm trying not to freak out for now. Other than that I'm very happy and so glad I did this!!!

2 weeks post

2 weeks post op already. The girls are doing great and I am loving them more everyday! They have gotten a lot softer and I think they're starting to drop a little. Lefty a little more than righty. The swelling has gone down and I think they've gotten a little smaller. Fine by me. I wanted them to. But I really hope they don't continue to get smaller! I think they're the perfect size right now. I thought I was going to escape the sensitive nipples thing, but no such luck. A couple days ago my nips got super sensitive!! Wow!! At times I just want to rip my shirt and bra right off!!! lol The bottom of my left areola is still a little numb as well as a spot on the underside of each breast, but I'm sure it will start coming back soon.
I worked a couple days this week. I work with kids and am lucky to have most of the summer off. It went fine until one of the older kids bear-hugged lefty. OUCH!!! She was sore for a while, but is fine now. I don't think any of my co-workers that I didn't tell noticed anything. Pheeewww!!! Or at least they just didn't say anything. lol The people that I did tell thought I looked very natural. Yay! That's what I was going for!!
Still massaging and doing arm raises everyday. Hubby was a little hesitant to help with the massages at first, but is now loving it! lol At my 1 week appt I was told he could help as long as no saliva was involved. Does anyone know how long until he can put his mouth on them? He's dying to!! lol I don't go back to the PS for a couple more weeks. Not sure he can wait that long!! My post op paperwork says no sex for 4 weeks. Really?? How long were you all told to wait? I mean we can be gentle! lol I hope everyone else is doing great and loving their girls as much as I am! Will post some new pics shortly.

New pics

3 weeks post

2 words..... super sensitive!!! WOW!!!! I think it's safe to say that my nerves have woken up. I'm very glad to be getting feeling back (still a numb spot on the underside of each breast), but it can calm down any time now. I can't stand anything touching my nips or outer side of my breasts. I would seriously walk around topless 24/7 if I could. At the end of the day I let out a big AHHHHHHHHH when I can finally let my girls out. lol Hubby finds it very humorous. Me, not so much. Just hoping it goes away soon.
Other than that everything is going great and I'm still loving my girls. They continue to get a lot softer. I feel like they're dropping when looking in the mirror, but when I compare in pictures I'm not sure??? I'm not noticing the asymmetry as much. It has gotten back to just a slight asymmetry which is what I had before BA. I think I'm the only one who will notice. In pictures lefty looks smaller, but it's actually the bigger one. Weird.
I go for my 1 month post-op appt next Thursday. Hoping I get the go ahead to wear regular bras. These cami bras are comfy and all, but I'm ready to wear something sexy! I'm also dying to get sized!! A friend of mine who had BA told me that VS push-up bras don't fit her right. The girl at the store told her it's because she has implants. Anyone else ever hear of this? I don't really need the push-up bras anymore, but I may want to make the girls POP sometimes. Haha!
Glad to hear so many girls are recovering well and loving their results. Good luck to all the girls just beginning their journey.


D cup!!!

So I was shopping yesterday and thought I'd stop at VS to have the girls sized. PS told me to wait like 2-3 months, but the suspense has been killing me!! LOL Anyway, it seems I am now a 32D!!! Holy crap!! I started a 32A and my goal was 32C. I can't believe I gained 3 cup sizes from only 286cc!!! And to think I was worried that it would be too small. Ha! I know they could still change since I'm only about a month post-op, but I hope they stay just as they are!!! I love my Ds!!! :D

1 month post

Wow 1 month post op!! Had my 1 month follow-up appt on Thurs. Everything was great! Said they were feeling very soft, like real breast tissue. Yay!! Still massaging but it doesn't have to be 4x a day anymore. I can start some exercise again. No push-ups. Basically if it hurts/doesn't feel right, don't do it. I went kayaking yesterday and didn't have any problems.
No underwire bras until 3 months post. Anyone know where I can find cute bras that aren't underwire? Everything I've found is kinda blah. Even at VS. I'm so tired of these cami bras. I did buy a couple bras from the VS $19.99 sale rack. Can't wear them yet though. Hopefully they'll still fit in a couple months. I'm suppose to wait a couple more weeks to swim and lay on my stomach. I've been able to comfortably lay on my side to sleep for a couple weeks now. Don't have to go back to PS for 3 months.
The hypersensitivity issues have been subsiding a bit. Some days I still want to rip my shirt/bra off but other days I'm fine. I think they've dropped nicely. Not sure if they will drop anymore or not. They say you don't see your final result until 3 months post so guess I'll just have to wait and see what changes the next couple months bring.
I'm so happy I did this! Shopping is so much more fun. No more "that's a really cute shirt but....." I feel so much better about the way I look! I can't wait to go to the beach!!! :)

5 weeks post

Just a quick update. I'm 5 weeks today and happy to say the sensitivity issues are completely gone!! Yay!! Although my hubby is a little disappointed because I'm no longer walking around the house topless. lol They really haven't changed much other than that. I went back to the gym for the first time yesterday. A lot of things didn't "feel right", even a lot of ab exercises. I get a very strange, kinda tight feeling in my chest below my boobs. So I mostly just focused on lower body and some cardio. I'm a bit sore today, so I guess the little ab/upper body exercise I did was still too much. Guess I just need to give it more time.
I'm still loving my girls and have no regrets!! Best thing I ever did for myself!!!! :)


8 weeks!!

2 months with my girls and they feel like mine! I don't even remember what my itty bitties looked like. Not that I'd care to. We went on vacation a couple weeks ago and it was the best beach vacation I've ever had. I can't even tell you how wonderful it was to feel completely confident in my bikini. Every time my husband took my picture, I told him to make sure he got my girls in it because they looked fabulous! LOL I am having so much fun with my new look!
They have continued to get softer and are even starting to jiggle now. Yay!! Still have some numb spots and still get occasional shooting pains. I'm cleared to lay on my stomach, but it feels too weird. Some exercise still feels a bit odd too. Other than that I feel 100%. Still have no regrets!!! So happy!!!! :D


So I have always been able to feel my left implant moving inside when I massage, but today I can actually hear it squeaking as well! What the heck?! I'm 2 months post so surely there would no longer be extra fluid inside. It doesn't hurt or anything. Just feels/sounds weird. Is this something I should be concerned about? I don't see my PS again until Oct/Nov.

10 weeks

There hasn't been much change in the past couple weeks. I think my girls have settled and this is how they're going to stay. Still going to wait until 3 months to get sized again and buy more bras. I feel like they look a little smaller, but the VS 32D bras still fit. idk I'll be curious to see what size fits me in other brands of bras as I always hear that VS sizes run small. Still wearing the cami bras for now. I had been using Mederma on my incisions, but I'm not sure it's doing much. So I just switched to the silicone scar strips yesterday. We'll see if they do any better.
I am so happy that I did this! Really wish I could've done it sooner.


So I tried on some bras again today. I can fit into both 32C/D. The C seems a little tight and the D a little loose. Hmmmmm I wasn't sure they had really dropped much until I compared the 2 pics in the 32C. Big difference. Now that they are softer, they fall down into the cups much better. I'm happy with either size!!
As I mentioned in my previous post, I've started using the silicone scar strips. It says on the box that you can shower with them on. I have and they continue to stick well. Does anyone know how long I can wear them before switching to new ones?

3 months

Yay finally 3 months!!! The girls have definitely settled in now and I'm hoping they're done changing. This drop and fluff thing is so confusing. Some girls say they get bigger and others say they get smaller. I thought for sure I had gotten smaller. They don't look or feel as big to me now especially naked. So I went back to VS yesterday to get sized again. Was totally expecting her to tell me I'm now a 32C. That was my goal size so I wouldn't have been upset. Much to my surprise she sized me at a 32D/DD. What?? At 1 month I was sized at a 32D. So after d&f I guess I've gotten slightly bigger. I still say they look smaller though. I tried on a lot of different styles of bras. In some the D fit better and in others the DD, so it really just depends on the bra. And there were some styles that I just can't wear at all. D was too small, DD too big. The girl helping me told me it all depends on the shape of your breasts. I went to Aerie too and of course they had no 32D bras. So I tried a 34C and it seemed to work. I can't find a bra that gives me that vavavavoom cleavage that I'm looking for. I even tried a 34B, but that didn't work either. Any suggestions? Sometimes I think I should've gone a little bigger. But then I think why? I got exactly what I wanted. A more proportionate body and my clothes now fit me much better. I didn't do this to have huge boobs.
I'm glad I switched to the silicone scar strips. I think they're helping. The right scar is still more red, but it always was. I do still have some numbness on the underside of each breast. Beginning to doubt that feeling is going to come back. :( A small price to pay I guess. I'm now able to comfortably lay on my stomach again. I no longer "feel" my left implant rubbing my chest wall when I massage, nor does it squeak any more. Thank God!!! I was worried I was going to be like a dog's squeaky toy. LOL I'm not sure that they've gotten any softer but they definitely jiggle, jiggle, jiggle!!! :) I was reading on another girl's post that she didn't realize how messy of an eater she was until she got her boobs because she's constantly dropping crumbs down her shirt. LOL I can so relate!!! Of course my hubby always offers to get those crumbs for me. Haha! Some other firsts I've had since boobs... Complaining that the seatbelt was rubbing my boobs and I also hid something in my cleavage for the first time! I'm having so much fun with this experience! Over the years when I would complain about my tiny boobs, so many women would tell me that boobs aren't that great so I should be happy. Totally disagree!!! I love my girls and couldn't imagine not having them!!!!! If any of you are thinking about having BA, I say DO IT!!! This was the best decision I ever made!!!!

They really are 286cc

Just posting a pic of my implant card to show that they really are only 286cc. I've looked at it so many times just to make sure too. Lol Not sure how I gained so much from a small implant but I'm not complaining.

Trying again

Pic didn't upload the first time.....

4 months

Had my 4 month post op appt on Monday. Everything is looking great, but she did recommend I start sleeping in an underwire bra. She said my crease is in the perfect spot and she wants it to stay that way. I'm not excited about sleeping in a bra though. I bought a barely there bra that I thought would be comfortable, but it's not. Has anyone else been told to do this? Kinda freaks me out a little that maybe they'll drop too much and bottom out!! Do they look like they're too low??
I asked about scar treatment as there seem to be so many different opinions about what's best. She recommends the Hymed Reconstruction Cream that I was given at 1 week post op. She said that many women's scars start to turn white at only 6 months when using this cream. She said if I wanted to use a silicone scar strip along with the cream, that would be fine too. Guess that's what I'll be doing.
At this point I no longer have any restrictions. I can wear and do what I want. As always with exercise, if it doesn't feel right, don't do it. Gotta listen to your body. Still suppose to continue to massage once a day. Just move the implant in each direction 10X. She said that's something I'll continue to do forever more. I don't go back to PS until January.
I feel absolutely amazing. I really don't feel the implants anymore. They are finally a part of me! Yay!! I only get an occasional twinge from time to time. Still have some numbness under each breast, but I think it has gotten a little better. I'm hopeful it will return completely someday. Not thrilled with how they fall to the side when I lay on my back with no bra. Guess I thought they'd always just stick straight out. Perhaps they turned out a little more natural than I truly wanted. LOL
I was starting to have a little boob greed, but I'm back to thinking this is the perfect size for me. Hubby thinks they're perfect too! Still haven't found a bra that gives me the cleavage I'm going for, but I'll keep looking! I can't believe how obsessed I still am with boobs. LOL I thought it would go away after my surgery, but I thinks it's gotten worse. I love boobies!! Hahaha!!!

6 months

6 months already! Time flies! Seems like only yesterday I was nervously scheduling my first consult. Sometimes I still can't believe I actually went through with it, but I am so glad that I did. I have absolutely no regrets. Best decision I ever made! They feel like they are completely mine at this point. Like I've always had them. They're completely settled and while they're not perfect, I still love them. They were far from perfect before BA, so I wasn't expecting miracles. I'm a little concerned that lefty may be in the beginning stages of bottoming out. The lower pole is fuller on that side, but it's not terrible. I'll discuss it with my PS at my appt next month and then go from there. Not gonna stress about it.
Oh, and I did finally find a bra that gives me the cleavage I was looking for. VS Dream Angel Push-up... Thanks Thenewself for the tip!!! I love that I can make them "pop" when I want and also be more conservative when I choose. I do think that if I had it to do over, I'd probably go a smidgen bigger. Like 320cc maybe. I am very happy with them as they are though. I got exactly what I wanted. I now fill out my clothes and finally feel like a woman with my sexy curves. This has been a completely positive experience for me. So happy!!!

Not bottoming out!!! :)

So I had my appt today. PS says everything is fine and I'm not bottoming out. Yay!! She showed me my before pics as I had not taken any of my own. First let me say, Yuck!!! I had forgotten what my itty bitties looked like and let me tell you, I do not need to be reminded again anytime soon. lol Turns out that my pre boobs had the same asymmetry that I'm seeing now. My left nipple was always a bit higher and the lower pole fuller on that breast. Such a relief!! I do not have to wear an underwire bra to sleep unless I want to. Although she said that if I do, it will help to create a deeper crease so that my breast will start to fold over the crease. So I may continue to wear it. I've gotten used to it anyway. Don't go back to my PS until I'm a year post.
After my appt I did some shopping and scored some great deals at VS. $15.99 bras! Got a Dream Angel push-up and VSX sports bra. Yep, it was a great day!! :)
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