46 Lipo Hips, Back, Bra Line, Low Abd, and Total Thighs - Seoul, KR

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Between yoyo diets, stress eating, and PCOS I have...

Between yoyo diets, stress eating, and PCOS I have gained and lost weight my whole life. Even when I was 5'8" and 115 lbs my hips and thighs were disproportionately big. Now I'm 185 lbs and hoping this will help jump start my will to lose weight! I know it won't help the cellulite, but hoping I'll look better with clothes on.
Planning on lipo to hips, back, low abd, bra line, and 360 thighs to knees. I currently live in Seoul, and seeing how it's the plastic surgery capital of the world, I've decided to go for it. I went to several consults and finally decided on Grand. I've already paid my money which is non-refundable, and now terrified!!
Like many of you, I'm trying to keep this a total secret. Should be interesting. I'm only able to take 5 days off work, so wish me luck!!!
Sorry there are so many pics, but I don't want to store them on my phone!
Scheduled for the 3rd of Sep.

Less than 12 hours

Bags packed - check
House clean - check
Vitamins - check
Labs, chest x-ray, ekg - check
Food for the next few days - check
Huge bundle of nerves and anxiety - check and check
By this time tomorrow I'll be done with surgery! Wish me luck!!

2 days post op

I survived!! Not sure what else to say. Didn't go as smooth as I'd hoped. They decided to do a general anesthetic because he was going to take so much. Spent 6 hours in the OR. Going to find out today how much he took out. Recovery has been rough, I think my hemoglobin was probably about 6 when we finished. I was a pasty white color I had never seen on myself before. The worst part is no compression garment!! They wrapped me in ace wraps that shift and slide every time I sit stand walk move etc. so I have swollen parts that poke our between the gaps that form. Maddening!! That and my throat hurts about 10 times worse than my surgery. Going to follow up today and get my $250 custom made compression garment they require. It better be amazing! I'll try to find out how many liters he took, there is definitely a language barrier. I guess I had a lot more to say than I thought!! Pics to follow when I get this mess of gauze and Ace wrap off.

Day 3

Pain isn't bad at all but I am weak and get worn out easily. My poor body looks like hell, but it will get better! Dreading work tomorrow.


What a crazy week! I am bruised, swollen, and tired, but I think I'm going to end up loving my results. I'll post 1 week pics tomorrow after my follow up appt.
I went back to work on POD 4, worked 6 hours, luckily it was a slow day so I could sit some. Walked 3.2 miles that day according to tracker. I wasn't hurting really, just uncomfortable feeling like a stuffed sausage ready to burst. I did 8 hours today and feel great. My knees are almost the same size as my thighs, and my cankles are hideous, but I know that swelling will go down eventually.
Heal fast everyone, and keep a positive attitude!

1 week post

Had my first massage today. How can something so unpleasant also feel good? I'm at the swollen and lumpy stage. I've been using a rolling pin up and down my legs and body trying to keep things smooth ???? Here's some pics. You can tell by looking at my knees how swollen I am. Looking forward to final results!

Follow up

Saw my surgeon for the first time post op today. He is very pleased. He took 1800 ml out of each thigh!! That's 3.6 liters just from my thighs. Then he said a little over 2 liters from flanks, bra line and lower abdomen. Almost 6 liters! I know by US standards that is a lot, but instead of worrying about it I'm just going to enjoy my results :).
According to my tracker I've been walking about 5 miles a day. I'm doing push-ups because I didn't get anything done to my arms, planks, and some leg extensions. Nothing strenuous, just keeping some tone.
I'm using a rolling pin on my thighs at my PS suggestion. I only roll up to help move fluid back toward my heart, and it seems to be helping with lumps, although the RF massage tech found a lump today in my thigh and really worked it over. It hurt.
Overall I'm pleased, can't wait for the swelling to go down and see some results!

2.5 weeks

Starting to feel pretty good. Swelling goes up and down. I'm still a little tender to touch, and still covered in light bruising. I'm very happy with my shape so far. The cellulite on my legs is pretty bad, I start endomologie on Friday, maybe that will help. My clothes are fitting so much better.
Kim Jong Do

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